My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 174, Big chest without brain

By | February 10, 2020

Ye Ziming looks at Ye Feng’s cannibal eyes and is suddenly lost sight.

He is so big that he has never seen Ye Feng become so angry.

“Ziming, listen to father, Lin Hai is not an ordinary person. It’s up to him to save our mother.” Ye Ziyu tells Ye Ziming about the causes and consequences of his father’s examination in the hospital.

“What!” Ye Ziming is stupid. He didn’t expect that Lin Hai’s medical skills are so magical.

“I, I’ll apologize in the morning.” Ye Ziming finally knows that he has offended such a powerful character.

Early the next morning, Lin Hai went to school.

No classes in the morning. Lin Hai is very good. He is going to the training room to find Liu Xinyue.

“Oh, isn’t this a big singer? Why, come to tutor Xinyue again? Tell you, you don’t have to work hard. I’m Zhen Shuang. No one can take the champion. Instead of wasting time on Liu Xinyue, it’s better to save your energy and cheer me up. What do you say, big singer? ” Just arrived at the door of the practice room, just met Zhen Shuang, and said to Lin Hai with a wink.

“Cheer you on? How to add? ” Lin Hai’s playful smile.

Zhen Shuang is stunned, and then understands the meaning of Lin Hai dialect.

“I hate you, you are so bad! Of course, you can add whatever you want, giggle… ” Zhen Shuang giggles.

Lin Hai shook his head disdainfully.

“Lin Hai, don’t be shameless!” Once again, he was exposed by Lin Hai, and Zhen Shuang’s face turned red.

“Well, I don’t want to find excitement. I’ll stay away from you later. My brother has to accompany my family to practice songs in Xinyue.”

“Hum, Lin Hai, I’ll tell you the truth, it’s useless for you to practice any more. The champion has been determined for a long time. Ye Shao has promised me…”

Before Zhen Shuang finished speaking, a limited edition Porsche 911 suddenly drove over.

“Ye Shao!” Zhen Shuang’s eyes brightened, and he turned to Lin Hai’s disdainful and hurried to meet him.

Ye Ziming came down from the car in a panic.

“Ye Shao, are you looking for someone else?” Zhen Shuang directly pasted her body to the past.

“Get off!” Ye Ziming pushes Zhen Shuang away.

“Ye Shao, you…” As soon as Zhen Shuang said half of what he said, he was stunned.

Only see Ye Ziming, the bottom bumps the bottom bumps the bottom ran to Lin Hai in front of, take a face of flatter smile.

“Lin Shao, I……”

“No, stop now.” Lin Hai hurriedly stops Ye Ziming’s words, “I’m a poor man living in a dormitory. I can’t bear your name.”

“Lin Shao, look, isn’t that a joke with you before?” Ye Ziming laughs.

“Are you kidding? Do I know you well? ” Lin Hai looked up and down at Ye Ziming. “Don’t he have nothing to do with it.”

“Er…” Ye Ziming’s heart was filled with anger

Ma De, if it wasn’t for your medical skills, to save my mother, my father gave me another death order. Could he be close to you?

However, Ye Ziming now has to ask for Lin Hai, so he has to keep his anger under pressure.

“Lin Shao, I was wrong before. If I was wrong, please forgive me.” The leaves bowed to the sea of forest in the Ming Dynasty.

“This…” Zhen Shuang looks silly on one side. Is this the arrogant Ye Ziming Ye Shao?

How did you meet Lin Hai, like your grandson?

“So you know it’s wrong?” Lin Hai, holding his chest in both hands and chin high, said with a forced face.


Ye Ziming was almost vomited by Lin Hai.

Nima, it’s a real load.

“Yes, Lin Shao, I know it’s wrong.” Ye Ziming said with a smile.

“Oh? Then you talk, where are you all wrong? “

I’m wrong about your sister! Ye Ziming is so angry!

“I was wrong. Shouldn’t I have pulled that gold needle?” Ye Ziming said gloomily.

“And what else?” Lin Hai raised his eyelids and said.

“And? And should not offend Lin Shao. “

“Well, that’s the point.” Lin Hai nodded.


Ye Ziming almost fell to the ground.

Lin Hai, I feel so good. If it wasn’t for saving my mother, it would be a fart to offend you!

“Lin Shao, my mother’s illness…”

“Do you really know it’s wrong?” Instead of answering, Lin Hai asked.

“Really, I really know it’s wrong.” Ye Ziming quickly nods.

“We’ll change that later, you know?”

“Yes, I will.”

“Um! If you know what’s wrong, you’ll be a good child. Be good. ” Lin Hai patted Ye Ziming’s head like a child.


Ye Ziming’s lungs almost burst.

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I wish you would treat me as a three-year-old.

“Then Lin Shao, what time do you see ..”

Before ye Ziming finished speaking, Lin Hai turned his head and entered the practice room.

“Ah…” Ye Ziming is so angry.

I can’t help it. Now I beg Lin Hai. Ye Ziming, with a stomach full of Qi, follows me in.

“Ye Shao, wait for me.” Zhen Shuang saw the situation and hurriedly followed.

“Xinyue, how are you doing today?” Lin Hai walked directly to Liu Xinyue.

“Fortunately, I just came here and didn’t have a long time.”

“Lin Shao, Lin Shao…” Ye Ziming was annoyed, but he had to smile on his face.

“Why? Ye Shao, why are you still following me? What are you going to do? Ah. “

Ye Ziming is almost mad. Who is he willing to follow you? Isn’t that to let you help my mother?

“Lin Shao, my mother’s illness…”

“Oh, you said it. Look at my brain. I forgot all about it. OK, I’ll go with you now.” Lin Hai pretends to be enlightened.

Forget your sister, you and he are deliberately.

“Good. Lin Shao, please.”

Lin Hai walked two steps, and suddenly his steps stopped.

“By the way, ye Shao, is this green song competition sponsored by your family?”

“Ah, yes, our Ye’s group is the exclusive naming business. I am in charge of the Qingge competition.” Ye Ziming didn’t know what Lin Hai meant, nodded.

“Oh, you are in charge.” Lin Hai nodded, “but you’re such a jerk. Just now Zhen Shuang said that the champion has been determined.”

As soon as Lin Hai said this, he seemed to throw a heavy bomb. The students in the practice room came together one after another.

“Ye Shao, is it really settled?”

“God, no!”

“Shit, what are we doing here every day?”

A lot of people here are going to take part in the green song competition. Hearing Lin Hai’s words, they immediately aroused a group of indignation.

“No, it’s not. Don’t listen to the rumors.” Ye Ziming hurriedly waved his hand and glared at Zhen Shuang.

“NIMA, this wave goods, really he is chest big without brain, how to say anything to the outside!”

“Really not determined?” Lin Hai’s disbelief.

“It’s absolutely true that I guarantee Ye Ziming’s personality. Everyone should believe me!”


“You said you wanted to guarantee your personality?” Lin Hai has a strange face.

“Yes, isn’t that enough?” Ye Ziming is stunned.

Lin Hai was amused.

“Ye Da Shao, the most important thing for people is to have self-knowledge. Don’t you know that ye Da Shao’s personality is not enough for him long ago?”

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