Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 129

By | December 7, 2019

Qiu Zifan’s heart suddenly relaxed. His dream is to divorce Ye Shaohua. What’s more, he will be able to be honest with Meng Yuchen immediately. It’s exciting to think about it.

He went to Shenxing school with ease. Today is the day when ye Shaohua and Meng Yuchen compete. Although Meng Yuchen won without any suspense, he still has to support her.

* *

Theological College.

The observation platform in the middle of the school is full of people.

Countless live broadcast machines stay in the mid air. When Yun Mo and Ye Shaohua come in, the whole competition venue is boiling.

Hold grass! What’s my God’s vision? “

“I’m going blind when the two go together!”

“Miss Meng, please cruelly abuse this ugly girl!”

“Not enough to harm a Qiu Zifan, but also our God!”

There are also old generation people frown, “Yun Mo strength is good, but the brain is not good.”

Under the strange eyes of such discussion and discussion, Yun Mo can still walk to the principal Iger calmly, and can also calmly rub the head of Ye Shaohua, although she rejected it.

To be honest, officer Tel admired him.

But the officer could not bear to look round.

“Ye Shaohua, if you are afraid to admit defeat and apologize to me, I will not strongly ask you to leave the Z League.” Meng Yuchen is warm and soft.

Ye Shaohua did not look at her, but said to the referee, “let’s start.”

She didn’t pay attention to the language on the Internet and the words of the spectators. In the words of President Iger, she seemed to live in her own world and didn’t pay attention to anyone.

The doctor’s competition is very simple. Two people appease the different people who have sudden violent energy. Whoever cures quickly first wins.

In the eyes of outsiders, Ye Shaohua, who hasn’t had much contact with the profession of doctor, can’t win at all. That’s why he feels like a fool.

Two different scholars with great energy fluctuation came to the stage. One of them was Lin Yan, an acquaintance of the Lin family, who almost died.

At the end of the draw, Ye Shaohua won Lin Yan again.

Seeing the result, Lin Yan’s face changed. He said in a loud voice, “I don’t agree with the result. I don’t want to be disabled by this ugly woman! I apply to step down! “

The spectators looked at Lin Yan with great sympathy.

It’s too difficult to find another patient in a short time.

“Ye Shaohua, it seems that young master Lin is afraid of you.” Meng Yuchen looked at Ye Shaohua like this, and there was a sneer on his face.

“I’ll trade it with you,” said, another patient, raised his hand weakly. “Referee, is that all right”

“Are you crazy?” “Take her treament, do you want to die?” his friend cried out from the stage

Weak Stefan chuckled, “I’m a civilian, and I’ve succeeded by relying on different scholars. Now I’m not cured at all, and I can’t do anything for my hometown. But I can still let the Lin family owe me a favor and take care of my family.”

“I have no problem, Ye Shaohua, you should not object. You should know that there is no second person in Z League willing to let you govern except for Stefan at present.” Meng Yuchen covers her mouth and looks at Ye Shaohua.

The referee also glanced at Ye Shaohua. She would be in trouble if she didn’t agree.

Ye Shaohua turned out a silver needle, shining in the sun. She pushed her glasses with her hand. “I can do it all. Let’s start.”

She agreed. The referee immediately announced the start, afraid that she would change her mind.

People on the Internet all looked at Stefan sympathetically, but it was a pity that he was a young man.

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Stefan didn’t. He knew he didn’t have a long time. He smiled and looked at Ye Shaohua. “It’s not easy for the common people to get out. Even if they lose, it’s OK. You need to come on.”

“It’s hard for me to live or die,” said Ye Shaohua, who pricked a needle directly into his sleeping hole and raised his eyebrows

“When Meng Yuchen saved Lin Yan, he also took time to look at Stefan. “You can rest assured, this classmate. I will try my best to treat you as soon as possible. If it’s time, I will help you.”

She said it as if she knew that Ye Shaohua would not do it.

The game has already started, many people pay attention to the game without any suspense, but almost all of them look at Ye Shaohua with a good expression.

However, Meng Yuchen soon caught her eye.

These people all know that Meng Yuchen is a genius, but they can really see that she calmed down the riot energy in Lin Yan’s body.

The energy in Lin Yan’s body can be felt to be calming down, and everyone is shocked.

Those who watched the live broadcast didn’t expect that the original gifted doctor was so powerful, so Meng Yuchen’s popularity soared many times.

However, in just half an hour, Meng Yuchen was finished. The professionals came forward to use special instruments to test, and got the results five minutes later.

After the test, the professional looked at Meng Yuchen with more respect.

Lin Yan’s face was much better. He smiled, “congratulations to Miss Meng.”

Then he looked sympathetically in Stefan’s direction. “He’s afraid it’s a lot worse.”

Meng Yuchen smiled for a while, but the pride on her face was obvious. She looked at Ye Shaohua’s direction with self-reliance.

The audience at the bottom all shook their heads involuntarily when they saw this scene. Qiu Ziting sat next to Qiu Zifan, looking like a good play. “Where is Ye Shaohua’s courage to challenge sister Meng?”

It’s not just her, almost all the audience think so. If it’s not for Ye Shaohua’s luck, she doesn’t even have the courage to be on the same stage with Meng Yuchen.

On stage, professionals turned to Ye Shaohua.

Ye Shaohua casually inserted the silver needle into his head, and casually inserted the other hand into his pocket, “check it.”

This attitude is also very cold. It’s even crazier than Meng Yuchen. The two professionals are not happy.

These two people just perfunctorily test, the instrument just put on, already want to spray Ye Shaohua don’t understand why doctors want to harm people, just want to say, but was interrupted by the number on the instrument.

Two professionals were stunned for a minute in front of hundreds of millions of live broadcast of Z League.

Meng Yuchen said gently, “two teachers, announce the result,” sighed, “I will be given treatment, maybe I can save his life.”

“No, it’s not,” one of the professionals said mysteriously. “You’re not needed.”

Meng Yuchen stepped in, “what?”

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