Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 123

By | December 1, 2019

Qiu Zifan remembers very clearly that ye Shaohua didn’t inherit grandpa Ye’s mantle, the information on star net is clearer, and she has not received a very high education.

Meng Yuchen and others are very serious for people’s diagnosis and treatment, and they don’t care about Ye Shaohua at all.

“I know you. Is that the swindler who is very famous on STARNet recently?” the officer next to him has recognized Ye Shaohua. “The one who almost killed master Lin? Get out of the way. Don’t get in the way of doctors. What can you call yourself a doctor? Who gives you confidence? Have you read the doctor’s book? “

He said that he took the weapon against Ye Shaohua’s back and pushed her into the crowd.

But he did not expect Ye Shaohua to stop it easily with one finger.

The rank of the officer is also relatively high in the z-league, and the force value is absolutely not low. He didn’t pay attention to Ye Shaohua. He was in the top 20 in the league, but he didn’t expect that ye Shaohua pushed away his weapon so easily.

Not much can the entire Z-League do this?

He froze in place, while Ye Shaohua squeezed Meng Yuchen away, just put her hand on major general Yun’s wrist, and the soothing spirit soon calmed the restlessness in his body.

In a moment she stood up, and the officer next to her responded, “why do you put your hand there?”

It seems that the impression left by the predecessor is too bad. Ye Shaohua turns sideways and raises eyebrows. “Don’t bother me.”

Finish saying, casually pass through the crowd, she is wearing black frame glasses, in fact, no one can see her face clearly.

But it’s strange that no one dared to stop her.

“Ye Kun said that she is the Ye family. I don’t think she is the Ye family at all,” Meng Yuchen said, glancing at Ye Shaohua’s back and shaking his head. “The utilitarian mind is too heavy, but doctors are not so easy to learn. They want to cling to major general Yun.”

“It’s because of Meng Xuechen,” said Meng Yuchen’s classmates with a sneer, “but she can’t learn better than Meng Xue jie. She has to rely on Meng Xue jie to clean up her mess.”

But the officer looked at Ye Shaohua’s back and thought.

* *

Ye Shaohua went to the headmaster’s office directly around the corner, and Schumann on her side looked at her all the way.

Principal Iger was not in the office, and Ye Shaohua waited half an hour for him.

“You sent me that page of ancient medical theories the night before yesterday?” Iger looked at Ye Shaohua deeply. “Do you remember what you wrote?”

Ye Shaohua nodded, “of course.”

After that, she began to recite slowly from the beginning. Occasionally, she met some strange words and explained them to Iger .

Her back is flowing. Principal Iger looks at the paper in his hand. It’s totally strange content when she carries it back.

“Stop! I believe you! ” Headmaster Iger looked at Ye Shaohua and his eyes were shining, “so can you be my closed disciple? I swear I’ll give you what I’ve learned all my life! “

Schumann was standing next to Ye Shaohua. When he heard this, he stared at him.

The yearning of the students of the whole planet, principal Iger , actually wants to accept Ye Shaohua himself? She… Did she hear me wrong?

Iger is sure that he is right. The ancient medicine of this planet has been lost for a long time. Hundreds of years ago, the famous Ye family ancient medicine was the real big family standing on the top. At that time, there was no doctor profession. The energy of different generations did not need to be controlled so much. The ancient doctors could dredge the chaotic breath of the body with a few silver needles.

It’s a pity that the Ye family finally fell.

“There are many people who want to be my apprentice. If I decide on you directly, you will bear all kinds of pressure, OK?” Iger looked at Ye Shaohua.

When ye Shaohua heard this, he smiled plainly, “naturally.”

How much can this pressure be? It’s called pressure in the magic world.

“Well, I’ll get ready for the teacher’s dinner in three days.” Principal Iger told her a few more words before letting her go.

After the two left, Schumann returned to the gods on the way. She looked at Ye Shaohua stupidly. “Fog grass, why didn’t you say that earlier?! I’ve been worried for so long! “

Don’t I say I’m a traditional Chinese medicine

“But…” Schumann didn’t say it. She really thought that ye Shaohua was a kind of traditional Chinese medicine similar to the existence of liars on the street.

I didn’t expect that she was really an ancient doctor.

