My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 170, Bloody Seven Star leg

By | February 1, 2020

As soon as Lin Hai looked up, he saw Ye Ziming break in with a proud face.

“Cao, like his pigsty, is forced to live in the dormitory just because of your poverty.” Ye Ziming covers his nose and looks at the dormitory. He is disgusted.

As soon as Wang Peng heard this, they were in a hurry and stood up.

“How can you talk? You…” Can see who is to come after, the words behind, all life stopped.

Ye Ziming, it’s not what they can’t afford.

Lin Hai was not used to his faults and jumped off the top bunk.


Lin Hai rushed over and gave him a slap.

“We are all poor. What are you doing here? Get out of here! “

“You hit me!” Ye Ziming covers his mouth and is stunned for a long time before he responds.

Wang Peng has lost several people.

Lying trough, Haizi is too fierce, how to say to start, and it’s not others, it’s Ye Ziming.

“What’s the matter with beating you? I’m not satisfied.” Ye Ziming is proud, Lin Hai is more proud than him.

“Grass, wait for me!” In Jiangnan University, who dare not show his face to Ye Ziming? Lin Hai actually smoked his mouth in public. How could he bear this tone.

Put down a cruel words, ye Ziming ran out, Ye Ziyu told him to find Lin Hai to apologize, long forgotten.

Lin Hai’s mouth is off, and mad is afraid you won’t make it!

“Lying trough, Haizi, how did you beat Ye Ziming? He is not easy to provoke.”

“Yes, I heard that he knows people in the underworld.”

As soon as ye Ziming left, Wang Peng and others came to see Lin Hai with some worries.

“It’s OK. Don’t worry. I have a bottom in mind.” Lin Hai doesn’t care about his black ways and white ways.

Soldiers come to block, water comes to cover.

Lin Hai took a nap at noon and practiced for hours with Liu Xinyue in the afternoon.

At half past five, the bald head Qiang called.

“Master, where are you? I’ll see you. “

“Come to school.”

Just after 6 o’clock, a white BMW stopped at the bottom of Lin Hai dormitory.

Bald head Qiang calls Linhai again, and Lin Hai comes down from the dormitory.

“Lin Shao.” As soon as Lin Hai came down, Er Dan hurried to come here.

“Huh? Why are you here? How can you be bald? “

“Brother Qiang is in the car. His legs can’t move. I drove him here.”

Lin Hai nodded, opened the back door of the BMW, and saw a bald face lying behind in pain.

“Master, I insist.” At the sight of Lin Hai, bareheaded Qiang grinned, but the cold sweat on his bald head made people know that bareheaded Qiang was suffering a lot at the moment.

“Good job, hadron.” Lin hai’s eyes were dignified and falls on the bareheaded strong left leg.

I saw the bareheaded left leg. It was swollen with two thick ones. The skin was covered with bloodshot, as if it would be broken by the blood stasis inside at any time.

“It’s almost blood.” Lin Hai stretched out his hand and plucked the gold needle on the bald strong leg.

“Hum!” Bareheaded strong pain suddenly a cold hum.

At this time, Lin Hai also got on the bus and slammed the door.

“Close your eyes.” Lin Hai said.

“Oh.” Bareheaded and obedient.

Lin Hai quickly took the needle bag from his body, his hand shadow flashed, and a whole seven gold needles were stuck on the bald leg in the direction of the Big Dipper.

A strange scene appeared. At the place where the seven needles were dropped, seven blood bags were quickly inflated, full of fist size.

Lin Hai takes out a gold needle again and stares at the change of seven blood bags.

“Huh?” Lin Hai’s eyes blinked, and his gold needle was lashing towards a blood bandage that was about to burst.

“Sniff ~” the blood bag is like a deflated ball. The blood flows back quickly and rushes towards the meridians in the bareheaded and strong legs.

“Hum!” The bald head strong pain of a cold hum, sweat beads trickle down.

“Hold on!” Lin Hai drinks cold.

“Mad, I can’t die. Don’t worry, master!” The bareheaded strong close an eye, bite a tooth to say.

Lin Hai did not speak, but continued to stare at the remaining six blood bags on the bareheaded and strong legs, waiting for the opportunity to move.

For half an hour, the 7 blood bags on the bareheaded and strong legs all refluxed, impacting the meridians of the bareheaded and strong legs.

“Er!!!” Light head strong now, already painful near fainted.

“Strong son, hold on. The pain will pass quickly. There will be another 10 minutes at most. What’s waiting for you is another world.”

“Don’t worry, master. I can hold on. I won’t disgrace you.” The bareheaded strength squeezed out a sentence from the teeth, which showed how painful it was.

10 minutes is short, blinking time is over, but for bald head, it’s no different from going to hell.

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It hurts so much! The bald head strength is so big that it hasn’t suffered from such pain. If it wasn’t for the absolute trust in Lin Hai, the bald head strength would have doubted whether his leg had been abandoned.

“Open your eyes.” Lin Hai took back all the gold needles, he said.

At this time, the pain of bald head strength has disappeared. The first time you open your eyes, bald head strength will look at your own leg.

“Here…” Baldheaded strong looked only one eye, stupefied.

“Master, how is my leg? It’s not swollen at all?” It’s unbelievable that the bald face is shocked.

“Not only is it good, but you also have a great fortune.” Lin Hai said with a smile.

“Big fortune?” I was stunned by my bald head.

“Get out of the car.”

Lin Hai and guangtou qiang jumped out of the car.

“Go, kick that stone with your left leg. Kick it hard!” Lin Hai said to a half man high stone in the grass.

“Kick, kick the stone?” I’m stupid when I’m bald. NIMA, kick stones with legs. Isn’t that exciting?

“Master, do you want to punish me for my bad work?” Said the bald man with a bitter face.

Lin Hai turns his eyes and punishes your sister!

“I want you to kick. There’s so much nonsense!” Lin Hai raised his hand and slapped his bald head.

“Oh.” The bald head grinned, he came to the stone.

When Lin Hai spoke, he dared not listen. Looking at the big hard stone in front of him, his head was bared and his tears were falling.

Maddy, as soon as the leg’s swollen, it’s going to break again.

Grass, why is life so bitter.

Ma De, I don’t care. I’ll fight.

Think of this, bareheaded strong a bite of teeth, eyes a close, lift left leg, toward the stone mercilessly kicked down.


A loud noise.

“Huh? Why doesn’t it hurt? ” Bareheaded and strong are ready to meet the pain of broken legs, but after a long time, there is no feeling.

Open your eyes.

What the fuck! It’s silly to be bald.

I saw that the big stone before had been kicked into several pieces by myself.

The bald head bent down strongly, touched the gravel with an unbelievable face, and then turned around violently.

“Master, here…” Bareheaded strong a face is startled, can’t believe at all, this is oneself to do.

“Blood evil Seven Star leg, it’s done!” Lin Hai also is in front of a bright.

“Bloody Seven Star leg?” Baldheaded strong a Leng, just want to ask, suddenly a few cars come at full speed, creak, stopped in front of them.

A group of ferocious men came down from the car.

“Lin Hai, I didn’t kill you today!”

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