Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 127

By | December 5, 2019

“Ye’s family is not safe in the Z alliance now, and now the Yun family is ready to move, especially major general Yun’s energy is more and more uncontrolled. We are under his control. If there is an accident We can’t wait to die. ” The master of the Ye family pondered, “don’t take it seriously. Just give her a picture of my brother and them.”

“She’s just a little bit lucky and doesn’t have to worry too much.” He really didn’t like Ye Shaohua, but he admires her luck.

But a little girl who has never seen the world should be easy to control.

Ye Shaohua, who has been talked about by many people, was in the principal’s laboratory. Opposite her, on the precise instrument, lies Schumann with his teeth clenched.

There are several doctors and doctors in the laboratory, all looking at the data on the instrument nervously.

The violent energy has always been the uncontrollable thing on their planet. How many families of heretics have declined because of these violent energy.

How many talents become waste wood overnight.

No one can control these things, so when President Iger said that someone can control them, these unbelievable medical doctors came to the scene.

They saw with their own eyes that Schumann, lying on the instrument, controlled the energy in her body.

Shu family was also a big family before, because the energy of the riot was declining, these people all know.

It’s because we know that when we see that Schumann can control part of the energy, it’s hard for everyone to be shocked.

“Shao… Shaohua… ” Schumannlooked at the energy in her hand and looked up at Ye Shaohua, as if in a dream: “this…”

“I made a mistake in my estimation. I thought I could let you control 50%, but I didn’t expect that it was only 30%. It seems that it will take another five days.” Ye Shaohua looks at her recovered energy and is not satisfied.

The people in the lab are speechless.

The legendary Meng Yuchen is just to relieve the energy in others’ bodies. She can let people control the energy in their bodies without any interference. How can she abandon a little?

After the exclamation, what they felt was a deep fear. Before, they thought that ye Shaohua and Meng Yuchen were looking for death. Now it seems that——

It’s not clear who will win.

“Mr. Iger, can I join Dr. Ye’s research team now?”

“And I and I!”


At this time, someone came in and whispered a word with Ye Shaohua.

Hearing this, ye Shaohua raised her eyes in surprise.

Don’t mention her. Schumann on the side of her body forgot her joy and looked happily at Ye Shaohua. “Shaohua, did you hear that? You have a brother. Come on, let’s go out. Aren’t you sorry that you didn’t see your parents? But you have a brother now! “

She didn’t even have time to experiment with her energy, so she took Ye Shaohua out.

And President Iger and others hold Ye Shaohua’s research materials and look at them tirelessly.

Ye Shaohua is dragged out by Schumann, frowning slightly. When did she have another brother?

The elder brother didn’t show up when he died.

Why is it popping up now?

Maybe she didn’t even think that she had a brother.

Outside, ye Shaoling is impatient.

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He has been waiting for ye Shaohua for two days. He was going to persuade her to go home.

But a few days ago, Meng Yuchen sent a microblog that contradicted with Ye Shaohua, and the master of Ye family asked Ye Shaoling to hold still.

Meng Yuchen is not easy to get into trouble now. The Lord of the Ye family has no intention of letting Ye Shaohua come back. He can’t offend Meng Yuchen because of Ye Shaohua.

Ye Shaohua is a bit lucky, but he is too conceited.

Does she think she can compete with Meng Yuchen? The Lord of the Ye family sent Ye Shaoling to communicate with Ye Shaohua and let her apologize to Meng Yuchen.

But even ye Shaohua didn’t see her. The master of the Ye family was so angry that he didn’t care about her life or death.

Even so, the first time I knew the existence of Ye Shaohua, ye Shaoling couldn’t help finding it.

When ye Shaoling was very young, his parents left with the newly born Ye Shaohua. He didn’t want to wander with them, but stayed at Ye’s house.

For him, he has nothing to do with Ye Shaohua. With A little bit emotional, even parents died for her.

So he hated her a little.

“You are Shaohua’s brother?” Schumann saw the battle suit Ye Shaoling was wearing, and his eyes were staring at the eldest, “you are the first army?”

Ye Shaohua stretched out: “to be honest, I didn’t expect that I had a brother.”

“Fog grass, the first army This… Shaohua, your brother is too fierce. I don’t need to worry about someone bullying you. Your brother is in… “

Schumann was interrupted by Ye Shaoling before he finished his sentence.

“Ye Shaohua, you even returned to the Z Union?” Ye Shaoling didn’t take Schumann’s words, just looked at Ye Shaohua, and his eyes were very cold. “It’s not enough to nearly kill the young master of the Lin family. Do you want to get revenge with Meng Yuchen? Qiu’s family was offended by you, right? You are my sister. I will not touch you, but I will never admit you. Meng Yuchen said two days ago that this time you will be planted in her hands. She has a complicated relationship with Yun family. My parents have been partial to you since I was little, and you killed them. This time I will not give you the chance to harm our Ye family again. If you have a little conscience, don’t say that you are my younger sister. This is your greatest contribution to our Ye family. “

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