Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 121

By | November 29, 2019

Qiu Zifan and Meng Yuchen are all contacting their friends at school. They all want to find out what is going on.

Both of them knew that the headmaster would not be so hasty.

“I don’t know about the fact that the teacher’s acceptance of disciples.” Qiu Zifan, who has known the school for several times and is also a student of the principal, knows more than others. “But there is something that can tell you. Last night, there was a big event in the school. The teacher called several old professors to a meeting overnight to study the gene chain. Zifan, there is something you should do well You may not be the one who wants to receive close disciples. “

Either he or Meng Yuchen. Qiu Zifan hangs up and turns his eyes to Meng Yuchen.

He won’t be unwilling to lose in her hands.

But at present, no matter what the reason for the headmaster’s coming to Qiu’s house, he will not give up this opportunity.

Qiu Ziting is right beside him. He heard or didn’t hear the words that she asked the housekeeper to drive Ye Shaohua away, but she didn’t care. Ye Shaohua is no different from a transparent person in her eyes.

Ye Shaohua didn’t pay attention to Qiu Ziting, but bowed her head to send messages to people.

Schumann – [are you ok? Why didn’t you go home last night? ]

She also made several calls, but ye Shaohua’s cell phone was silent all the time.

Schumann should be the only true friend of the original owner. After seeing Ye Shaohua’s affairs on the Internet, she immediately went to her to call out and find her. If she didn’t find it, she began to call and send messages.

After Ye Shaohua said nothing back, he told her another thing – [Schumann, I decided to divorce. ]

No more messages were sent over there, but a direct call was made.

Ye Shaohua picked it up directly, and Schumann’s loud voice came to him: “Ye Shaohua, you are insane, what kind of divorce do you want? Qiu Zifan, how many people can’t marry if they want to! What’s more, you won’t have much in the Federation. That’s not enough for you to live. You don’t want to live a luxurious life. Do you want to starve yourself? “

At this point, Schumann sighed, “and you’ve done so much for him. Are you really willing to give up now? Shaohua believes me, you are no worse than others. If you would have listened to my change of dress, ten Meng Yuchen would not be able to match you! “

Schumann’s voice is not small. Qiu Ziting and others are standing at Ye Shaohua. It’s strange that none of them can hear Ye Shaohua’s voice.

“Schumann, I’m serious. I have more important tasks to do. I don’t have time to spend on Qiu Zifan,” Ye Shaohua said with a smile. “Don’t worry, I’ll live better than any of them.”

After that, she hung up.

Instead of leaving directly, I looked at Qiu Ziting.

Qiu Ziting looked at her defensively. “How can we not leave? Do you want to stay in Qiu’s mansion? “

Ye Shaohua went over her directly and looked at old Qiu, “old Qiu, let’s talk about divorce.”

All people, including Schumann, think that Ye Shaohua knows almost nothing, leaving Qiu family may not be able to maintain her own life, but no one knows. Now Ye Shaohua has already changed her core.

In the magic world, she can be as good as fish and water. How many steps can the world stop her again?

The original plot is that Qiu Zifan was disgusted with her from the beginning to the end because she didn’t divorce even when she died. Everyone thought that it was wrong for her to occupy this position, so there were more people who didn’t like her.

“Divorce? You agree to divorce? ” Hearing this, don’t say old Qiu, even Meng Yuchen and others look at Ye Shaohua in amazement.

Qiu Laozi also ignored the incense case and came to Ye Shaohua directly with a stick.

Last night, he mentioned the divorce of the two people, but because Qiu Zifan’s identity divorce is not simple. If Ye Shaohua doesn’t agree with her death, the marriage can’t be separated. Qiu Laozi also always thinks that Ye Shaohua will not divorce if she dies.

But I didn’t expect that she would agree in a night, so I think he didn’t like Ye Shaohua so much.

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As long as she doesn’t ask too much for a divorce, he can’t let them divorce.

It’s not that he’s desperate, it’s just that Ye Shaohua… He can’t really see it.

Not far away, Qiu Zifan, who still has a mobile phone, looks at Ye Shaohua.

“Do you have any conditions?” Qiu Laozi looks at Ye Shaohua and his voice is more relaxed than ever before.

Ye Shaohua squints, “yes, 300,000 federal coins.”

In fact, there are not many 300,000 federal coins, which means that the federal government has only one residential house.

“Three hundred thousand federal dollars, are you sure?” Mr. Qiu was stunned. The conditions were so simple.

On this condition, most of the servants on the scene lowered their heads, looked at each other and smiled.

Meng Yuchen stood beside Qiu Zifan and whispered, “Miss ye It’s really generous… “

The tone is a little ironic, and ye Shaohua really doesn’t have the knowledge of the rumors. Who is the Qiu family? Even if I only had 300,000 compensation fees, I felt like I was taking advantage of it?

If you want to be smart, you have to peel off the Qiu family at least.

Of course, if it was her, she would not agree to divorce at all. Only by staying at Qiu’s house can she get the most benefit.

Lord Qiu doesn’t care so much. He’s afraid of long dreams. He used to hate Ye Shaohua’s stupidity. But now, for the first time, he thinks it’s a good thing that ye Shaohua is so stupid.

He immediately asked the lawyer to sign to guarantee the nurse, as for when the divorce would be OK.

As long as the letter of guarantee is there, the Qiu family is not afraid. This marriage is a divorce.

“Take the letter of guarantee and leave. The house outside is given to you by our Qiu family.” looking at the letter of guarantee written by Ye Shaohua, master Qiu was very happy. “You will live or die in the future. Don’t go to our Qiu family.”

Ye Shaohua reaches out and flicks the letter of guarantee. She takes a deep look at old Qiu and leaves the mansion directly.

Outside is her vast starry sky.

Those who are still in Qiu’s family look at Ye Shaohua’s back just like fools.

But they didn’t discuss it for long, because the principal of Shenxing school came soon.

“Master Iger, I don’t know if I want to come to my Qiu family today. Is it Zifan or Yuchen?” Mr. Qiu’s spirit is good at happy events. He smiles from beginning to end.

He didn’t think about ye Shaohua at all. In his eyes, ye Shaohua can’t go to the doctor’s school even if he is ten times smarter.

The headmaster Iger , frowned, “Zifan Yuchen? Why should I ask them? “


Hearing this, everyone looked at him in surprise.

“Ah? Aren’t you going to accept the disciples? Who else are they?” Old Qiu is confused.

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