My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 173, Whoever started the trouble should end it

By | February 6, 2020

Ye Ziming went back to the school and went straight to Lin Hai’s dormitory.

“Ye, Ye Shao?” Seeing Ye Ziming rush in, Wang Peng and them all get up and stand up.

Lin Hai dares to slap Ye Ziming with his big mouth. They dare not. They have to be respectful when they see Ye Ziming.

“And Lin Hai?” Ye Ziming asked angrily.

“Go home. He doesn’t live in the dormitory.” Wang Peng replied in a hurry.

“Home? Grass! How much is his phone number? “

“153……” Wang Peng hurriedly reported Lin Hai’s call.

“Grass.” Ye Ziming wrote down the phone and walked out in a big way.

“Well, it’s not that we haven’t got a little bit of a temper in Haizi’s big mouth.” Ye Ziming went downstairs, Wang Pengcai disdained.

No sooner had Lin Hai entered the room and his mother came.

“Xiaohai, isn’t Xinyue about to enter the competition?”

“Well, two or three days.”

“Then don’t forget to get a live ticket for mom. I have to cheer for my daughter-in-law.”

“Ha ha, don’t worry, mom. I’ll find a way.”

Song Qin said that, it really reminds Lin Hai.

Think about it. This green song competition is sponsored by Ye’s group. If you can’t get this ticket, you can ask Ye Ziyu for it.

Just thinking about it, Lin Hai’s phone rings. He takes out his cell phone and looks at it. It’s a strange number.

“Hello? Who?” Lin Hai asked.

“Are you Lin Hai?” The voice over the phone, with some arrogance.

“I am, who are you?” The tone of the other side, let Lin Hai some dissatisfaction.

“Grass, I am his Ye Ziming!”

Ye Ziming? What’s the matter with the goods? Didn’t you get enough of the beating just now?

“If you have something to say, fart!” Lin Haicai didn’t want to be polite to him.

Hearing Lin Hai’s tone, Ye Ziming felt this hatred.

“Lin Hai, you are not arrogant. What did you say to my father and my brother? I tell you, don’t think it’s great to know my brother, my young master Hello, Hello, grass mud horse, dare to hang up this young master’s phone! “

Before Ye Ziming finished speaking, Lin Hai Hung up the phone and nearly dropped his cell phone.

Call again, Lin Hai hangs up directly and pulls Ye Ziming’s phone into the blacklist.

“Bed!” Lin Hai just opened the bedroom door, and suddenly a cloudy wind came.

A charming face, almost stick on the face of Lin Hai, smile incomparably brilliant.

Lin Hai gives chulin’er a big white eye directly, NIMA. Is it easy to frighten people?

“Hey, what are you doing so close? Do you want to offend me? ” Lin Hai didn’t say well.

“Bah, think well.” Chu lin’er’s proud little mouth turned up. “I tell you ha, I’ve been playing chess with Du for a day today, but I’m quite equal. In the end, I won several more games.”

What the fuck!

Lin Hai’s eyes brightened.

It’s OK for Du Qian. I sent him a copy of houheixue yesterday. It’s used today.

“How many games did you win?” Lin Hai asked curiously.

“We’ve got 258 games, Du Qian has won 121 games, I’ve won 137 games, and I’m a little ahead. How about that? I’m making progress fast enough, but Du Qian is also powerful. Every time I win him, I have to work hard.” Chu lin’er shook her head and said happily.

Nima, talent!

Lin Hai can’t help but admire Du Qian a little. It’s absolutely OK to grasp this scale.

Not only let Chu lin’er win, but also let her win the sense of achievement. There is no sign that Du Qian let her. He is really enlightened.

“Come on, take good care of Du Qian!” Lin Hai gave Chu lin’er a thumbs up.

“Hum, that’s for sure.” Chu lin’er clenched her fist excitedly.

Lin Hai lies in bed, opens wechat and sends it to Du Qian.

Little muddleheaded fairy: man, you can. You’ve learned so fast that Princess lin’er’s mouth can’t be closed.

Du Qian: ha ha, thanks to the book given by the ghost friends, this book “houheixue” is really a masterpiece for thousands of years. With it, Du Qian will be promoted to a higher position and become rich in the near future. At that time, I will repay the great kindness of the Ghost Friends.

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Lin Hai nodded his head with satisfaction and showed gratitude, which was good.

Ye Family.

Ye Ziming returns home in a huff of breath. When he enters the living room, he tells Ye Feng and ye Ziyu not to rest. They are waiting for him there. They are afraid for a while.

“Ziming, how about this time?” Ye Feng asked nervously as soon as he entered the room.

“I went to apologize to him, but he wasn’t at school.”

“Not at school? What can I do? Didn’t you call him? ” Ye Feng immediately panicked.

“I did. Then he hung up as soon as he heard it was me. If he tried again, he would not answer.” Ye Ziming said with a little guilty heart.

“You, you…” Ye Feng is almost out of breath.

“Dad, I’ll tell you that I’m not to blame this time. It’s really that he doesn’t answer the phone. What can I do?” Ye Ming said flashingly.

“You are so angry with me, alas!”

“Dad, why don’t you call Dean Du?” Ye Ziyu reminds me.

“Ah? Yes, look at me. I’m in such a hurry that I’m confused. ” Ye Feng picks up the phone and dials Du Chun.

“Elder brother Ye, what can I do for calling so late?” Du Chun’s side, listening to the voice has gone to sleep.

“Brother Du, I have something to ask you.” Ye Feng told Du Chun about the previous events in detail.

“It’s strange that Ziming is not sensible. Now Mr. Lin is angry. I don’t know what to do. I want to ask my brother to help me.”

Du Chun didn’t talk for a long time.

“Brother du…” Seeing that Du Chun didn’t respond, Ye Feng immediately panicked.

“Ah, I said elder brother ye, your son is a 250!”

“… Yes, yes. ” Although Ye Feng listened to this very harsh, but now he has to nod his head.

“I’ll give my master a call, but I can’t guarantee that he won’t mind.”

As soon as Ye Feng listened, he immediately came to the spirit.

“If it’s all right, I’ll trouble brother Du.”

Hung up the phone, Du Chun thought, or to Lin Hai dial the past.

“Master…” Du Chun wants to stop talking.

“What about the Ye family?” Seeing that Du Chun called himself so late, and hesitated, Lin Hai guessed that it was eight to nine.

“Master is really a God and a man. You can make a guess!” Du Chun rushes to flatter him.

“Come on, get angry. I have to give you face. Besides, Ye Ziyu and I have some friendship.”

“Master, do you agree?” Du Chun is surprised.

“What can I do if I don’t promise? When you call me in the middle of the night as an apprentice, I can still refute your face?” Lin Hai didn’t say well.

“Hey, hey, master, you are so kind. You are the best master in the world.”

“Come on, don’t flatter me. Tell Ye’s family that the trouble should end it. Ye Ziming pulled the gold needle. Let Ye Ziming come to me tomorrow.”


Du Chun hung up and told Ye Feng the news.

Ye Feng was so happy that he thanked Du Chun for a while.

“How about dad?” Ye Ziyu asked in a hurry.

Ye Feng did not speak, but turned his head to Ye Ziming.

“Tomorrow, you go to ask Mr. Lin, if you don’t come, I will ruin you with my own hands!”

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