“If the Qiu family knew you were a descendant of an ancient doctor, they would lose their chin.” Schumann murmured.

Ye Shaohua went back to the dormitory and found that her daily necessities were all complete. She didn’t buy them at all. It’s self-evident who bought them.

“Schumann , I remember that you Shu family used to be a big family of different scholars, right?” Ye Shaohua took a look at her. “Your body energy is also huge. I will help you to cure it.”

Wen Yan, Schumann’s eyes darkened a little, “it’s OK, I’m used to it. Our Shu jia family is just because the internal energy has been rioting since we were born. No doctor can cure it, so we become ordinary people. Don’t waste time for me, just learn from President Iger.”

Ye Shaohua didn’t explain anything to her. When she was cured, she knew she wasn’t joking.

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* *

At the same time, guard against the solemn cloud family.

“Major general Yun, there are really only students in the seminary.” The officer beside wiped the cold sweat on his forehead.

The young man with very distinct facial features turned his body suspiciously. He was wearing a black combat suit, and the whole man looked very cold, like a scabbard sword. His eyes were sharp enough to make people dare not look directly at him.

Yun Mo shakes his head, he looks at the people in the room, “no, really no one else?”

He clearly felt a very comfortable breath, just like what he wanted to pursue in his dream

“Except Miss Meng…” Another frowned. He had never seen Yun Mo so persistent.

Except about the Ye family.

In fact, the Ye family can’t meet their standards at all, but major general Yun is very kind to the Ye family.

This is the Ye family today. Otherwise, with the Ye family’s declining family of doctors, why did he march into the first corps? Ye Shaoling also became the team leader of the first Corps.

On weekdays, people who heard Ye’s surname in Yun Mo would like to relax a bit.

Thinking of it, the officer suddenly got a flash of inspiration. “Yes, there is another person, Ye Shaohua!”

“Ye Shaohua?” Cloud Mo heard the name, eyes are tight a few minutes, “to find her.”

Yun Mo’s force is so huge that it only takes a few minutes to find Ye Shaohua’s place.

“Ye Shaohua? She entered the elite library as soon as she came here today, but she hasn’t come out yet. ” The librarian smiled. Come back tomorrow.

But the next day when Ye Shaohua came out, Yun Mo’s forces couldn’t find her.

The officer looked at the record on the satelite, stared and said, “fuck? Who is this? Who could have dodged our first army sniper? We can’t find it on the Internet! It’s like the whole person disappeared. “

This is just an incredible thing, so the big living man disappeared under his eyes.

Yun Mo is not a little surprised, the bottom of the eyes is more interesting.

But he also knew that he could not find her, unless she was willing to see himself, so no one continued to find.

It was at this time that someone came in. “Major general, the invitation of principal Iger, tomorrow is the day when he will accept his disciples.”

Yun Mo took the invitation and opened it to have a look. “Please accept so many disciples. It seems that President Iger attaches great importance to his disciple.”

“Now the most negative statement of Shenxing school is Miss Meng and master Qiu. They are both rare talents.” The officer nodded. “It’s right to have such a big dinner for both of them.”

It wasn’t just them. There were a lot of people who guessed the apprentices of principal Iger. Until the banquet came, the people present didn’t guess who the new apprentices of principal Iger were.

“It may be announced at the banquet,” Grandpa Qiu smiled and looked at the Meng family at the same table. “It may be Yuchen.”

Meng Yuchen covered her lips and smiled, “it may be Zifan, too?”

“No one is bad.” Master Qiu smiled.

The atmosphere at this table is very good.

The people on the other tables look at them enviously. They all know that Meng Yuchen and Qiu Zifan have a great reputation.

Under the anxious waiting of a group of people, principal Iger finally came out in red.

He smiled at the people in the hotel, and a senior brother standing beside him said: “now, please come up to my little sister.”

Hearing the three words of junior sister, Meng Yuchen immediately stood up.

Everyone cast an envious look at her.

However, Iger did not ask her to go up, but pulled open the red brocade curtain behind her, and a black thin figure came out of it.

Seeing the figure, Qiu Zifan’s heart beat hard. The teacup in his hand couldn’t help overturning. The hot tea flowed onto the carpet.

There was a total silence.

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