Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 130

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“Oh, Miss Meng, please get out of the way,” a man saw that Meng Yuchen had come forward to treat Stefan , and immediately pushed her aside. “Miss Ye seems to have cured him, and you are not needed!”

They said that they did not care about Meng Yuchen any more, but checked for Stefan with trembling fingers.

Not only is the energy in the body normal, they are also shocked to find that there is a breakthrough in the energy in the body.

One person checked it several times and confirmed the result was correct. Then he trembled and said: “Mr. Stefan’s energy in his body has been recovered. From today on, he can still use 20% of his energy in his body … I declare that Miss Ye has won the contest!”

As soon as this sentence came out, the audience at the scene all stood up in disbelief, and those who watched the live broadcast could not say a word.

The energy of the riots has always been the biggest problem on their planet, so doctors are so precious.

But even doctors can only alleviate it, but now Ye Shaohua doesn’t know what method is used to allow Stefan to use 20% of the energy directly and unimpeded?

It’s a pity that the audience of Stefan can’t speak at this time, especially those who have the same problems with Stefan. They envy him a little bit, and it’s their lifelong dream to recover energy.

Meng Yuchen shook her head in disbelief. “It’s impossible. It can’t be true. How can someone control energy? It’s against nature at all…”

Isn’t Ye Shaohua a person who knows nothing? Otherwise, how could Qiu family dislike her?

She took a subconscious look at Qiu Zifan and saw that he was staring at Ye Shaohua.

Stefan was awake. He uses his energy in a dazed way. and Lin Yan couldn’t match it at all.

“Son, just now if you didn’t give up the chance to Stefan …” Lin’s family, who could have been treated by Ye Shaohua, looked at Stefan with envy.

“So all her rumors are false. For the first time, she wants to really cure me, not hurt me?” Lin Yan has forgotten what he looked like when he used energy last time. Seeing Stefan’s unbridled use of energy, it’s false to say that he doesn’t envy or regret.

If he hadn’t listened to the rumor, would it be him who could use the energy now?

What could be more regretful than giving away something you could ever dream of?

“Congratulations, Miss Ye.” Meng’s father stood beside Meng Yuchen, surpassing Ye Shaohua and smiling friendly.

Qiu Zifan, standing beside Meng Yuchen, looks at Ye Shaohua with a complicated face. He once thought that his wife was useless, but today he feels strange.

Ye Shaohua was surrounded by a group of dignitaries, but her face did not have an irresistible expression. From the beginning to the end, her face did not change. She just looked at Meng Yuchen after her father’s words: “I won. You fulfill the conditions. From today, you will no longer enter the medical profession.”

As soon as this sentence came out, Qiu Ziting said, “Ye Shaohua, I give you face. You are too ugly to forgive people, aren’t you?”

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There is a strong wind in the center of the school. Ye Shaohua stands on the stage with her hands in his hands. She is the only one on her side. The Meng family and Qiu family are on the opposite side. The wind makes her clothes sound like hunting.

Smell speech, she didn’t have angry expression, just smiled down, if today lose is her, don’t know Qiu Ziting will say such words.

Ye Shaohua took back his eyes lightly. “Judges, since the game is over, I will leave first.”

In the face of all z-league, she does not believe that the Meng family will repent.

Meng’s family face also changed. Meng’s father just stood by Meng Yuchen and talked, just to support her. In his eyes, Ye Shaohua is just an orphan daughter. Even if Meng Yuchen lost, she would not dare to let them do anything about Meng’s family. After all, Meng’s family has a head in Z League.

I didn’t expect that Ye Shaohua, an orphan girl, would dare!

Meng Fei looked at Ye Shaohua’s back gloomily and said in a cold voice, “Miss ye, I have learned.”

Meng Yuchen is the most outstanding genius of the Meng family. The Meng family has spent countless efforts to train her and let her leave the medical profession, which is undoubtedly the biggest blow to the Meng family.

Netizens look at Ye Shaohua’s crisp figure and slightly change their views on her. Some of the older generation shake their heads.

“Sure enough, it’s a young man with a hot head. I don’t know how long she can live in Z League.”

Some people sigh, “unfortunately, it’s a talent.”

“Brother, did you say that ugly guy cheated?” Qiu Ziting whispered, “do you remember that day when she just came home? She doesn’t even know what an entry-level doctor is. “

Qiu Ziting’s memory is not bad. She clearly remembers that ye Shaohua is just like ordinary people, not even the servants of Qiu family.

“Zifan,” Qiu Zifan didn’t answer, and the voice of Meng Fu came, “I heard that you have divorced, so prepare a wedding banquet with Yuchen.”

Qiu Zifan was stunned at this remark and nodded immediately. The matter had been discussed for a long time. Although Meng Yuchen was no longer in the doctor’s circle, he really liked her.

In his life, he only wants to marry a wife who shares the same ideals with him. The former Ye Shaohua naturally does not meet his requirements.

Now ye Shaohua is a little in line with his requirements, but he still doesn’t want to see that old-fashioned face.

How can a man who is not lustful, especially other successful men, be willing to marry a wife that people laugh at?

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