My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 62, The Upper Limit of Heaven’s Friends

By | October 8, 2019

Lin Hai got up and checked the trading group in the next heaven to see if the old lad of Laojun Taishang came back.

Soon, Lin Hai was disappointed.

Tai Shang Lao Jun is still absent. Similarly, there is still no red envelope.

There seems to be some disagreement among the group.

Erlang God: I don’t know how long it will take for Laojun to leave, and nobody will give out red envelopes.

Seven fairies: Yeah, I don’t know when I’ll be back. People miss him.

Dragon King of the East China Sea: I wipe, there is adultery! @ Dong Yong, come out quickly. Your daughter-in-law ran away with someone.

Seven fairy: don’t talk nonsense. Yong brother has a big temper and runs to your dragon palace.

Nazha: Who wants to make the Dragon Palace? Count me in!

Dragon King of the East China Sea: @Nazha, don’t mention the Dragon palace, baby!

Nazha: @Dragon King of the East China Sea, the old thing, is it right to look for death? Believe it or not, pick your dragon skin!

Dragon King of the East China Sea: @Nazha, afraid of you, come! You can’t die!

Nazha: @Dragon King of the East China Sea, all right, you wait for me.

I wipe, Lin Hai look, this is lively.

Dragon King and Nezha of the East China Sea, this is to be torn.

This group of people seems to have been used to it for a long time, and nothing happened.

Not for a while.

Nazha: Millennium Dragon Scales, Dragon Meat, Dragon Blood, Dragon Tendons, Dragon Seal Corner are sold, slaughtered on site to ensure freshness, with a price tag (behind is a bloody picture of the Dragon)

When Lin Hai looks at it, I wipe it. It’s so fierce.

It’s a little hard work to get a dragon.

Dragon King of the East China Sea: @King of Tota Heaven, no matter your baby! (An angry expression on the back)

King of Tota: @Nazha, let’s not take it as an example!


Lin Hai almost laughed. Isn’t the King of Tota at odds with him? When also learned to protect calves.

In the heavens, King Tota was holding a baked dragon claw, gnawing while nodding.

“It’s delicious. It’s delicious.”

Dragon King of the East China Sea hasn’t spoken for half a day. It’s estimated that he’s off the line of Qi.

Taibai Jinxing: No one gives red envelopes. It’s not a problem either.

Raytheon: Why don’t you make a choke?

Taibai Jinxing: I’m poor and jingling. I have to find a big family to send red envelopes, such as @ God of Wealth.

Erlang God: That is, @ God of Wealth, come out and send a red envelope.

Chang’e: agree, @ God of wealth, send a chant, handsome guy.

Mother: @God of Wealth, sit and wait for the red envelope.

For a time, the group was asked to the God of wealth red envelope information brush screen.

Lin Hai looked, a burst of laughter, which time the God of wealth sent a red envelope did not please, and then came out to send it strange.

Sure enough, for a long time, the God of wealth did not respond.

The tone of voice in the group began to change.

Mortuary Star: The miser of God of Wealth, you still expect him to give red envelopes on his own initiative?

Night travel god: Yes, the God of wealth is an iron cock. Don’t think about it, let’s go.

Chang’e: The God of wealth is one of the smallest spirits I have ever seen.

Pig Bajie: Yes, the God of wealth is a real cheapskate.

Magic Sea: @God of Wealth, Miser+1

Raytheon: @God of Wealth, Miser+2

Barefoot fairy: @God of Wealth, stingy + 3

Matchmaker: @ God of fortune, stingy +4

Lin Hai looked at it and got his formation.

Group news: the spirit of wealth is depressed, vomiting blood and injuries, and the line of conduct is reduced by 10 years!


What? Lin Hai laughed directly.

Haha, the original God of wealth has been online ah, not only online, but also he is watching these teasing chat.

Lin Hai is also drunk when he thinks about it, so he is not unlucky to rush it. He can also see blood vomiting when he sees people chatting, and nobody really wants to think about it.

