Super Doctor Chapter 11 – Escape from the wilderness ()

Hearing that outside, it became more and more bizarre. Xu Ze’s sweat kept running. If he had such ability, he would stay in school and be an apprentice in someone’s clinic? Gradually, Xu Ze couldn’t stay, because there was a lot of rumors outside. Many old patients in the town listened to the rumors outside,… Read More »

The Almighty Martial Arts System 192

A young man who does not belong to the society of traditional Chinese medicine, does not belong to the school of three universities and several families has won the undisputed first place in the competition. If this matter goes out, they are more than 20 ordinary arrogant children, known as the young experts of hope… Read More »

The Almighty Martial Arts System 191

“The first place in this stage is Jiang Fei!” When Yu Ruzhi read this sentence, everyone below was shocked. Both the young masters and the old doctors who were watching the battle said that the result was unacceptable. After a short silence, everyone began to discuss about it. This guy, who only knows how to… Read More »