Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 124

By | December 2, 2019

“Is it her? How could it be this ugly one! ” Qiu Ziting’s eyes widened unbelievably.

Grandpa Qiu raised his head in amazement. How could the daughter-in-law they didn’t want appear here?

“Who is she? How come I haven’t meet her? ” All the dignitaries in the room began to inquire about principal Iger’s Apprentice.

Within ten minutes, ye Shaohua’s information appeared in the hands of all the leaders of Z alliance.

When the data appeared in their hands, they all looked puzzled and began to communicate with each other. Was Ye Shaohua’s data too common?

How was president Iger interested in it?

“It turned out to be her?” With Yun Mo standing in the corner, the officer of tel’s eyes widened, “star net said that she almost killed master Lin?”? How could principal Iger accept her? “

He said a word, but found that Yun Mo did not answer at all, but his eyes did not turn to see the direction of Ye Shaohua.

He was surprised, but he didn’t dare say anything more.

Ye kun frowned and went out, but he saw officer Tel and Yun Mo in the corner. Although he was also in the first corps, he only saw the first person of the Z League once far away.

This time, seeing Yun Mo’s heart full of joy, he immediately showed his worship on his face. Just before he was about to come forward, he waved to him. He stopped immediately and found that there was almost no one around them.

Then he left with a solemn look.

Meng Yuchen, the only one standing up in the audience, stood awkwardly in the same place. She thought she was talking about her junior sister. After all, only one of the candidates was a woman.

But she didn’t expect that person to be Ye Shaohua, who she never paid attention to.

Ye Shaohua, who was collected by Iger, the person who stood up, seemed very abrupt. Everyone’s eyes towards her were full of complexity, among which there was also a sense of ridicule that she was too conceited.

Meng Yuchen blushed with shame, but she didn’t want to sit down like this. Instead, she looked at Iger: “headmaster, I want to know why you chose Ye Shaohua. Did you know that she almost killed a stranger five days ago? “

“Who are you?” Principal Iger took a look at Meng Yuchen.

This sentence makes a lot of people sitting down sneer at Meng Yuchen’s incompetence.

Meng Yuchen’s face was red and black. President Iger knew her clearly, but at this time, he said it was obviously ugly to her.

She has been famous for so many years, where has she been so humiliated?

Principal Iger is not afraid to offend her. She managed to survive this opportunity. The opportunity she dreamed of was so easily obtained by the garbage Ye Shaohua. She is not willing to go to extremes.

What is the reason for Ye Shaohua’s defeat?

“Ye Shaohua, I want to challenge you. If you lose, you will give up the position of principal Iger’s disciple. Dare you take it?” Meng Yuchen looks at Ye Shaohua and angers her with words, “why don’t you dare not speak?”

Ye Shaohua looks at Meng Yuchen’s angry look. Although Meng Yuchen doesn’t do it directly in the plot, it has a lot to do with Meng Yuchen when he comes to the point of betrayal.

I just don’t know if the original death has anything to do with her.

Seeing that she even challenged her, Ye Shaohua thought for a few seconds.

Schumann under the stage shook her head hard to ask her not to agree. She was about to cry.

Ye Shaohua smiled at her for a while, and then casually said with interest, “I promise you, but if I win, what?”

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“How could you…” Meng Yuchen was going to say how you could win, but he woke up in an instant. “If I lose, I will quit the medical profession. If you lose, You will voluntarily give up this position and leave Z union forever. In order to show fairness, we will compare in three days, and give you three days to prepare, so as not to say that I bully new people. How about, of course, if you are afraid… “

“Afraid? There is no such thing. I’m sorry to say that the doctors you changed from traditional Chinese medicine are spicy chickens. ” Ye Shaohua didn’t wait for her to finish speaking. He was stimulated.

Hearing Ye Shaohua’s answer, Meng Yuchen’s face suddenly showed ecstasy.

Schumann heard that ye Shaohua had agreed, and the whole man fell down on the chair.

Everyone else on the stage also had an expression. Seeing ye Shaohua’s eyes was like looking at a fool. Some didn’t understand why President Iger chose her?

President Igerhas chosen to accept her as a disciple, and she even agreed to Meng Yuchen’s challenge.

You don’t think you’re going to get water in your head?

That’s Meng Yuchen. The potential value of z-league is the top three super genius in the world. There are more than ten million fans on the Internet.

The original doctor technology added by ancient Chinese medicine.

Many families wanted to recruit her, but she didn’t agree. She was determined to enter the first league and was very sure about the position of principal Iger’s disciples.

She has a unique way of integrating traditional Chinese medicine to save people. She has treated all the members of Yun family. Now almost become special doctors of Yun family.

Because of this, her reputation will be so great and safe. Almost no one in the whole z-league dare to offend her.

Even Qiu Zifan had to admire her ability.

It can be said that even the older generation of doctors are not necessarily comparable to her.

As for ye Shaohua, who they know, he is an ordinary person, let alone a video on the Internet.

She is very clumsy to save Lin’s family. At a glance, she knows that she is very strange to the profession of doctor.

Not to mention the ability, from the face of the two people is a big difference.

A very old earth beauty breath, a black dress, face with black glasses, Liu Hai can’t bear to look straight, no wonder Qiu Zifan wants to divorce her.

Everyone is not optimistic about ye Shaohua’s decision.

Some people speculated whether ye Shaohua knew that she was not worthy to be the disciple of President Iger, so she gave way to Meng Yuchen.

How else would you have made this stupid decision?

Even Schumann thought so. She looked at Ye Shaohua who walked down calmly. This time, she was really crying, “Shaohua, are you crazy? How can you meet her challenge? “

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