My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 177, The worst swear words

By | February 14, 2020

When Lin Hai went out of the door, he remembered that he had come by Ye Ziming’s car.

“Grass, I can only walk back.”

While wandering, Lin Hai takes out his mobile phone and opens the Tianting trading group.

Recently, it seems that there are always busy things. Lin Hai hasn’t seen these funny immortal water groups for a long time.

Just opened, lying trough, thousands of messages!

Lin Hai just wanted to turn it over. Suddenly someone spoke.

Yuelao: is anyone there?

Yuelao: I’m squeaking.

After waiting for a long time, no one spoke.

Yuelao: God of Wealth gives a red envelope!

Barefoot immortal: where is the red bag?

Ye Youshen : Did you send it? I didn’t see it?

Leishen: where is the red bag? Where is the red envelope?

Chang’e: Brother God of Wealth, people really want a red envelope..

All these teases came out one by one.

Yuelao: OK, you are all diving. When you ask who is there, you don’t speak. It’s too unfair.

The crowd is quiet again.

Yuelao: let me ask you something?

After waiting for a long time, no one responded.

Yuelao: Hello, how about people?

Five minutes passed.

Yuelao: you are so hateful (an angry expression behind you)

Still no one paid attention to him.

Yuelao: ah ah ah! I’m so angry. do you want a red envelope? it is good? Good!

Ding Dong!

A big red bag appears on the screen.

“I wipe, red bag!” Lin Hai hasn’t had time.


The sound of gold coins in the bag.

Grab the red envelope and hang it outside.

Before Lin Hai could see what was robbed, the crowd was busy.

Leishen: @ Yuelao, grass, send a red envelope, it’s too immoral, even stingier than the God of wealth!

Erlang God: @ Yuelao, that is, re-issue, don’t let me despise you, put you and the God of wealth on the same level.

Chang’e: @ Yuelao, I hate it. I’m as stingy as the God of wealth.

Mo Liqing: @ Yuelao, really speechless, the second God of wealth.

Pig Bajie: @ Yuelao, look down on you, stingy and the God of wealth!

Nezha: @ Yuelao, stingy and the God of wealth + 1

Red boy: @ Yuelao, stingy as the God of wealth + 2

Dragon King of the East Sea: @ Yuelao, stingy and God of wealth + 3

Spirit God: @ Yuelao, stingy and wealth God + 4

Lin Hai looks at the formation and arranges again. He immediately wants to laugh.

Nima, these goods, why do you like to take the God of wealth when you have something? Isn’t he lying on the gun?

I don’t know if the God of wealth is looking at the group. If I see it, I guess I have to spit blood again.

God of wealth: it’s none of my business to pay red envelopes! Shut up, shut up for all of you (behind a row of crazy expressions)


Lin Hai was amused.

Nima, it’s true, but this time it’s OK. I didn’t spit blood. It seems that there’s progress.

Yuelao: @ all members, can you be more civilized? No swearing! It’s the worst swearing I’ve heard in my life to say that I’m stingy like the God of wealth!

Group tips: the spirit of wealth and depression attack the heart, spit blood and get hurt, and the practice of Taoism is reduced by ten years.


“Hahahaha…” Lin Hai immediately laughed.

Nima, the God of wealth has not escaped from this disaster. Yuelao said that he has no killing power.

God of wealth: @ Yuelao, I will be your uncle! (a large row of angry expressions behind)

Monkey King: @ Erlang, my son, you are as mean as the God of wealth.

Erlang God: @ Monkey King, I wipe and kill monkey. You are so vicious. You scold me with the worst swearing. I want to fight with you!

Pig Bajie: @ Chang’e, sister, yesterday’s change of the little neinei, send me the old pig, otherwise my old pig can scold you as stingy and the God of wealth. (a bad smile on the back)

Chang’e: @ pig Bajie, you are forcing me, you are cruel!!! (behind is a tearful expression)

Red boy: @ Nezha, lend me the second volume of “the pirate king” for two days. If you don’t lend it to me, you will say that you are stingy like the God of wealth.

Nezha: @ Red boy, don’t do it. It’s too bad. I’ll give it to you after class.

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Lin Hai once looked, I wipe, this stingy and the God of wealth is the same, NIMA has become the network catchword directly.

Group tips: the spirit of wealth and depression attack the heart, spit blood and get hurt, and the practice of Taoism is reduced by ten years.

“Grass, another bite.” Lin Hai laughs.

God of wealth: @ all members, no more mean and God of wealth, who said I and who urgent!!! (a large row of angry expressions hit the ground at the back)

Yuelao: @ God of wealth. As for that, I didn’t say anything. It’s a cheapskate.

Chang’e: Yes, what’s the hurry? @ God of wealth, cheapskate + 1

Pig Bajie: sister Chang’e is right, @ God of wealth, cheapskate + 2

Leishen: you are not the first day to know that the God of wealth is stingy, @ God of wealth, stingy + 3

Antarctic fairy: I always feel that the God of wealth is even stingier now than before, @ the God of wealth, the cheapskate + 4

“If it’s going to be bad, if it’s going to be bad, the NIMA formation will rise again. If it’s going to be bad, the God of wealth will have to vomit.” Lin Hai began to worry about the God of wealth.

Group tips: the spirit of wealth and depression attack the heart, spit blood and get hurt, and the practice of Taoism is reduced by ten years.


Nima, what did I say, and he vomited again.

Lin Hai’s stomach ached with laughter.

“Ouch.” Looking at the mobile phone, Lin Hai accidentally bumped into a man.

“Sorry, right…” Lin Hai apologized in a hurry, but after saying half of it, he stopped.

“You?” Lin Hai frowns.

“Lin Hai?” Wang Ting was stunned, then her eyes suddenly became extremely urgent.

“Lin Hai, let’s make up.” Wang Ting grabs Lin Hai’s arm.

Lin Hai’s heart suddenly hurt, and the old scar was uncovered.

“Sorry, I already have a girlfriend.” Lin Hai shook his head, ready to push Wang Ting’s hand away.

“Lin Hai, I’m wrong. I know I’m wrong. Forgive me. Give me another chance. I know you love me. You must have me in your heart. I beg you. Let’s make up.” Wang Ting clings to Lin Hai and yells like crazy.

Such a quarrel between the two caused a lot of people to watch.

“No way, you let me go.” Lin Hai said indifferently.

“If I don’t, I won’t. If you don’t agree with me, I will hold you all the time.” Wang Ting suddenly shed tears, but held Lin Hai tighter.

“Hello, young man, how infatuated the girl is with you. It’s almost enough.”

“Yes, what’s the trouble for the little couple? They quarreled at the head of the bed and quarreled at the end of the bed.”

“Yeah, man, forgive your girlfriend. She cried when she didn’t see her.”

The crowd around didn’t know the situation. Seeing Wang Ting’s pathetic, they all began to persuade Lin Hai.

“A good man won’t let his beloved woman get a little hurt…” A friend is more exaggerating and sings directly.

Lin Hai turns white eyes and grass. He doesn’t know what’s going on. What’s going on?

“I’m sorry, we can’t. You can’t pester me again.” Lin Hai is cruel and pushes Wang tingmeng away.

“Lin Hai…” Wang Ting suddenly burst into tears.

Looking at the back of Lin Hai, Wang Ting was a bit sluggish, and filled with great regret, which made Wang Ting hate to smoke her own two mouths.

“I can get him back to you.” Suddenly, a voice rings behind Wang Ting.

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