My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 172, Apologize to Mr. Lin

By | February 4, 2020

Lin Hai saw that Ye Ziming shrank his head and fled, and walked in a hurry, threw him around the ground with his neck, and stepped on with his big feet.

“Lin Hai, you let me go!” Ye Ziming was lying on the ground with a fierce face.

At this time, a lot of students gathered around, some of them recognized Ye Ziming and were shocked.

“I wipe it. Isn’t it Ye Shao? Who dares to fight ye Shao? Who is this cruel character? “

“You don’t know him. It’s Lin Hai, the song king of our school.”

“The song king Lin Hai? Grass, how dare he beat Ye Shao? Is he tired of living? “

The students stopped to watch and talk.

“Don’t you want to kill me? Come on!” Lin Hai’s bottom is just like Ye Ziming’s.

“Ouch, the trough.” Ye Ziming’s painful grin, “you dare to hit me!”

“What’s wrong with hitting you?” Lin Hai is shining his butt again.

“You bite me!”

“Don’t accept it!”

“He’s on the ground, and you’re arrogant!”

Lin Hai banged, kicked several feet on Ye Ziming’s buttocks and kicked several feet, put Ye Ziming’s pain a burst of ghost crying and howling.

The students are all stupid. Ye Ziming’s arrogance in school is well known.

In the first year, a senior student accidentally stepped on Ye Ziming’s foot. After apologizing, he was summoned by Ye Ziming and vomited blood. That’s not the end of it. From that day until graduation, this student did not suffer a day, which has become a nightmare.

That is to say, Ye Ziming’s reputation has been heard throughout Jiangnan University since then. No one dares to offend, no matter whether he is a student or a teacher.

However, I never thought that this name was unknown, but only recently, Lin Hai, who sang a song after posting a song, dared to yell at Ye Mingming in public.

Did he eat bear heart leopard gall? Or is your head rusty?

The students were puzzled for a while.

Lin Hai kicks a few more feet, then stoops down, carries the neck collar to lift Ye Ziming up.

“For your brother’s sake, I’ll spare you today. Next time, I’ll dare to come to you again. He will break your bones and get out!” Lin Hai pushes Ye Ziming to the ground.

“The grass mud horse, this is not over, you wait for me.” Ye Ziming put down a cruel word, but he could not care about them. He got into the car and stepped on the accelerator and left.

So many students, Ye Ziming’s face is big, he can’t stay for a moment.

Ye Feng came out of the hospital and felt a lot of fear.

He’s so lucky. He’s picking up a life.

Previously, according to Lin Hai, he went to the hospital for an examination.

The investigation did not matter, Lin Hai asked him to press the position, he actually grew a malignant tumor, which must be removed immediately.

However, the doctor said that if it is found one or two days later, once the tumor cells spread, it will be the late stage, and then it will be too late to say anything.

Ye Feng was very happy and scared. He had a painless resection in the hospital and went to see a doctor to make sure everything was safe before driving home.

As soon as he got home, he saw Ye Ziyu sitting in the living room with a sad face.

“What’s the matter, Xiaoyu?” Ye Feng is stunned.

“Dad, mom…”

“What happened to your mother?” Ye Feng’s spirit was immediately tense.

“The gold needle on my mother ‘s body has been pulled out.”

“What!” Ye Feng hears, if be hit by lightning, immediately be covered.

“This bastard!” Ye Feng’s angry roar. Before Lin Hai left, he specifically told him not to touch the gold needle.

“What are you waiting for? Call Mr. Lin quickly! “

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Ye Ziyu shook her head.

“I called Xiaohai long ago…” Ye Ziyu said the following things again, especially when Lin Hai asked them to ask Gaoming, and when he left angry, Ye Feng almost turned his back on.

“I’m so angry with this little rabbit!” Ye Feng raised his hand and directly threw the things on the tea table to the ground.

“Xiaoyu, I’ll tell you, Mr. Lin, a master, is a master who can save lives!.” Ye Feng has just experienced the magic of Lin Hai.

Ye Ziyu smiled bitterly. He saw that Lin Hai was not an ordinary person from the gambling house. Where else should he be reminded?

“No, Xiaoyu, you must invite Mr. Lin back. Whether you can save your mother depends on Mr. Lin.” Ye Feng said eagerly.

“Dad, wait a minute. I have asked Ziming to apologize to Lin Hai. Lin Hai is not such a mean person. Maybe he will come back with Ziming later.”

“Well, I hope so.” Ye Feng sighed with worry.

As they were talking, the door slammed open.

“Lie in the slot and wait for me. One day Well, Dad, brother, what’s wrong with you? ” As soon as Ye Ziming entered the room, he saw Ye Feng and ye Ziyu standing in the living room, staring at himself eagerly, and suddenly he was a little confused.

“Ziming, are you going to apologize to Lin Hai?” Ye Ziyu asked urgently.

It’s OK not to mention Lin Hai. When it comes to Lin Hau, Ye Ziming is even more angry.

When he mentioned himself in Jiangnan University, he could not be awed. He coughed and the whole school had to shake three times.

As a result, his reputation has been destroyed by this bastard Lin Hai.

Unexpectedly, in front of so many students, I beat myself up. Without this tone, how could I have the face to show up in school?

“Ziming, your brother asked you something!” Seeing Ye Ziming’s face was ugly and he said nothing, Ye Feng couldn’t help hastening.

Ye Ziming turned his face on the spot.

“Dad, brother, what’s the matter with you? Why do you care so much about Lin Hai? He is a poor forced student from all over the country. What’s the big deal? “

“Stop, I will ask you if you have apologized to Lin Hai!” Ye Feng was so angry that he clapped his thigh and shouted at Ye Ziming.

“Apologize? I won’t apologize to him! Ma De, I took Tianhe Gang’s people to clean him up just now. I didn’t expect to be disturbed by the bald head. but this dead bald wanted to mix with me and hurt me. Instead, Lin Hai took a sip, but Lin Hai was also offended by the Tianhe Gang. He would not end well! ” Ye Ziming said grimly.

“What!” Ye Feng’s hands were shaking. “You, you and you, you didn’t apologize, but you took someone to fight Mr. Lin? You beast! “

“Hello, Dad, am I your son? I was beaten by Lin Hai. Why do you scold me?”


Ye Feng rushes over and raises his hand to give ye Ziming a big slap.

Ye Ziming covers his face and is blindfolded.

“Dad, you hit me?” Ye Ziming’s face is unbelievable. He is so big, but his father hasn’t touched himself with a finger.

Today, for the sake of a Lin Hai, my father actually started to beat him?

“You bastard, go and apologize to Mr. Lin. if Mr. Lin doesn’t forgive you, you will never come back!”

“What?” Ye Ziming looks at Ye Feng, who is furious. He is stupid.

“What are you still doing? Go to me! ” Ye Feng raised his foot and kicked Ye Ziming’s ass.

“I, can’t I go?” Ye Ziming looks at Ye Feng’s cannibal eyes, and his legs are all soft. When he turns around, she runs away.

Out of the door, Ye Ziming is more angry.

“Fuck Cao, what the hell did Lin Hai say to my father? My father was so angry that he started to beat me. Maddy, wait for me. It’s not over.”

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