My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 93, Threats to Death

By | November 8, 2019

As soon as Huang Jianren spoke, people in black did not dare to laugh.

But just want to go up, the footsteps have stopped, one by one staring at the 300 Huang Jianren.

You are exactly the same as his own boss. How does he start?

“He doesn’t go to the trough!” Huang Jianren sees one does not move, rush up to kick buttock to roar a way.

“Maddy, run!” The people in black just rushed up.

Seeing this, Lin Hai also gave orders to 300 people whose hair had changed.


Without a word, 300 Huang Jianren rushed to fight with the man in black.

For a moment, the scene immediately disordered.

“Lie groove, you are so blind, dare to hit me!” Huang Jianren yells at the man in black in front of him.

“Ah? Boss, you, are you real The man in black is confused.

“It’s your mother!” Huang Jianren kicked the man in black and beat him up.

“Hum, then you are fake.” A man in black smiles and rushes to Huang Jianren.

“Pat!” Opposite Huang Jianren a mouth, he drew the original place to turn a big

“Fart, he said it’s true. I’m him.”

Similar scenes are staged everywhere in the yard.

This group of people in black, one by one bitter face, the heart is simply depressed to death.

Mad, this one can’t be fought.

“Lying trough, you are all so stupid. I am the real one. Hurry up and give it to me!” Huang Jianren, who just got up from the ground, has a crooked nose.

“You are a fairy board!” A man in black next to him kicked him to the ground again. “Mark, who doesn’t say he’s real, but you’re absolutely fake? It depends on your force.”

The man in black despised.


Huang Jianren almost burst out of blood.

The battle lasted for more than half an hour before it ended.

Originally, the 300 avatars that Lin Hai changed out had only one thousandth of Lin Hai power, and even the average person could not match..

If you really want to work one-on-one, you will be killed by these people in black in minutes.

However, Lin Hai was thinking about the change of Huang Jianren’s appearance. In this way, the people in black started to fear, to be cautious, and to reduce their combat effectiveness.

At last, all the people in black fell to the ground, snorting, unable to get up.

But Lin Hai lost less than 100 people.

gain a complete victory!

Lin Hai is happy!

“Brother bitch, don’t you want more people to bully less people? Why are all your people on the ground? ” Lin Hai sneered.

Huang Jianren’s face panicked. Something happened in front of him was too strange.

These people in front of me, no matter what they did just now, or what they said, were just like themselves.

He now has a feeling that these people in front of him are definitely not imitations, and they are real themselves!

But how could it be?

But if not, how does that explain?

Huang Jianren even thought he was mentally deranged.

At last, a very absurd idea came out.

What Lin Hai said is not all true, is it?

Me and these people, are they 300 and 1 birth?

“Elder brother, I have brought these two little girls. When can I send them to the young master, elder brother, elder…”

As soon as scar face came in, he was stunned.

Sleeping trough, how can you live in a room?

Scar face thought he had hallucinations, and rubbed his eyes hard.

Mad, it’s still a roomful of big brother!

“Big brother, are these all your brothers?” Scar face felt that the head was not enough.

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At this time, Lin Hai suddenly noticed the two girls in scar face’s hands.

“Xinyue!” Lin Hai darted past.

Scarred face was shocked, only to find that there was an outsider in these big brothers.

“Lin Hai!” When you see that the person in front of you is Lin Hai, there is a strong sense of fear in scar face.

I can’t help but be afraid. Lin Hai unloaded one arm and one leg and nearly tortured him to death.

Du Tao has received it countless times, but it is not successful. The orthopedics department of the major hospitals in the city has also run all over the place, and there is no way.

Every moment that kind of painstaking pain, let scar face almost collapse, if not for the final master personally to connect him, he is ready to amputate.

“Put down Xinyue!” With a roar, Lin Hai grabbed at the shoulder of scar face.

“Looking at you, I will give you!” Scarred face is scared by Lin Hai. Seeing this posture, I have to unload my arm and push Liu Xinyue out.

“Xinyue!” Lin Haiyi holds Liu Xinyue in her arms.

“Lin Hai!” Liu Xinyue’s tears came down.

“Hello, and me!” Liu Xinqing sees Lin Hai and her elder sister holding together, regardless of herself, hurries to shout.

Lin Hai was shocked and scolded himself. It was so happy to see Xin Yue. I forgot my sister-in-law.

Push Liu Xinyue away, Lin Hai rushes towards scar face again like a tiger.

“Let me go!”

“Yes, put it, put it now!” Scar face will Liu Xinqing toward Linhai a push, turn around and run.

Lin Hai stretches out his arm and holds Liu Xinqing in his arms. At the same time, he kicks his right foot out and directly knocks his bald head out.

“Huh? What’s so soft? ” Lin Hai pinched it.

“You stinking rascal!” Liu Xinqing pushes Lin Hai away, feeling the feeling of numbness coming from Yufeng. Liu Xinqing’s face is burning hot.

“That, careless, careless…” Lin Hai said with a smile.

He now knows where he accidentally touched just now.

“Humph, hooligan.” Liu Xinqing shrugs her nose toward Lin Hai and runs to Liu Xinyue.

“That, Xinyue…” Lin Hai’s words came to an abrupt end.

Later, Lin Hai felt that his whole body’s hair had exploded.

Behind him, an extremely dangerous breath suddenly locked itself in, and Lin Hai felt the smell of death for the first time.

It’s very difficult to look back and see a black hole in the muzzle of the gun, which is facing itself coldly.

“Lin Hai…” Liu Xinyue and Liu Xinqing are flustered.

“Hahahaha, hahahaha…” Huang Jianren burst into laughter.

Then he stared at Lin Hai ferociously.

“What if I could fight? How about more people? Are you stronger than it? ” Huang Jianren proudly raised the gun in his hand.

Lin Hai said nothing, but his heart was burning with anxiety.

Facing the muzzle of the gun, he dare not move now. No matter how confident Lin Hai is, he is not confident enough to avoid bullets.

“What do you want?” Lin Hai said coldly.

“How is it? Ha ha ha ha… ” Huang Jianren burst into laughter.

“Don’t you think it’s stupid of you to ask this question?”

“What do you think will happen if this gun goes down? Bang… ” Huang Jianren, with a cheap smile, drew a pistol towards Lin Hai.

Lin Hai takes a deep breath.

“All things are because of me. They have nothing to do with them. Let them go. My life, take it!”

“Lin Hai! Don’t… ” Liu Xinyue heard it and cried.

Liu Xinqing is holding Liu Xinyue’s arm, but also a face of tears.

“Wahaha, I’m deeply in love, but why should I let them go? If I don’t let them go, will I take your life? “

Huang Jianren said, suddenly pulled the trigger!

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