My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 175, What do you count

By | February 11, 2020

Ye Ziming escapes from the practice room in a panic amid strong questioning from the students.

“Fuck Cao, Zhen Shuang is such a fool. He can’t accomplish anything but defeat something!”

Ye Ziming swearing, just ready to get on the car to leave, and turned back.

Nima, Lin Hai is not out!

However, now he dare not go back to the practice room, looking around.

“You, come here!” Ye Ziming points at a passing spectacle man who looks a little obscene.

The spectacled man froze, and then recognized Ye Ziming, frightened.

Ye Ziming is in school, but his reputation is out. How could he have offended his ancestor?

“Ye, Ye Shao …” The spectacle man came over timidly, with a humble smile on his face.

“Go to the practice room and call Lin Hai out to me.” Ye Ziming’s tone was a little bored.

“Yes, yes.” Seeing that ye Ziming was not looking for trouble for himself, the man with eyes was relieved and ran into the practice room.

It’s an honor to be able to work for ye Shao. The optician suddenly felt that his identity had been raised a lot.

What’s more, listen to Ye Shao’s tone. Lin Hai is sure to be unlucky for ye Shao.

Since it’s Ye Shao’s counterpart, I can’t be polite to him, and I can take the opportunity to play a bull in front of others. Ha ha, it’s so cool!

“Who’s Lin Hai? Stand up for me!” The spectacled man rushed into the practice room, pulled the duck’s voice, and shouted proudly.

If you work for ye Shao, you’ll have to force him to do so. You can’t lose Ye Shao’s reputation.

Lin Hai froze, looking at the dumb-eyed man with his head up and stomping, as if he didn’t know him?

“I’m Lin Hai. You want me?”

“Cao, your name is Lin Hai. Come out with me.”. The spectacle man’s face is arrogant and domineering.

“Out with you? Who are you? ” Lin Hai looks puzzled.

“Don’t talk nonsense, there are big people to see you, hurry up!”

Big man? The man in glasses told Lin Hai a word.

“What’s the big man? can you explain the white point?”

“Well, you’ve got to stand up. Don’t wait for me to say that. It scared you to pee your pants.” The spectacle man’s haughty curl.

Lin Hai rolled his eyes, Nima, how come there is such a second force.

“Don’t worry, brother is not so timid.”

“Hum, then stand still and listen. The big man who wants to see you is Ye Ziming, ye Shao!” Eyes of the man a face of the smug pick pick thumb, so proud, as if he is Ye Ziming.


“Who, who?” Lin Hai was amused.

“How are you? Are you scared? Ye Ziming, ye Shao! ” Looking at Lin Hai’s reaction, the spectacle man thought Lin Hai was shocked by Ye Ziming’s name, and he became more proud.

I’m so scared!

Lin Hai shakes his head and laughs.

“Then can I ask who you are?” Lin Hai suddenly wanted to know what the two forces were.

“Me? I, I am Ye Shao’s messenger, Dou Bi! “

“Fun? Ha ha ha… ” The students all laughed.


Lin Hai laughed directly.

It’s a very practical name. It’s really funny. Even the emissary of NIMA has finished it. Do you have a lot of martial arts novels?

“Smile, ye Shao is waiting for you. Hurry up!”

“Good, good…” Lin Hai waved with his stomach covered.

“Xinyue, please practice first. I just promised Ye Ziming to treat his mother. I’ll go there.” Lin Hai holds Liu Xinyue’s small hand.

“Well, you can go.”

“Let’s go, messenger.” Lin Hai came to the man with glasses and said with a smile.

“Hum, keep up. Don’t grind.” The spectacle man walked out with his head held high.

“Ye Shao, you have been waiting for a long time. I have brought it to you.” Once out of the practice room, the spectacled man trotted to Ye Ziming and said with a smile.

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Ye Ziming has seen Lin Hai. He looks at the man with glasses in surprise.

Yes, although the goods are a little obscene, I didn’t expect that they still have the means to make Lin Hai come out. At first, I was afraid that Lin Hai would not come out.

OK, I can be a little brother later. I can run errands for myself in school.

Ye Ziming nodded to the optician with satisfaction.

The eyeglasses man was immediately excited, my grass, Ye Shao nodded to me, Nima, terrible, my brother is going to heaven, after that in school, my buddies can go sideways, who dares to mess with me?

Cao, break up with chubby girl when I go back. It’s too damaging to my friend’s image. Ye Shao nods to himself and says that he has to find a school flower to match his identity.

The eye man immediately began daydreaming excitedly.

“Ye Ziming? Niubi, the messengers have been sent out? ” Lin Hai came and looked at Ye Ziming with a mocking face.

“messengers?” Ye Ziming is stunned by Lin Hai.

“Ye, ye Shao, is me.” The spectacle man hurriedly nodded his head and bowed his waist.

“Lin Hai!”

Did not wait to understand, the spectacle man suddenly turned around, Ao’s voice, scared Ye Ziming a shiver.

“What are you, dare to call ye Shao’s name!”

The eyes male left hand akimbo, right index finger erect, cross eyebrow cold purpose glare at Lin Hai, the heart feels oneself this posture, simply handsome.


Ye Ziming slapped him aside.

“What are you, dare to call Lin Shao’s name!”

“Lin, Lin Shao?” Bespectacled man was stunned directly. Then he saw a scene that he couldn’t believe.

Ye Ziming, like a pug, ran to the forest.

“Let’s go, Lin Shao.” Ye Ziming’s face is flattering for fear that Lin Hai will change his mind at this time.

“Well, let’s go.” Lin Hai nodded his head. He could not regret what he promised.

Ye Ziming was so happy that he trotted two steps to open the door.

“Ye Shao, take my car.” Ye Ziming nodded and stood by the door waiting.

The spectacle man was nearby, and his eyes almost came out of the lens.

“I’m a fairy board. Damn it, how can Lin Hai look like a cow with fewer leaves?”

“Well, take your car.” Lin Hai’s car is downstairs in the dormitory. It will take a while to walk there. He simply gets on Ye Ziming’s car.

After Lin Hai sat down, Ye Ziming smiled pleasantly, slammed the door shut, ran to the driver’s seat again, stepped on the accelerator, and the car rushed out.

“This…” The spectacle man looked at Ye Ziming’s respectful and flattering look at Lin Hai, and immediately felt that he could not understand the world.

The car drove directly to Ye’s house.

Ye Ziming stops the car and rushes down to help Lin Hai open the door.

“Lin Shao, here you are.”

“Um.” Lin Hai got out of the car and walked towards the house.

Seeing this, Ye Ziming took another two steps to help Lin Hai open the door and make a gesture of asking for help.

As soon as Lin Hai entered the room, ye Ziming followed him, and then he began to shout.

“Dad, brother, I invited Lin Hai!”

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