Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 120

By | November 28, 2019

“Grandpa!” Before ye Shaohua spoke, Qiu Zifan said first, “at the beginning, you were determined to let me marry this woman who didn’t understand anything, regardless of my will. Now you are going to force a divorce. Is it so playful?”

Hearing this, Grandpa Qiu was speechless, and felt extremely sorry for his grandson.

This is Qiu’s business. Meng Yuchen can’t interrupt.

Only Qiu Ziting looked at Ye Shaohua coldly. “Ugly people make a lot of blame!”

Everyone has no opinion on this judgment. To be honest, she didn’t talk about the clothes. She lived with her grandfather since she was a child. It’s inevitable that she was a little timid or even a little self abased when she saw the big scenes.

Thick black rimmed glasses block her face. Nowadays, most women wear contact lenses. Who would buy the old-fashioned black rimmed glasses.

Qiu Ziting said that ugly people are more mischievous, and in other people’s eyes, they are not wrong.

As everyone knows, Qiu Zifan, the star of this sacred school, is stuck in a lump of cow dung.

Grandpa Qiu thought that Grandpa Ye’s granddaughter was no worse than ordinary people. Who knows that her appearance and talent are no better than ordinary people, let alone her son Qiu Zifan.

So he didn’t prepare a room for her in Qiu’s mansion. Qiu Zifan is still a registered soldier of the federal army. It’s not easy to get married and want a divorce.

Thinking of this, Mr. Qiu regrets it in his heart.

Qiu family was in a bad mood. Ye Shaohua lived in Qiu family for the first time.

But it’s the outermost room, not as good as Meng Yuchen’s.

But Ye Shaohua didn’t mind. She just turned on the computer, sent an email to Shenxing school and went to sleep.

In the magic world, she hasn’t had a good rest for a long time.

Naturally, I don’t know how much shock her email has brought to Shenxing school. It’s almost 12 o’clock. The Dean also calls all the professors up all night.

The next morning.

When Ye Shaohua went downstairs, everyone had already got up. It seems that breakfast had been eaten.

Ye Shaohua didn’t care. He went to the kitchen casually. When he came out with a piece of bread, he heard the housekeeper’s voice: “master’s wife, general Ye’s family is here.”

General ye? This is a powerful general under commander Yun of the first regiment. Because commander Yun attaches great importance to the Ye family, they are also the hottest new family in Z alliance. How could they suddenly appear?

Meng Yuchen also saved major general Ye’s family. He knew that ye’s family was now in the Z alliance.

I haven’t heard about the relationship between the Qiu family and the Ye family?

Seeing Ye Kun come in, Meng Yuchen squints. She always thinks it’s strange that Ye Shaohua can marry into Qiu’s family. Now her heart suddenly flashes with a flash of inspiration, “is Miss ye your Ye’s family, major general?”

“What’s the right thing to be a member of the Ye family?” Smell speech, Ye Kun glanced at Ye Shaohua, the color of disgust on his face didn’t cover up at all, it was obvious.

Seeing Ye Kun’s reaction, Meng Yuchen didn’t speak any more, just a little smile in his drooping eyes.

“General ye, why are you here?” Mr. Qiu knows the old generation’s grudges.

Grandpa Ye was a very famous doctor in the League before, but at that time, the Ye family was divided into two groups. His father was a man of extraordinary ability, and his brother’s ability was also good. However, the head of the Ye family could only be one person, so his father left his brother.

Ye Shaohua’s father studied with Grandpa ye, but he didn’t expect to meet pirates. In order to save Ye Shaohua’s parents, they both died.

Grandpa Ye took Ye Shaohua to live in an unmanaged village.

It’s a pity that Ye Shaohua didn’t inherit grandpa Ye’s brilliant life at all. Instead, Ye Shaohua’s second uncle, who was a different scholar, was regarded by commander Yun as a rising star.

“Mr. Qiu, I want to talk to your daughter-in-law.” General Ye glanced at Ye Shaohua lightly.

Ye Shaohua picks eyebrows. Naturally, she can get two grudges from the system. There was one in the last life. She knew her identity, but she didn’t want to cling to it.

