My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 176, Kill your mother

By | February 12, 2020

Hearing the sound, Ye Feng and ye Ziyu rushed out.

“Mr. Lin, it was all dogs before. I didn’t listen to you.” Ye Feng said with a guilty face.

“Well, stop talking about it, and have a look at the patient.” Lin Hai waved.

“Ah, Mr. Lin, please.” Ye Feng hurried to lead the way ahead.

“Why?” Lin Hai just walked two steps, suddenly stopped and looked at Ye Feng in surprise.

“Your problem has been solved?”

When Ye Feng heard this, he was shocked.

The operation that he did in the daytime, Lin Hai can see it at a glance.

However, Ye Feng’s awe of Lin Hai deepened.

“Thanks to Mr. Lin’s reminder, I went to the hospital for a comprehensive examination during the day and found a malignant tumor in my body. The doctor said that if I was later, I would be finished. Thank you very much, Mr. Lin.” Ye Feng sighs.

Lin Hai smiled and did not speak.

As soon as he entered the bedroom, Lin Hai saw Ah Fang lying on the bed with eyebrows locked, as if she had fallen asleep.

“Mr. Lin, Fang’s angina has just gone to sleep, but this time it’s more painful than before.” Ye Feng thought of his wife ‘s pain, a burst of heartache.

“The previous treatment was forcibly interrupted, stimulating the heart, and the pain will naturally increase a lot.”

“This beast!” After hearing this, Ye Feng looks back and stares at Ye Ziming.

Ye Ziming shrunk his neck and hid behind Ye Ziyu.

“Mr. Lin…” Ye Feng looks at Lin Hai with expectant eyes.

“Hoo…” Lin Hai breathed, “I will continue to use the gold needle to treat her, but the previous pain, time to double.”

“What!” Ye Feng was stunned after listening.

When Lin Hai used to give a needle to Fang, Ye Feng saw the pain in her eyes.

Now, this time should be doubled!

Ye Feng suddenly turns around and walks to Ye Ziming’s body in two steps.

“I’ll beat you to death!” Ye Feng is furious. Facing Ye Ziming, he’s just beaten.

Ye Ziming holds his head and squats on the ground, crying and howling.

Such a noisy, the bed of Ah Fang heard the sound, woke up.

“Dad, stop fighting. Mom is awake.” Ye Ziyu stopped Ye Feng.

“Ah Fang, how are you?” Hearing this, Ye Feng rushed to the bed.

Ah Fang shook her head weakly.

“Ah Fang, we’ve invited Mr. Lin back, just…” Ye Feng’s tone was heavy, and he couldn’t bear to tell Fang about the double pain time.

“Brother Feng, don’t worry. Since Mr. Lin is here, let him let go of the treatment.” Ah Fang smiled and looked very optimistic.

At this time, Linhai step forward.

“Aunt, Uncle Ye can’t bear to tell you, but I have to make it clear to you that this time, the pain will be twice as long as last time.” Lin Hai said with a dignified face.

“Ha ha, it doesn’t matter. Mr. Lin, you can do it. I can hold back.” Ah Fang’s face, do not see a trace of panic.

“Well, in that case, I’ll do it.” Lin Hai admired the woman, took out the gold needle and stabbed it down.

“Hum!” Ah Fang’s mouth gave out a cold hum, and her face was distorted by the intense pain.

“Ah, Xiaoyu, take care of your mother.” Ye Feng couldn’t bear to look at it. He turned around and went out.

“Brother, I’m out, too.” Ye Ziming shrinks his neck. He doesn’t want to stay here.

“Xiaohai, brother ye thanks you.” After Ye Feng and ye Ziming left, ye Ziyu smiled at the forest sea and said.

“Come on, brother ye, let’s not talk about that.” Lin Hai shook his head.

“By the way, ye Ge, do you have tickets for the green song competition? Help me get some tickets.” Lin Hai suddenly remembered that his mother had let him get tickets.

“Tickets? This is what Ziming has been in charge of all the time. Just ask him for it. “

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“Well, I’ll go out and find him.”

When Lin Hai arrived in the living room, he was shocked.

Where’s the panda from?

I saw Ye Ziming standing in front of Ye Feng with two big black and green eyes. He wanted to cry and didn’t dare to cry. It was very funny.

“Hum, you are such a beast. I’m so angry. You hurt your mother so much. Everyone is a pit father, you are a pit mother!”

Ye Ziming pours his lips and looks at Ye Feng. He says that pit mom has been beaten like this. If you pit your dad a bit, can you still live?

When Lin Hai came down, Ye Feng stood up quickly with a respectful face.

Lin Hai smiles at Ye Feng and turns his head to Ye Ziming.

“Ye Shao, can you give me some tickets for the green song competition?”

“Yes, but there is no good place.” Ye Ziming doesn’t want to give Lin Hai a good seat in the front row.

What kind of thought, the words did not finish, by Ye Feng one foot kicked a side to go.

“You bastard, Mr. Lin asked you for tickets. That’s to look up to you. Take all the tickets in the first row and give them to Mr. Lin. you can’t keep any of them!”

“Dad, how could it be…”

“Go to me now. If you can’t get it, I’ll kill you!”

Lin Hai is embarrassed for a while. Ma De, my brother wants some of them. I don’t need them all.

“That, Uncle Ye, you don’t have to…”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Lin, the tickets in the first row are all yours. If you use them, you can use them. If you can’t use them, it doesn’t matter.” Ye Feng waves his hand and interrupts Lin Hai directly.

“Still? Go now! ” Ye Feng sees Ye Ziming standing there still. He rushes over and starts again.

“I’ll go. Can’t I go?” Ye Ziming is scared and runs away.

“Mr. Lin, please take a seat. Wait here for a moment. Ziming will be back soon.” As soon as ye Ziming left, Ye Feng hurriedly asked Lin Hai to sit down.

“… No, you can ask Ye Shao to take my school directly. Besides, I really can’t use so many tickets. I don’t need all of them. “

“Well, Mr. Lin is a benefactor of my Ye family, let alone the first row of tickets. If Mr. Lin wants to, he will send all the tickets to Mr. Lin, no problem.” Ye Feng said, patting his chest.


Nima, why do I need so many tickets? Eat hard!

Lin Hai is also drunk!

However, as soon as he spoke, Ye Feng gave all the tickets in the first row to him, which also made Lin Hai feel very comfortable.

“Ye Feng is very interesting.”

After Lin Hai left, Ye Feng’s face suddenly showed a smile of an old fox.

“Zi Ming is still young. Lin Hai is obviously a miracle doctor. He has a good relationship with other people. Later, the life of the Ye family will be more guaranteed. Compared with life, it’s just a few tickets. What’s that?”

Thinking about it, Ye Feng pulls out the phone again and dials it for ye Ziming.

“Zi Ming, take the ticket to Mr. Lin and send it to school immediately. Remember, no one is allowed!”

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