My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 196, This foot is also yours

By | March 12, 2020

“What is it, good or bad?”

“Do you want to give us gifts?”

“Why is your supermarket sealed? It’s not doing anything immoral, is it?”

The crowd asked curiously.

“Let’s be quiet and hear me out.” Yuan Yingyu hurriedly stops the speaking crowd.

“The old man.” Yuan Yingyu points to Lin Wen, who immediately holds his head up and stands straight, his face brightening.

“This old man bought things in our supermarket yesterday. Our security guard mistakenly thought that the old man stole things and wronged the old man because of his work mistakes. I am very sorry for this, as the boss of the supermarket. So today, I am here to apologize to the old man.”

Yuan Yingyu said, turning around and bowing deeply to Lin Wen.

“I’m sorry to have wronged you, old man.” When Yuan Yingyu said this, he was very sad. NIMA, I feel more aggrieved than you.

“Well, in the future, take good care of your security and destroy people’s reputation. Isn’t that harmful?” Lin Wen finally showed a happy smile on his face, reprimanded righteous words.

“Yes, I remember. I will pay attention to it later.” Yuan Yingyu did not dare to retort, but nodded with a smile.

“Hello, boss, will you stop us for this?” At this time, the crowd shouted again.

“Yes, that’s it. Thank you.” Yuan Yingyu bows his hand to the crowd.

“Well, ill.”

“Boring, why else.”

“That’s what a waste of my time.”

The crowd began to feel bored and complain.

Yuan Yingyu’s words are listening to me, I think so.

It’s really boring enough for him, but I dare not to do otherwise. If I don’t make the old man happy, he will go bankrupt.

“Old man, are you satisfied?” Yuan yingyu ran to Lin Wen again and said with a waist.

“Well, I’ll make do with it.” Lin Wen’s lips turned and he smiled with satisfaction.

“That’s good, that’s good. As long as the old man is happy, I won’t feel so guilty. Then…”



Before Yuan Yingyu finished speaking, Lin Hai suddenly raised his foot and kicked him in the stomach.

Yuan Yingyu pours, falls to his back, covers his stomach and grins. He can’t stand up for a long time.

“This foot, too, is yours.” Lin Hai said coldly.

“Yes, yesterday was all my fault. I shouldn’t be rude to the old man.” Yuan Yingyu’s painful cold sweat has all flowed down. Lin Hai’s foot is so heavy.

“Dad, let’s go.” See here’s matter already, father’s face also restored happy smile, Lin Hai’s heart also finally put down.

“OK, let’s go home.” Lin Wen is about to get on the bus.

“Back, home?” Yuan yingyu sits on the ground and is suddenly confused.

Nima, your business is over, but what am I going to do?

“Old man, wait a minute, wait a minute.” Yuan Yingyu hurriedly covers his stomach and stands up to stop Lin Wen.

“What else?” Lin Wen is disgusted with this Yuan Yingyulanguage.

“Well, old man, I apologize to you and restore your reputation. What about my supermarket…” Yuan yingyu asked pleasantly.

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“About the supermarket? What about the supermarket? ” Yuan yingyu’s words blinded Lin Wen.

“You’re paralyzed. What’s your outfit?” Yuan yingyu’s heart is full of dark scolding.

“Old man, you see, I’m still counting on this supermarket to support my family. If it’s closed like this all the time…”

“What do I have to do with whether you support your family or not? I didn’t seal your supermarket! ” Lin Wen is strange.

“Er…” Yuan yingyu’s heart is full of curses. NIMA is not sealed by you, but he is sealed by you.

“Old man, I really know it’s wrong. You can let me go. I’ll never dare again.” Yuan yingyu then knelt down and cried.

“Come on, get up. Remember, don’t be a liar in the future.” Lin Hai is on one side and suddenly says.

“Here…” Yuan yingyu kneels and doesn’t dare to move. The young man in front of him is the son of the old guy. Who knows if he can speak well.

Seeing Yuan yingyu’s words, Lin Hai shook his head and took out the phone.

“Brother Hou, that’s over. Give him the seal.”

“Dad, let’s go.” Hang up. Lin Hai gets on the bus.

“Ah, old man, my shop…” Yuan yingyu is worried again.

“Don’t worry, it will be unsealed today.” Lin hai left a word, a step on the accelerator, the car disappeared.

“True or false?” Yuan yingyu’s words suddenly froze.

“Xiaohai, didn’t you listen to Director Wang? This broken supermarket is only for rural people. It’s just sealed. Why did you find someone to help him unseal it?” In the car, Lin Wen looks unhappy.

“Dad, do you think I’d like to let him go like this?” Lin Hai smiled.

“Then you just…” Lin Wen is stunned. He doesn’t know what Lin Hai means.

“Director Wang helped you before. Let’s leave the credit to him.”

“For him? How can I leave it to him? ” Lin Wen said in surprise.

“Leave this alone.” Lin Hai shook his head.

“Well, it’s mysterious.” Lin Wen snorted and turned his head.

Somewhere, in a spacious villa, a pair of mysterious men and women embrace each other on the bed.

“Ah Feng, tomorrow is the green song competition. Are you really going to take part in it?” A man with a dignified face asked the woman beside him.

“Brother Yong, I have been learning arts for many years. Before I can get ahead, I will wander in the Jianghu with you. Although I have no regrets, I don’t want to be so unknown. I want people to worship me crazily, kneel and lick me. I like the feeling of being in the limelight.” There is a craziness in the woman’s eyes.

“But aren’t you afraid to be exposed?” Men are still worried.

“Exposure? Ha ha ha… ” There was a wild laugh from the woman.

“Brother Yong, you’re too careful. Even if they want to break their heads, they can’t think that we have found a way to the mortal world and escaped to the mortal world.” There is a trace of disdain on the corner of a woman’s mouth.

“That said, in case…”

“Well, brother Yong, don’t worry about me. You’d better focus on seizing the power and wealth of the mortals. The Hu family used our great strength, but failed inexplicably. The Zhao family’s affairs are even more absurd. Just after Zhao Kun’s fool controlled Hou xianpin, he failed again before he could do anything to the whole Zhao family and Townsend. We don’t have so many opportunities It will be wasted. ” There was a trace of violence in the woman’s eyes.

“Hum!” When it comes to this, a manly clap of the bed board, “it’s all that bastard named Lin Hai. I’ll spare him sooner or later!”

“Now, brother Yong, don’t complain. This time, we must be safe. Once we fail, it will be difficult to find another chance.”

“You can rest assured that this planning is very strict, and I will never make a mistake.” The corner of the man’s eye, with a trace of ferocious smile.

“Not only to get the wealth of the Ye family and the Zhao family, but I also want Lin Hai, ten thousand broken bodies!”

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