Just when I knew that ye’s family had his father’s portrait, I wanted to ask Ye’s family for a picture of her parents that she had never seen before. Unexpectedly, Ye’s family didn’t even open the door.

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I don’t know why the Ye family came here this time.

She knew that ye’s family must have checked her information. She couldn’t show too much difference from her original body, but she went out to Qiu’s garden with her head bowed and general Ye.

With her head down, she looks like she’s scared.

General ye took a look at her, and the bottom of her eyes was cold. “Dad should have mentioned me to you, right?”

Ye Shaohua gently nodded, still afraid to look up, making Ye general’s impatience at the bottom of his eyes heavier.

Every 12-year-old of his children can go to the battlefield. Which one is not as brave as a tiger or as timid as Ye Shaohua?

“You didn’t learn any skills from my father’s doctors, and you learned to be the only heir to the Lin family? If you don’t have Meng Yuchen, you won’t be able to compensate. Even if you have her, you are infamous on the Internet. “General Ye looked coldly at the girl in front of him.” I don’t know what shameless means you used to enter Qiu’s house. If you can change the history, I should strangle you when my sister-in-law gave birth to you! Big brother and sister-in-law, if they knew you would look like this, they would have thrown you away in the disaster! “

“You say that again?” Ye Shaohua is still hanging his head. He opens a button of the black long sleeve coat impatiently. When he hears the general’s words, his eyes turn cold.

She looked up, though separated by thick lenses, but also can feel that black and white eyes, a fascinating momentum.

“I said, we don’t need you.” General ye thought he was dazed, and continued, “you are not allowed to say that you are ye’s family outside in the future.”

“OK, general ye, remember that I didn’t think of you as my family. It has nothing to do with you whether ye Shaohua lives or dies in the future” Ye Shaohua nodded softly.

“Well, where else can you stand, you ugly?” Ye Kun’s impatient voice came from behind, “Dad, how can you have so much nonsense with her?”

“Well, you young people talk. I have something else to find commander Yun.” General ye took a look at Ye Shaohua, and thought that she was an orphan girl, and that the doctor had not learned anything.

It’s not like that ye’s family has good physical fitness. It seems that they can’t turn over any waves and leave directly.

As for what Ye Shaohua said, he didn’t pay attention at all. The Ye family will not live worse than her even if they are down, and will not fall down to ask for her share one day.

“Yuchen, I heard that the headmaster is going to accept his disciples. You and Mr. Qiu are both popular candidates for online voting.” Ye Kun, Meng Yuchen and Qiu Zifan talked about the doctor’s affairs, which they didn’t understand.

In the last life, she was so excluded from everyone.

Because of the relationship between Ye Shaohua and Qiu Zifan in the last life, Qiu Zifan was rejected by the headmaster and accepted Meng Yuchen. The headmaster of Shenxing was the first doctor of the Federation, and Meng Yuchen naturally inherited his title.

At this point, all three of them laughed.

Ye Shaohua put his hand in his pocket and smiled. In this life, it’s not necessarily that she is in everything.

At this time, the guard outside came in incredulously. He looked at Qiu’s family excitedly: “my Lord and my wife, the Secretary of Shenxing school called to say that the principal would come to Qiu’s house.”

“Principal?” Lord Qiu is still a little strange, “how could he come to our Qiu family?”

The headmaster of Shenxing school, his numerous famous doctors, and her own skills, his position in the Federation is even higher than that of Ye family.

Qiu Zifan is the son of the Qiu family. His lifelong wish is to become the principal’s closed disciple.

Qiu Ziting took Meng Yuchen’s arm and said, “I must have come to see my brother or sister Meng. Don’t you forget that he is going to accept the disciples?”

Wen Yanqiu’s eyes brightened. “Hurry up, set up the case and wait for the headmaster to come.”

If Qiu Zifan is really liked by the headmaster of Shenxing, his grandson will soar to the sky. Later, he can stand at the top of Z federal pyramid. The more he thinks about Qiu, the more excited he is.

Qiu’s family was busy for the headmaster. Seeing ye Shaohua standing on one side, Qiu Ziting turned black. “What are you doing here? Shame?! Steward, take her out of Qiu’s house quickly, otherwise you will have hot eyes when you see her! “

Ye Dashen: You wait for me to change.

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