Raytheon: I went. The God of wealth was there. He didn’t come out to give red envelopes. He was a stingy man indeed.

Nezha: @God of Wealth, Miser+1

Nine-day Xuannu: @God of Wealth, Miser+2

“Ha ha ha ha ha!” Lin Hai looks crazy.

Will this mamma be able to carry a kitchen knife and go home to look for it?

Fortunately, there is no news of the God of wealth vomiting blood again, it is estimated that the direct downline of Qi.

Ding Dong!

Some people add their friends.

Lin Hai opens the address book.

I wipe, what!

Pass, nothing to say!

The three princes of Zha Zha are also a favorite figure of Lin Hai.

Tip: your buddy has reached the upper limit.

I wipe, what a ghost!

After giving Nazar a pass, a message came out inexplicably.

Lin Hai is stunned. Is not 3000 friends the upper limit?

I didn’t have 300 of them. How did they get to the ceiling?

Open the address book and look at it.

Uh huh? Linhai suddenly discovered that his address book did not know when to add a group, and the name of the group was called “heaven.”

Open a look, there are 10 friends: Jade Rabbit, Golden Flower Boy, Monkey King, Dragon King of the East China Sea, Magic Liqing, Tieguai Li, God of Wealth, Zhang Tianshi, Taishanglaojun, Nazha.

Hey, when did you add Tai Lao Lao Jun? Lin Hai was not impressed at all.

Made, try another friend.

Lin Hai casually found a nearby person and sent a message.

Not for a while.

My sister passed your friend’s request lonely, now you can chat.

Isn’t that okay?

Wipe, will not be a good friend of heaven to reach the upper limit.

Lin Hai also tried to send a friend’s application to Chao Chang’e.

Tip: your WeChat friend has reached the upper limit and cannot be added.


Lin Hai scolded, Made, in this way, it is impossible to add other gods as friends in the future.

No, it seems that they can add 10 immortal friends altogether, and these 10 places are invaluable.

Don’t waste!

Lin Hai opened the heaven group and thought about it.

Delete the Dragon King of the East China Sea. I haven’t even talked about a word except trading.

Lin Haidian deleted!

Tip: This group of friends can not be deleted!

Days your uncle! This is not stupid.

Depressed, the message of Nazha came.

Nazha: Taoist friend, do you want dragon scales?

Dragon scale armor? What’s that?

Hastily sent a message, like Nezha inquiry.

Nazha: I didn’t slaughter a dragon just now. When all the others were sold out, there was a dragon scale left. I dressed it with dragon tendons and made it look like clothes. It could be used as armor on my body, and no one could be hurt under the divine soldiers.

I wipe it so hard!

Little silly fairy: how much is the price?

Nazha: 10000 merit points.

I wipe, Lin Hai scolded, really he is so expensive, a total of 10,100 merit points.

Little silly fairy: it’s a little expensive.

Nazha: It’s not expensive at all. I’ll tell you, my father just chewed the dragon’s claws and beat me up, so I can’t slaughter the Dragon any more. So, this dragon scaled armor may be out of print.

I’m going. Really false?

Lin Hai felt a little heartbeat.

Made, that’s the Dragon scales. In case this little man doesn’t really slaughter the dragon after that, where do he want to buy it?

Wipe, buy it, anyway, merit point oneself know how to come, no matter how big it is, go out and do more good things.

Little silly fairy: OK, I’ll take it.

Where do you transfer 10000 merit points?

Nazha: Well, I got it. I’ll send it to you right away.

Nezha sent you a dragon scales.

Haha, Lin Hai was very happy. Made, who has ever seen a dragon in the whole world?


But brother is different. His brother wears dragon’s Kaya.

Think about it, Lin Haidu was thrilled.

Open the WeChat bag.



Lin Hai looked at the Rushzi dragon scales in front of him and burst into a rage!

Your sister’s Na Zha, Laozi wants to return!!!

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