My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 171, Fresh, eat all day

By | February 2, 2020

Ye Ziming got out of the car and walked to the front of many big men.

“Lin Hai, you dare to hit me, I’ll kill you today!”

Lin Hai glanced at these people in front of him and couldn’t help laughing.

“With these little minions?”

“Grass Mud Horse, say who is the minion!”

“We are from Tianhe gang. Are you tired to life?”

Before Ye Ziming could speak, the big men clamoured one by one.

“Tianhe Gang!” The pupil shrank suddenly.

“Master, this Tianhe Gang is not ordinary. It is one of the four underground forces in Jiangnan City. There are more than ten thousand people in it. It’s not comparable to a small gang like the Black Hawk club.”

“Tianhe Gang?” Lin Hai’s mouth is closed, whether you are Tianhe gang or DIHE gang. Now that you’re here, my brother is still polite to you?

“Come on, don’t be long winded, just like the group of women, it’s just to fight. I have something to do to beat you down.” Lin Hai is impatient to hook up.

“Grass, are you crazy? I just don’t know if I can get mad and get up when I am beaten you down” As soon as the head of a sunglasses man waved, a group of big men rushed over.

“Mr. Mo, this kid is very skilled. He can deal with more than ten hotel security guards by himself.” Ye Ziming hurriedly reminded him.

“Well, hotel security is nothing. Can you compare with my brother?” Mo Yu squeaked.

“grass Mo Yu, dare to beat my master, pass me first!” Bareheaded Qiang see people rush to Lin Hai rushed over, and suddenly he was in a hurry.

“Don’t use your left foot!” Lin Hai hastily gave an order.

Mad, if you kick one with your left foot, it would be fatal.

Baldheaded strength has a foundation in martial arts, but it is suffering from no good martial arts cultivation.

Now, after three days of hard training, Foshan shadowless foot, and it’s the original of Huang Feihong. There’s Huang Feihong’s explanation and experience of the moves on it, and he’s perfected the first move.

“Pa Pa Pa Pa!” Bareheaded strong right foot even point, the moment kicks out a few leg shadow, rushes in front of several big men, is kicked directly to the ground.

“Grass, Foshan shadowless feet!” Mo Yu’s eyes almost pop out with a sudden surprise.

“Stop it all!” Mo Yu yelled.

The big men stopped without knowing why.

They stop. They don’t stop bareheaded.

For the first time, the goods used Foshan shadowless feet against the enemy. They were fighting happily. How could they stop?

Bang bang bang!

A few kicks out again, and a few big men are turned to the ground in an instant.

“Lying trough, did he say stop, you still fight?” Mo Yu’s nose almost cocked.

“Cao, stop when you say stop, why do I listen to you?” Baldheaded Qiang said as he rushed to other big men.

Bang bang bang!

“Ouch, my grass, you’re so sneaky.”

In an instant, several big men were turned to the ground.

“You, you are so despicable!” Mo Yu looks around, grass, what a tragedy.

After a while, all the people he brought were kicked down.

Your sister, I knew that. Stop shouting.

In front of him, he doesn’t play according to the routine.

“Ha ha ha ha, how cool he is!” Baldheaded strong looking at the man who was kicked to the ground by himself, that happy energy don’t mention.

“Hey, they’re all down. Why don’t you come here?” Bareheaded and powerful, he kicked several feet in the air and raised his chin towards Mo Yu.

Mo Yu stares coldly at bald head, frowns tightly, as if thinking.

“What is the relationship between you and Bingge?” For a long time, Mo Yu asked.

“Binger? What are you doing, are you selling popsicles?


Mo Yu almost vomited blood, NIMA. It’s said that Bingge, the leader of the five tigers of Tianhe sect, sells popsicles?

“You don’t know Brother Bing?” Mo Yu asked with suspicion.

“What shit is Bing Bing, Bing Bing, you still can’t fight it, Lao Tzu’s addiction has been hooked up by you, not fight it.” Bareheaded Qiang touched big head, said.

“Are you sure you don’t know Bingge?” Mo Yu’s disbelief.

“Grass, you and he are not sick. I said I don’t know each other. Why don’t you ask him?”

“Then who did you learn your shadowless foot in Foshan?” Mo Yu asked strangely.

“Are you a fool? Apprentices, of course, learn from masters. ” All of a sudden, baldheaded Qiang feels superior in IQ.

“What did you learn from Shifu? Who is your master? “

“Right there.” A bald head is a strong point of Lin Hai.

“Is he your master?” Mo Yu looks at Lin Hai. He doesn’t look like a trainer.

“Grass, do you want to fight him?” You can’t wait to be bald. “If you don’t fight, I’ll fight first!”

Say, bareheaded Qiang ground rushed past, lift leg is a foot.

“Trough!” Mo Yu didn’t expect the baldhead to be strong. He said to start with his hands, and he was quick and ruthless. He didn’t have time to react at all, so he came to him.

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It’s too late to hide. Mo Yu quickly raises his arm to block his face door.


Bareheaded, he kicked Mo Yu’s arm. Mo Yu stepped back four or five steps in succession to stand still. His eyes were shocked.

“I wipe it, did not fall? Here again!’ The same way that a bald head is strong is another.

“Grass, return!” Mo Yu didn’t have time to hide. He raised his arm again.


Mo Yu stepped back a few steps and his arms were numb.

“You haven’t fallen yet? Come again! ” Bareheaded strong kicks again.

“I wipe, you and he can’t change a move!” Mo Yu almost spits blood.

Quickly raise your arm and block it again.

“Sun, it’s blocked again. I’ll kick it!”

“I’m in!”

“I’ll kick again!”

“I’ll stop again!”

“I still kick!”

“I’m still in the way!”

Baldheaded Qiang and Mo Yu more energetic, one foot after another, has been kicking Mo Yu to the corner root.

Mo Yu is so angry. this bald head. He’s just going here and there. But he’s quick and ruthless. He can’t hide. He’s forced to such a level by himself. It’s not humiliating to talk about it.

“I’ll keep kicking!”

“I’ll keep in!”


A crisp crack came.

Mo Yu gave a cold snort of pain. Suddenly, he lost his strength and was kicked on his chest with his bare head. He slipped down the wall.

Mo Yu’s hate, mom, he had a martial arts move, but it’s useless. he didn’t have a chance to use it. He was broken by the kick.

“You can’t change your style anyway? Is it interesting to come back and forth? ” Mo Yu sat on the ground, his face angry.

“If you abandon him, I’ll do it. What can I do without it?” Bareheaded strong shine Mo Yu buttock kicked again.


“You and he will do this? I wish you the best! ” Mo Yu was so angry that he almost turned his back.

It’s really his injustice. How many years of hard work in the cold and summer, he was kicked down by two people who could do one move.

It’s too humiliating for him to live.

Seeing that Mo Yu’s face was so bitter, he was even more proud.

“What’s the matter with that? Haven’t you heard of it? Eat all the time! ” Bareheaded and forceful stand on tiptoe.

“All right, you cow!” Mo Yu’s thumbs were speechless and his heart was filled with gas.

Looking at it, Lin Hai was also amusing. I have to say that these people are a little too hard.

If before, that Mo Yu does not shout to stop, this group of people rush up, bareheaded qiang even can kick down a few people, but it is also the result of being let down finally.

However, Mo Yu had to stop shouting when he was killed. He happened to meet the bareheaded and unruly goods. As a result, all the people were tragic.

Lin Hai is smiling, suddenly, his eyes flash, and a sneer appears on the corner of his mouth.

“How easy is it to go?”

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