My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 63, Red Belly Pouch

By | October 9, 2019

Lin Hai looked at the so-called dragon scales in front of him and wanted to cry without tears.

Your sister’s, son of a bitch!

It’s not good for you to make what it looks like. Nima is not made into a belly pocket.

You can’t wear a belly pocket everyday, just let others wear it.

He is also a red one. How do you make a big brother like him?

No wonder he took the initiative to find me and make this look. He’s sure nobody bought it.

No, resolutely return!

Little silly fairy: Na Zha, I want to return it! (An angry expression)

Nazha: In slaughtering dragons, I’ll talk about it later.

Your sister!

Lin Hai looked at the reply and became more angry.

Who said that just now and will never slaughter a dragon again?

Who said that the Dragon scales armor may be out of print!

You are my uncle!

Lin Hai suddenly felt that the pit was miserable.

Looking at his belly pocket, Lin Hai felt sad.

There is no place for him to put it. It seems that Qiankun bags can only be extracted and can not be recycled.

How can this be done?

By the way, we can’t send Xinyue.

In Lin’s mind, Liu Xinyue, wearing a red belly pocket, looked at her scene shyly.

“Hey hey hey hey hey.” Lin Hai laughed wickedly.

That’s what he did. That’s it!

To achieve this, Lin Hai sent a message to Liu Xinyue.

“Xinyue, what are you doing? Give you a present!”

Soon, Liu Xinyue’s message came back.

“In practice, in the evening.”

Then, there was no sound.

Nima, where is the key pocket?

Lin Hai was depressed.

Just thinking, with a bang, the door was pushed open and Wang Peng came in.

“Why? Haizi, why didn’t you go to class? Puff! ” Half of the story was directly fired.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…” Pointing to the red belly pocket in Lin Hai’s hand, he smiled with a smile on his stomach.

Lin Hai’s face is as black as the bottom of a pot.

“Laugh at your sister!”

“Oh, I’m dead laughing, I’m dead laughing.” Wang Penghao spent half a day trying to slow down.

“I said Haizi, where do you come from? Wouldn’t it be from the girls’dormitory?”

“Shun your sister!”

“Ha-ha, don’t you admit that you are not ready to wear it yourself?”

Listen to this, Lin Hai is even more depressed.

Grass, brother bought is really ready to wear himself, who thought he was a belly bag.

Take out a cell phone, “click”, take a photo of Linhai.

“My grass, why do you take pictures?”

“Nonsense, such an interesting thing, of course, is a circle of friends!”

“Your uncle’s…”

Lin Hai is depressed and bad. Soon, Wang Peng’s circle of friends has a picture of Lin Hai holding a red belly pocket.

I have to say that the speed of information dissemination of friends circle is too fast. In a few moments, this photo will pass on to you, and I will pass you around.

Even the post bar was hung up, and it was even more pronounced.

Exclusive Secret Disclosure – Qingxiu Xiaosheng is really a sullen man. Song King Lin Hai loves red belly pocket.

Well, he’s so famous.

Lin Hai looked at the post bar, the so-called “exclusive news” which was pure and exaggerated. It was so depressing that Wang Pengna would die one hundred times.

Ding Dong!

Liu Xinyue’s message.

“You, do you like wearing a belly bag?”


It’s passed too fast.

“Xinyue, if I say that belly pocket, it’s a gift I want to give you. Do you believe it?”

After a while, the message of Liu Xinyue came.

“How annoying. How do you know that people like to wear a belly bag?”


Lin Haiyan almost protruded!

Liu Xin Yue likes to wear a belly bag? And that?

“There’s a connection between your heart and your family.” Lin Haihu talked nonsense.

“I wear my belly pocket every day when I sleep, and I think it’s pajamas.”

I rubbed it. It’s a real slap in the face.

“Send it to you in the evening, and then show it to me.” there is a drooling expression behind Lin Hai.

“No!” Liu Xinyue made a shy expression.

While we were talking, the phone rang.

“Huh?” Lin Hai looks obvious, barbaric girl!

It’s Liu Xinqing.

What is this little girl looking for for me?

The phone answered and Liu Xinqing’s voice seemed to be in a hurry.

“Come to the gate of No. 1 Middle School. Hurry up.” After that, the phone hung up.

Come on, it’s okay.

Lin Hai went downstairs and got into the car and ran to No. 1 Middle School.

It is not far from the middle of Jiangnan, and it will be there in five minutes.

Just got off, Lin Hai saw Liu Xiang Qing surrounded by a group of girls with colorful hair.

The first girl, with red hair and cigarette in her mouth, was constantly pushing Liu Xinqing with her hands.

I wipe, what situation!

Lin Hai got out of the car and rushed over.

“What are you doing?” Lin Hai pulled Liu Xinqing behind him.

“I wipe, who are you, Liu Xinqing, this boy can’t be your wild man.” The red-haired woman vomited her smoke at Lin Hai with great arrogance.

I wipe, Lin Hai can’t believe it!

I seem to have left high school for a few years. How come all the girls in high school are so crazy now?

“Red Boss, don’t talk nonsense. This is my brother-in-law!” Liu Xinqing said behind Lin Hai.

Laying in the trough, the little girl finally changed her name to brother-in-law.

Don’t call it a gangster!

Mad, this brother-in-law, this brother carried for you!

“Say, look for Xiao Qing, what is it?” Lin Hai made a dalliance and gave himself a cigarette.

Do your high school kids do not aspire to social eldest brother? The brother will show you a look.

Just, Lin Hai did not know that, like this, there was a big brother’s demeanour, and he was simply a image of a street ruffian.

“Made, Liu Xinqing, this little” Sao Huo “dares to rob the man with the old woman. She must shave her face today!”


Lin Haiyan almost fell out!

God, how crazy he is!

This little girl has learned to rob men with others. How old is she this year?

Linhai suddenly felt that a gap had been between himself and the senior high school students.

Alas, Lin Hai sighed secretly, old ah!

“Don’t listen to his nonsense, brother-in-law!” Liu Xinqing quickly defended.

“Liu Zhiqiang just came over and asked me a question today. After class, she said we were, we were…”

“Yes, I know!” Lin Hai understood immediately.

Just understand, what to do, Lin Hai has a headache.

If this is a group of boys, what they say is easy to do. It’s no big deal to beat them up and leave with Liu Xinqing.

But what a bunch of mischievous women surrounded him and Liu Xinqing!

How can this be done? There is no way to start.

Just then, a girl with a cigarette in her mouth pushed a slightly skinny boy into the ring.

“Big Red, I brought Liu Zhiqiang here.”

Lin Hai listened and looked at the past quickly, hoping to see the sacred place of the young lady in front of him who was jealous of the big sister.

I’m going. This beard looks very rough.

It’s just that if the beard grows on a fierce man, it can add a little bit of manliness.

But he grew up in such a thin and dry little baby of Liu Zhiqiang.

Lin Hai suddenly felt that this red boss’s eye was really unusual.

At this time, Liu Zhiqiang spoke.

“Big Red, please forgive me. I really want to ask Liu Xinqing a question.”

Puff! Ha ha ha ha…

It’s good not to speak up. Liu Zhiqiang’s words made Lin Hai laugh directly.

Your sister, he is also a sissy. Can you afford your big beard?

“Grass! Dare to laugh at my strong family, sisters, give me a beating him!

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