My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 195, Compensation for my mental loss

By | March 11, 2020

Before dawn in the morning, a car was parked in front of Lin hai’s villa complex.

Yuan Yingyu is sitting in the car. Although there is not even one in and out of the villa now, the small eyes are still staring at him for fear of missing something.

“Boss, Secretary Hou said to wait here, and didn’t say who to wait for. How do we know which one is the one we are looking for?” The driver asked carefully.

“How do I know? But is there any other way?” Yuan Yingyu complains. At present, I can only wait here. Maybe I can remember when I see someone.

“Dad, it’s the weekend. Let me take a walk with you.” After breakfast, Lin Hai saw that Lin Wen was unhappy. He was still depressed about the loss of face yesterday, so he hurried to say.

“Well, well.” Lin Wen just wanted to go out to have a breath. The father and son left the villa, chatting and leaving the villa.

“Boss, someone’s coming out again!” The driver rushed to remind.

Yuan Yingyu is desperate. Many people have gone out in the morning. Every time someone comes out, he tries to recognize them with a spirit of 12 points. But the result is the same every time. That’s the person who comes out. He hasn’t seen him at all. He has no impression at all.

See the driver remind, Yuan Yingyu listless look up, look to the door.

“Huh?” Yuan yingyu saw Lin Wen, and suddenly she was shocked. “Isn’t this the old man from the countryside who was taken away by Wang Meng before? How could he have come out of the villas?”

“Grass!” At the next moment, Yuan Yingyu suddenly reacts.

“Paralyzed, it’s actually him. No wonder Wang Meng is willing to offend brigade Liu for an old man from the countryside. It turns out that he is the old man who pretends to be a pig and eats a tiger!”

To understand, Yuan Yingyu pushes the car and rushes over.

Lin Wenzheng and Lin Hai are talking and laughing. When they see a man rushing towards them, they are shocked.

After seeing the mask of the man, Lin Wen’s eyes glared up.

“Well, I was wronged and kicked yesterday. It’s not over today, is it? This is blocking the door! ” Lin Wen’s lungs are about to explode.

Just about to rush to fight with Yuan Yingyu, who wants to poop? Yuan Yingyu kneels in front of him.

“Er…” Lin Wen is stunned. What kind of trouble is it?

Yuan Yingyu doesn’t speak either. He gives himself several mouths first.

“Old man, I’m not a man. I’m a bastard. I’m here to apologize to you.” Yuan Yingyu is really bloody this time, both faces are swollen by his own.

“Apologize to me?” Lin Wen is confused. The boss, he didn’t look like such a good talker yesterday?

“Old man, it was my fault yesterday. I was confused for a while and made you angry. I will never dare to do it again. Please forgive me once, please.” Yuan Yingyu said, thinking of the uneasiness from yesterday to now, suddenly a grievance surged up in his heart, and tears flowed down.

“Hum!” It’s OK not to mention yesterday. When yuan yingyu mentioned it, Lin Wen directly shook his head.

In Lin Wen’s heart, however, there are more grievances than him.

Seeing Lin Wen’s appearance, Yuan Yingyu panicked and hurriedly knelt down to climb for two steps, holding Lin Wen’s thigh.

“Old man, old man, please forgive me this time. As long as you forgive me, let me do anything.” Yuan Yingyu pleads with tears and snivels.

“Really let you do anything?” Lin Wen suddenly turned his head and asked in doubt.

“True, more true than pearls!” Yuan yingyu sees a play, he is happy and nods his head in a hurry.

“Well, it’s OK to kick me, but you’ve framed me as a thief. It’s not over. You have to make up for my mental loss.” Lin Wenqi said.

“Good, no problem, how much do you say.” Yuan Ying said with a smile.

“Well, I don’t want money. I want you to restore my reputation before others.” Lin Wen said with a horizontal neck.

“How, how to recover?” Yuan Ying’s words are stupefied by Lin Wen.

“Well, come to your supermarket and tell me things in public.”

When it comes to her supermarket, Yuan Yingyu suddenly feels sad. NIMA, a good supermarket is just because you are an old thing. He’s closed.

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“Yes, no problem. We can go now.” Yuan Yingyu’s heart is full of resentment, but he dare not show it on her face. He quickly says.

“Go, Xiaohai, you will accompany me.”

“Okay, Dad.” Lin Hai nodded.

Yuan Yingyu sees this and rushes to his car to open the door.

“Take my car, old man.” Yuan Yingyu stood at the door of the car and nodded.

“Hum, my son has his own car. It’s much better than yours. Xiaohai, go and drive your car out.” Lin Wen turns Yuan Yingyu’s head in disdain.

Lin Hai just smiled. My father is such a character. He likes to show off with everyone.

“OK, Dad, wait for me here.”

After a while, Lin Hai drove out the Porsche Cayenne.

“Well, isn’t it much better than yours?” Lin Wen disdains to take a look at the Audi A6 in Yuanying language and proudly opens the car door of the co driver of cayenne and sits on it.

“Yes, it’s much better.” Yuan Ying said with a smile on his face.

“Go ahead and lead the way.” Lin Hai also got on the car and said to Yuan Yingyu.

“Good. I’ll lead the way.” Yuan Yingyu also hurried to his car, and then told the driver to drive.

Two cars one before and one after, less than half an hour, arrived at the gate of SHUNFA supermarket.

As soon as Lin Wen got out of the car, he was stunned.

“Your supermarket is closed? Ha ha, good seal! “Lin Wen’s heart was full of happiness.

“Good girl!” Yuan Yingyu felt depressed for a while. “Isn’t that him? Did you find someone to do it? What kind of outfit! “

“What are you going to do next, old man?” Yuan Yingyu now only wants to satisfy Lin Wen as much as possible, so that his three industries may reopen.

Otherwise, half of his life’s basic business will be finished.

“What to do, of course the convener, and then restore my reputation.” Lin Wen’s nose was horizontal and he said angrily.

“Well, I’ll do it right away.” Yuan Yingyu nodded and bowed and smiled.

Then, straighten up, Yuan Yingyu found the center of the supermarket.

“Everyone passing by, take a little time!” Yuan Yingyu clapped his hands and shouted at the passers-by.

Supermarket gate is downtown, the floating population is still relatively large, Yuan Yingyu so called, immediately there is a good lively stop.

Soon, dozens of people gathered at the door.

Yuan Yingyu is almost there. He trots to Lin Wen.

“Old man, do you think the number is almost enough?” Yuan Ying said with a smile on her face.

“Well, it’s OK. Let’s start.” Lin Wen snorted and said.

“Yes, yes.” Yuan Ying promised, turning to face the crowd.

“I’m the boss of SHUNFA supermarket. I’m calling for one thing!”

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