Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 100

By | November 8, 2019

An Tingjun, covering his chest, seemed unable to breathe at the moment when he woke up.

He covers his eyes. Transparent tears flow down from both sides of his eyes. Fortunately Fortunately, it’s fake.

The mobile phone at hand rang. It was from the Public Security Bureau. It said that An Tongtong was going to pour sulfuric acid on Ye Shaohua’s face. Now she is in prison.

“Brother, you used to love me the most. Please help me out, OK? I didn’t pour it on Ye Shaohua. How could they catch me?! I know it’s wrong, I know it’s wrong brother! ” Seeing An Tingjun, An Tongtong is like seeing a savior.

An Tingjun used to hurt her so much that he was reluctant to let her get hurt a little bit. He must be able to promise himself.

“Can you cover up your vicious facts without spilling it?” If it was before, An Tingjun may have a little pity, but after last night’s nightmare, he has no pity left. “An Tongtong, you will stay here and suffer all your life.”

He even wants to erase the existence of An Tongtong more than anyone else. He is really afraid that everything in his dream will happen.

When he left the hospital, she received a call from father An before he could feel the temperature of the sun.

At the same time, the news that Ye Shaohua, the medical star, died of a heart attack, swept the world. Many medical students were panic stricken, and people in many parts of the world spontaneously mourned.

“A year ago, she knew that her heart was far overloaded. We asked for her operation many times, but she didn’t agree. Yesterday, she was in danger and had a heart attack. She left three documents, the first is the future of the heart, the second is the anti allergen, and the third is the artificial heart. “

“We lost the great medical expert, who belongs to the sea of stars after all.”

An’s family did not see Ye Shaohua until the end, nor did they see Mo Yunchuan again.

Only Ye Shaohua has been included in the textbooks of all major editions, and her name has added a strong color to the history of the world.

As for An Tongtong, people on the Internet know that her act of splashing sulfuric acid causes Ye Shaohua’s heart attack. Everyone is spitting at her and asking for execution jointly. It’s not the death penalty, but the kind of life imprisonment that can’t be reduced.

She was convicted of deliberately harming national talents and sentenced to life imprisonment, never to see the sun.

* *

[Ding! Over completion of the main task, the system rewards 550 points! Congratulations to the host for 550 points! ]

[Ding! System 008 serves the host. 550 points have arrived. Please select the disconnection method. 1. Select the replica to leave the host. 2. Directly disconnect! ]

Ye Shaohua was silent for a moment. “Directly out.”

“Have you figured it out?” When he woke up again, Ye Shaohua heard only a gentle and polite voice.

She fixed her eyes and saw only a young man in a white suit. He had a pair of sea blue eyes and a very beautiful face.

“Shaohua, are you ok?” She was worried and asked by someone around her.

Another ironic voice came: “Carly, what do you care about her? As the eldest daughter of Ye’s family, her spiritual strength is only F level, not even ordinary guards. Now she is deported to the border. Do you think she is the Pearl in the eye of Duke ye?”

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Ye Shaohua is slowly receiving the plot. This is a magic world. There are four major powers of the four principalities on the magical continent.

She was originally at cangyun city under the four principalities of Canglang, the daughter of Ye family, a middle-class family. Her father was a genius with spiritual strength of B level.

She has been cultivated as a seed since childhood, and she is engaged to lance, the successor of cangyun city.

Who knows, when she was 15 years old, she was an f-level trash!

For a time, countless people were disappointed, and Ye Shaohua was expelled to the border of the Empire, a place where there was almost no magic element.

At the same time, Ye Jin, a gifted young girl from the Ye family, rose up. She was valued by the people of the wolf empire with A-level talent. When Ye Shaohua was sent to the border of the town, she was already a trainee magician and could condense a fireball.

Many outstanding young people were attracted by her, including Lance. He personally came to the border and fell out with Ye Shaohua in public, making Ye Shaohua a laughingstock for everyone.

Ye Jin became the pride of cangyun city. She created miracles all the way. At the age of 25, she became a senior magician, making cangyun city the first-class city of Canglang principality.

It’s not only cangyun City, but also the Duke of Canglang. At this age, he was directly admitted by the famous school of the mainland, basil college.

At last, she married Gu Hong, the genius successor of Canglang principality, and persuaded lance to marry Ye Shaohua. When ye Shaohua tried to condense her magic after she withdrew from marriage, she was taken back by Lance. Without even a situation, she announced that they had finished their marriage.

But lance didn’t like Ye Shaohua just to let Ye Jin marry Gu Hong at ease, and let Ye Shaohua become the talk capital of all people after dinner. Even a servant can ride on her head.

At last, when the Warcraft attacked the city, Lance worried that Ye Jin and Gu Hong would spare no effort to protect Ye Jin. Ye Shaohua, a common man without magic, was trampled into mud by the Warcraft, and no one remembered her at the end of his life.

Ye Shaohua has just been exiled to the border town after experiencing mental strength test.

I just asked her if it was lance, the fiance.

Seeing Ye Shaohua’s silence for a long time, the young girl in red around him looked at Ye Shaohua in disgust. At this time, she didn’t bother to grind and haw with Ye Shaohua. She said directly, “Ye Shaohua, how do you want to return the engagement jade plate to my brother? You also know that you are only in grade F. my brother has been admitted to Baylor College. Do you know Baylor College? Come out at least is also a senior magician! Your f level can only be a trainee magician in your whole life. In this way, as long as you return the jade plate to my brother, I’ll tell patriarch Ye to let you go back to cangyun city again, how about that? “

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