My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 187, Butterfly birthmark

By | February 26, 2020

Looking at the picture sent by Chang’e, Lin Hai is totally stupid.

In the photo, Chang’e’s graceful body is back to the forest sea, and the light blue yarn slips slightly, revealing a white and tender shoulder back. Looking back and smiling, she has bright eyes and bright teeth, charming and charming.

However, these are not the key points. To Lin Hai’s great surprise, Chang’e’s beautiful face is not familiar anymore.

This is Liu Xinyue in his ancient costume!

“Auntie, stop!” Cried Lin Hai.

“Why, don’t you eat all the carrots again?” Liu Xinqing stops the car at the side of the road.

“Who do you think this picture is?” Lin Hai ignored her, but directly saved the picture of Chang’e and took it to Liu Xinqing. He said in shock.

Liu Xinqing looked at the photos and looked at Lin Hai in surprise. She stretched out her little hand and shook it in front of Lin Hai.

“Are you stupid? This is my sister. “

Lin Hai’s heart thumped.

“Is it really your sister? Are you sure? ” Lin Hai’s voice was shaking.

Liu Xinqing looks at Lin Hai with a strange expression. She can’t help but look at it carefully.

“That’s right. It’s my sister. Look at this butterfly on your back. It’s my sister’s birthmark.”

Lin Hai’s head is buzzing.

After that, Liu Xinqing said nothing more. Lin Hai couldn’t hear him.

In his mind, there is only one voice: Xin Yue is Chang’e, Chang’e is Xin Yue!

What’s the matter with him?

Suddenly, Lin Hai thought of the plum blossom mark on mengxu’s ass, and how he saw the butterfly birthmark on Chang’e’s shoulder.

An idea came out!

Xinyue, is Chang’e reincarnated?

No, it’s impossible!

Chang’e is still in Heaven. How can she be reincarnated to the world?

Is it just the comparison between Xinyue and Chang’e? After all, there is no blood relationship in the world, but the same person is also there.

But even if they look like each other, they can’t even have the same birthmark on their back, right?

Lin Hai’s brain is in a mess, but subconsciously, he still thinks there must be something between Liu Xinyue and Chang’e.

“Hello, are you ok?” Liu Xinqing see forest sea vision is sluggish, with silly same, even the car stopped without a reaction, not from some worry said.

“Ah? It’s okay. ” Lin Hai shook his head, and his face gradually returned to normal.

Cao, if you can’t figure it out, you just need to know that Xinyue is your girlfriend. What else is it? What’s the matter with him?

“Go upstairs yourself. I’ll find your sister.” Lin Hai got in the car and ran to the school.

“Xinyue, come out.” Lin Hai calls out Liu Xinyue and sits in the car.

Mark, do you want to test it?

Although Lin Hai has figured it out, he doesn’t know how. He always seems to have a knot in his heart.

“What’s the matter with you? The expression is strange. ” Liu Xinyue frowns slightly and looks at Lin Hai.

“That, Xinyue, can you take off your coat?” At last, Lin Hai didn’t win his heart knot.

Liu Xinyue’s face turned red.

“I hate it. It’s in the car. If you really want to Let’s go find a room outside… ” Liu Xinyue bowed her head in shame.


Lin Hai’s heart pounded, NIMA, the girl misunderstood.

But the misunderstanding is good. My brother is so excited. WOW!

“Okay. Let’s go now.” Mad, it’s not right. Lin Hai can’t be excited.

“Um.” Liu Xinyue dare not lift her head.

Lin Hai’s heart is so beautiful, grass. I didn’t expect that my brother would say goodbye to his virgin today.

Yes! Lin Hai trembled involuntarily.

Start the car in a hurry, just about to start.

“Wait a minute.” Liu Xinyue suddenly stops Lin Hai.

“What’s the matter, my Xinyue little baby?” Lin Hai said with little peach blossom in his eyes.

“I, I was so nervous that I forgot one thing?” Liu Xinyue said in a low voice, blushing.

“What’s up?” Lin Hai is stunned.

“I, what happened to me yesterday?” Liu Xinyue’s voice is like a mosquito’s hum.

“What’s up? What’s up?” Lin Hai hasn’t responded yet.

“I hate it. Is that it?” Liu Xinyue pouts angrily.

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“Where are you coming from? You should make it clear!” Lin Hai looks confused.

“Oh, that’s the girl who comes every month!” Liu Xinqing was so angry that she said it directly.


Lin Hai almost fell off the car.

Nima, daddy, why are you here.

Lin Hai almost spits blood.

“Forget it, take it off here.” Said Lin Hai with a dejected head.

“Ah? I said that. I’m here. ” Liu Xinqing is a little reluctant.

“I want to see your back. Listen to my sister-in-law. You have a butterfly birthmark on your back?”

“Spit, this dead girl, how can you say everything out?” Liu Xinqing spat and blushed.

“Is it really looking at birthmarks?”

“Really.” Lin Hai nodded.

“Well, then.” Liu Xinyue lowered her head and gently unbuttoned her coat.

With the unbuttoning of the clothes buttons, a large area of ​​snow gradually emerged from the inside. The black lace cover could not cover the great shore of Liu Xinyue’s chest. Most of the hemispheres were outside, ready to come out.

Lin Hai’s eyes were straight after swallowing several mouthfuls of saliva.

When Liu Xinqing heard the voice, she was so ashamed that she glared at Lin Hai and turned her body quickly.


Lin Hai’s eyes were fixed on Liu Xinyue’s back under his shoulder. A reddish butterfly birthmark with clear and lifelike lines was no different from the picture Chang’e sent to him, no matter where or how it was!

“This …” Lin Hai’s eyes widened.

“All right?” Liu Xinyue’s body is exposed and she feels very uncomfortable. She hurriedly urges Lin Hai.

Lin Hai didn’t speak, but pulled Liu Xinyue over.

“Ah.” Liu Xinyue exclaimed, but before he could react, Lin Hai’s big hand fell on him.

“My Xinyue baby, although you’re here, it doesn’t matter. My brother will take some interest first, hehehehehehe…”

“I hate it.” Liu Xinqing soon blushed.

“I haven’t been a big brother for many years…” At this time, Lin Hai’s phone rang suddenly.

Liu Xinyue is surprised. She pushes Lin Hai away and arranges her messy clothes in a hurry.

“Grass, who is it? He really hates it!” Lin Hai scolded.

Lin Hai picked up the phone and saw that it was a strange phone. He was even more angry.

Isn’t he bad for himself?

No answer!

Lin Hai Hung up the phone directly.

After a while, the phone called again. It was the same number as before.

Lin Hai is very persistent, NIMA.

“Who are you?” Lin Haiqi said.

“Yes, is it Lin Shao? I’m Wang Meng. ” There listened to the tone of Lin Hai, obviously a Leng, some uneasy said.

“Wang Meng?” Lin Hai is stunned. Cao, it’s such a bastard. Look at the timing of the phone call.

“What’s up?” Lin Hai is not happy.

“There’s a man named Lin Wen, isn’t he your father?”

Lin Hai was shocked!

“What’s wrong with my dad!”

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