Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 131

By | December 9, 2019

Stefan was desperate and lost his hope for life, he didn’t expect that he was saved by Ye Shaohua

He left the congratulations to his superficial friends and caught up with Ye Shaohua.

“Thank you, Miss Ye. If you have anything to do in the future, I will  definetely help you.” After expressing his thanks, Stefan took a troubled look at Ye Shaohua.

At last, it seemed to decide something. Looking at her, he said, “Miss Ye, you leave League Z, in fact, Alliance M is also very good.”

When Ye Shaohua heard this, she couldn’t help looking at Stefan from her side eyes. “What’s going to M League for?”

Hearing this, Stefan took a look around him and said in a low voice: “Meng family is the first doctor family of Z alliance. I know you are very powerful, but how can you fight against them alone, especially if you destroy the first genius of their family. You can’t afford such a crazy family.”

His words are not false. In which era there is no genius, and how many talents die in the middle of the way?

If the Meng family makes every effort to deal with Ye Shaohua, even with the protection of President Iger, it can’t be watertight. It will always find opportunities for the Meng family. How can the vulnerable doctors be the opponents of those killers?

“The first doctor family?” Ye Shaohua reached out and pushed down her glasses. Her eyes behind the lenses were far-reaching and hard to detect. “Long, long ago, what was the family name of the first doctor?”

Stefan was shocked and shook his head. “My history is not good.”

Ye Shaohua didn’t plan to wait for him to answer either. She reached out to take off her glasses and gave a low smile

This time, Stefan didn’t speak, just looked at her face, stupefied to stay in place.

The officer who accompanied Yun Mo to come here opened his mouth and pointed to Ye Shaohua, who didn’t speak for a long time.

Without the cover of glasses, when the black and white eyes slightly came over, they reflected a brilliant color, which was clearly exquisite to indescribable.

If there must be a metaphor, it must be the brightest star in the sky.

Both of them have never met a beautiful woman. For example, Meng Yuchen is a rare beauty, and is recognized as the school flower of Shenxing school.

But now compared with Ye Shaohua, it’s basically two levels of people, at least in temperament, Meng Yuchen has been more than a fraction.

Ye Shaohua slowly wipes her glasses with a tissue, which makes them stand on the bridge of her nose again.

Officer tel’s elongated head seemed to be able to extend his eyes behind Ye Shaohua’s eyes.

Being kicked away by Yun Mo behind, he narrowed his eyes dangerously: “where to look?”

Tel is standing straight. No, boss, II will never vomit about you again. You have a clear taste That’s the one who sees everything.

“I have a set of needlework here, which can completely change your meridians. It can not only restore you to your previous peak, but also improve your strength. Stefan, what do you think of this condition? Do you want to follow me? ” Ye Shaohua looks at Stefan with a smile.

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She wants to understand that the time she stays in this world may not be too long. There is only one way for Schumann to live a good life and truly realize her original wish – to rebuild the Ye family!

It’s not a doctor, but an ancient Chinese medicine that has been around for thousands of years.

Listen to Ye Shaohua, not to mention Stefan, even if Tel, who follows Yun Mo, wants to betray Yun Mo and go with Ye Shaohua.

“Ancient medicine? It’s been lost for a long time. ” Seeing what ye Shaohua wrote on the table, Yun Mo frowned slightly.” at the beginning, Meng Yuchen had reached this point by relying on the ancient doctor’s heirs. It’s not a matter of one day and one night to build up a force. Even if it’s hard, you can’t give up. Are you sure you can? “

In fact, he also checked Ye Shaohua’s information and knew that her grandfather was a doctor, but it had nothing to do with the ancient doctor.

In fact, he would like to say what you spell, which he can help her to do, but looking at Ye Shaohua’s indifferent expression, he still didn’t open his mouth.

Hearing this, Ye Shaohua put down his pen and sighed, “I’m Y , I can’t do it.”

Tel looked at Ye Shaohua, stupefied for a moment, who is y? Why hasn’t he heard of it?

* *

At the same time, Stefan had gone back. He was absent-minded all the way, either he hit a tree or the water fell on his hand.

His friend couldn’t help patting him on the shoulder, “brother, what’s the matter with you? Are you OK? Today is the day when the Qiu family and the Meng family are engaged. Don’t run into other people like this. “

Stefan shook his head, still in a trance.

Because of the recovery of his energy, some nobles are willing to pull him, after all, his background is clean.

So the Qiu family invited him.

“Qiu Zifan is the winner in life,” sighed his friend. “He can marry two wives. The second is Meng Yuchen, the talented daughter of the whole country. No wonder Ye Shaohua is so fierce that he wants to divorce.”

At this, Stefan ‘s face was very strange.

At the same time Qiu Zifan came to Stefan . “Mr. Stefan .”

But Stefan didn’t answer. He just looked at Qiu Zifan and finally asked, “can I ask you a question?”

Qiu Zifan was still very optimistic about the young people coming out of the slum. He smiled gently, “of course.”

“Why can’t you think of a divorce?” Stefan said directly

Qiu Zifan: … Young.

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