Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 125

By | December 3, 2019

She was in the same situation as Ye Shaohua, especially when she knew that her parents would take better care of her when they died.

They didn’t know each other for a long time, but they were in love with each other.

Now the bet is so big that if she loses, she will be exiled outside the z-league. Can Schumann not worry?

Ye Shaohua takes out a tissue, wipes her tears with low eyes, takes off the glasses on the bridge of her nose with one hand, chuckles, “maybe I behaved too badly before, so I left this impression on you. I’m 18 years old. There are so many talented people in the world. Have you ever thought about why President Iger picked me out of so many people? “

“I don’t look down on Meng Yuchen,” said Ye Shaohua with a smile. Even the thick bangs can’t cover her excessively bright face. She carelessly threw the paper towel aside and her head askew to her. “I mean, Schumann, the doctor derived from traditional Chinese medicine, is in front of the Chinese medicine with five thousand years of history What is it? “

Knowing Ye Shaohua for such a long time, this is the first time Schumann has seen her face, which is different from her gloomy imagination.

Schumann thought that ye Shaohua had enough momentum recently, but she didn’t think that the momentum before she took off her glasses was less than one tenth of that after she took off her glasses!

Especially that amazing face, which is quite different from her imagination, now Schumann s mind is full of: is Qiu Zifan a fool?!

The brain circuit is no longer the same line, Ye Shaohua sighed, “Are you able to use a little energy in your body now?”

Schumann brain slowly responded, “eh It seems that it is. How can it be so magical… “

“There are seven days left. You can go to the test center in seven days.” At that time, Ye Shaohua estimated that the energy riots in Schumann’s body would stabilize and become a genius level figure.

It is generally acknowledged that the energy of such a riot cannot be cured. If it is cured by Ye Shaohua, the news will spread

What is it to be Iger’s Apprentice? It’s time to shock everyone.

“It turns out that this is ancient medicine,” said principal Iger, shocked by Schumann’s recovery. He thought he had overestimated ancient medicine, but underestimated it. “It’s amazing.”

He stood on one side and couldn’t help sighing for a long time before he remembered: “by the way, when did you know Yun Mo?”

“What’s the matter?” he was called Yun Mo in this world. Ye Shaohua thought about it. that Help the Ye Family is Yun Family?

“He’s right here with me now. He wants to see you,” sighed Iger. “His energy is also very violent. If you can see, if his energy can be controlled, I’m afraid no one can overwhelm it. It’s a pity…”

Ye Shaohua of course knows this. It’s hard to control Yun Mo’s energy, even if no one knows better than her. If he doesn’t control well, he will explode like an energy body, and the whole Z alliance will suffer heavy losses.

She didn’t try to avoid him either, so she went out with principal Iger.

Of course, she would like to know why he promoted the Ye family so much.

She went out with principal Iger, and there was no shortage of people looking at her like fools all the way.

When Ye Shaohua enters the door, Yun Mo is facing her back, walking back and forth in dark clothes, with a very thin back, and the fluctuating energy around her makes people look sideways.

It seems that he heard the voice. Yun Mo looked back and saw Ye Shaohua at a glance. “Why are you so impulsive today? It’s not good to follow president Iger to study well? Why to provoke Meng Yuchen? Their new Chinese medicine doctors are not easy to offend. Do you want to leave the z-league for a long time, so you say that? “

It was the first time they met, but Yun Mo asked her and sighed. Finally, they became pitiful. “I know you want to leave Z Alliance …”

Officer tel and principal Iger were staring at each other.

Ye Shaohua was also a little bit unresponsive, so she suddenly began to talk, “I … I don’t … “

“You don’t like Z League?!” Yun Mo’s face is more exaggerated.

“Stop,” said Ye Shaohua, with a pain in her skull. She held out a finger and gestured, “sit down and I’ll have a good look at your energy.”

“Wait…” Seeing that Ye Shaohua was going to explore Yun Mo’s wrist, officer tel immediately wanted to stop him. Yun Mo never let anyone touch his pulse.

Not even his parents.

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“What?” Ye Shaohua squints at him, looking at the energy in Yun Mo.

Officer tel looked at Yun Mo’s special appearance and opened his mouth, “no Nothing… “

Rely on… Major general of their family, is it evil today?

It was at this time that a gentle voice came to mind outside.

Meng Yuchen as a new doctor, Yun’s father specially asked her to look after Yun Mo’s body.

Although she rarely saw Yun Mo, the last time Yun Mo was in a coma, and her father and mother were very worried about it. This time, Meng Yuchen and others were specially asked to check it.

Yun Mo looks at what else Ye Shaohua wants to say. At the moment when ye Shaohua’s mental strength is released, his face suddenly changes and he faints directly.

“Why are you here, Ye Shaohua?” Seeing Ye Shaohua here, Meng Yuchen was particularly surprised, and then sighed, “President Iger, you even brought her to see major Yun. If general Yun knew about it, you would be punished…”

“Ye Shaohua can’t be a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, you may not really be.” Principal Iger touched his beard and said unfathomably.

Meng Yuchen didn’t care about Ye Shaohua at first. However, the other side won’t be satisfied for three days, and they will roll out of her vision in three days.

But when she saw that Ye Shaohua was safe and sound on Yun Mo’s hand, her eyes were red.

Although she is the doctor appointed by the Yun family.

However, she didn’t see the eccentric first person several times, but when he was in a coma twice, people around Yun Mo wouldn’t let her touch him.

What’s the matter now?

Officer tel even watched the scene.

“Ancient Chinese medicine, principal, do you think I’m a three-year-old? Ye Shaohua: I don’t care about you for the sake of knowing you. You’d better leave now! Otherwise, I will tell general Yun word for word, what cat and dog dare to save Major General Yun? ” Meng Yuchen looks at Yun Mo as if he is not rebellious at all, and the grudges he never had come out.

The Yun family didn’t look at her more than such an outstanding person.

Thinking of this, she picked up her mobile phone and contacted general Yun: “you have just been accepted as a disciple by President Iger, dare you come out to cure the disease, or Major General Yun? Take advantage of the chance that you have three days to be principal Iger’s disciple to learn more doctors from him. At least you used to be a famous Ye family. Don’t be such a disgrace to your Ye family! Three days later, leave Z Union. I can create a new type of medical treatment. That’s why I’m based on Z Union. you want to compare with me, you are still very young! After you come out of the Z alliance learn for a few lifetimes and come to me to challenge me! “

Finish saying, the mobile phone in her hand also connected to general Yun.

“General Yun, someone is going to harm major general Yun……”

In this sentence, officer tel and principal Iger were surprised. She even had the contact information of general Yun?

Meng Yuchen looks at Ye Shaohua like a dead man, and continues to talk to general Yun.

A sharp, slightly scratchy voice suddenly sounded, “who are you calling?”

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