My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 169, You have to be smart

By | January 30, 2020

“I can’t guess.” Lin Hai shook his head.

Liu Xinyue looks at Lin Hai affectionately. Instead of talking, she starts singing.

“The most romantic thing I can think of is to grow old with you, to collect every bit of laughter along the way, to stay in the rocking chair later, to chat slowly…”

“Lin Hai, I want to grow old with you, which is the most romantic thing I can think of.”

“Xinyue.” Lin Haiyi holds Liu Xinyue in his arms and feels extremely happy.

With Liu Xinyue to practice until school, Liu Xinyue will be returned to the dormitory, Lin Haicai drove home.

Halfway up the road, Lin Hai’s phone rang suddenly.

Pick up the mobile phone, it’s Ye Ziyu.

“Brother ye, what’s up?”

“Xiaohai, where are you? My mother suddenly has trouble breathing. She’s dying! ” Ye Ziyu’s voice was anxious.

“What!” Lin Hai was surprised. “I’ll get there right away.”

Lin Hai stepped on the accelerator and raised the speed.

Lin Hai was driving, but at the same time he was surprised. After the injection, the patient was in endless pain at most. Ye Ziyu’s mother had no other diseases, and could not have the symptoms of dyspnea at all.


Lin Hai thought of a possibility.

Ten minutes later, Lin Hai arrived at Ye Ziyu’s home.

“Xiaohai…” Ye Ziyu hurriedly and flurried up.

“Go and see the patient first.” Lin Hai didn’t stop. He went upstairs to a Fang’s bedroom.

“Huh?” As soon as Lin Hai went in, he saw Ah Fang lying on the bed, breathing fast, his face was blue, his chest was rolling, his eyes were rolling up, his eyes were white, and he was about to die.

“Grass!” Lin Hai scolds secretly. The gold needle in Fang’s chest has been pulled out.

A brisk step rushed over, Lin Hai took out the gold needle, and stabbed it one after another at each important point of Fang’s body.

Ye Ziyu felt dazzled for a while. Then he looked at his mother again. He was covered with gold needles. His face was getting ruddy and his breathing was returning to normal.

“Doctor.” Ye Ziyu is surprised.

“Hoo…” Lin Hai took a breath and his body collapsed.

Such a fast and large number of needle application takes a lot of mental energy. Even though Lin Hai has reached the late congenital stage, he still can’t bear it.

“It’s really dangerous. I won’t be able to save it after a while.” Lin Hai is very happy.

“Xiaohai, after all…”

Before ye Ziyu finished speaking, Lin Hai suddenly turned around. The cold light in his eyes made him scared back to his stomach.

“I’m sorry, your Ye family are too noble. I can’t cure your mother’s angina. Please ask Gaoming.” With a wave of his hand, Lin Hai collected all the gold needles on Fang’s body.

“What do you mean, Xiaohai?” Lin Hai’s words blinded Ye Ziyu.

“What do you mean?” Lin Hai sneered, “I told you solemnly before, don’t take off the gold needle, but did you listen? Now that I’m telling you what I’m saying, do I have to rush to treat your mother? I’m so cheap. “

Lin Hai finished, turned around and left.

He had been so solemnly instructed before, but he didn’t put it in his heart. Lin Hai was really angry this time.

“Xiaohai, Xiaohai…”

Watching Lin Hai leave, ye Ziyu stamped his foot with chagrin.

“The golden needle?” Ye Ziyu suddenly reacts, takes out his mobile phone, and calls Ye Ziming.

“Zi Ming, did you pull out the gold needle on mother?”

“Yes, I pulled it out. I see…”

“Get back to me now!” Not wait for ye Ziming to explain, Ye ziyu directly hung up the mobile phone.

“This bastard!” Think of Lin Hai’s angry appearance. Ye Ziyu would like to slap Ye Ziming hard.

“Brother, what’s up?” Ye Ziming said impatiently as soon as he entered the room.

“What’s up? You almost killed my mother, do you know that! ” Ye Ziyu growls at Ye Ziming.

“I killed my mother? What do you say, brother, I just saw Mom’s pain, and then I helped her pull out the needle. “

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“You still say! Do you know that my mother almost finished just now! ” Ye Ziyu growled and said the symptoms of Fang just now.

“What!” Ye Ziming was also blindfolded, and then he said with a grim face: “mad, I said that traditional Chinese medicine is a trick to ghosts. It must be Lin Hai’s bastard. He gave his mother needles and almost killed her!”

“Shut up!” Ye Ziyu almost got angry. This bastard, he has not realized his mistake until now, and even blame others Lin Hai.

“Go now and apologize to Lin Hai. If they don’t forgive you, don’t come back!” Ye Ziyu pointed to the door.

“What? Are you crazy? Brother, you want me to apologize to Lin Hai? ” Ye Ziming’s face is unbelievable.

“I think you’re crazy. If you still want to save our mother, he will hurry to me!” Ye Ziyu rushes over, grabs Ye Ziming’s neck collar and roars fiercely.

“I’ll go. Can’t I go?” See ye Ziyu eyes are red, Ye Ziming also some fear.

Ye Ziming leaves the villa, drives the car and swears away.

In the dormitory, Lin Hai lies on the bed, playing with his cell phone bored.

“Haizi, how far have you and Liu Xinyue developed?” Wang Peng asked as he play lol.

“Normal development.” Mention Liu Xinyue, Lin Hai face can not help showing a smile.

Think about this period of time, it’s just like a dream. A poor student of his own came together with a famous university flower.

Until now, I couldn’t even dream.

“Normal development?”

“Haizi, talk to your friends.” Wang Peng did not play games, lying on the edge of Lin Hai’s bed, two small eyes risking the light said.

“Say what?”

“Have you ever kissed me?? Have you… “

“Fuck you.” Lin Hai slaps Wang Peng’s filthy fat face.

“Look at your filthy appearance.” Lin Hai laughed and scolded.

“Cao, a single dog just has no human rights. He doesn’t have any. He can’t even listen to others.” Wang Peng mumbles and sits back to play the game.

Lin Hai opens wechat and sends a message to baldheade qiang.

“Qiang, how about, can you persist??”

It took a long time for the bareheaded message to come back.

“Master, it’s so painful, it’s better to die, but don’t worry, I can hold on!”

Lin Hai was gratified for a while. This bald head was strong and his perseverance was really covered.

“You didn’t touch the gold needle, did you?”

“No, it’s still on my leg. I’m afraid I’ll bump into it accidentally. I’ll let the second egg be beside me and shout every ten seconds. Brother Qiang, be careful of the gold needle.”


Lin Hai almost blew.

Nima, it’s a wonderful thing to be bald and strong. Two days and two nights later, it’s hard to say that you haven’t practiced shadowless feet in Foshan. Erdan’s voice is absolutely useless.

“OK, hold on. You’re not far from success. Come to me at 6 p.m.”

“Well, thank you, master. I’ll contact you then.”

“Bang!” At this time, the door of the dormitory was suddenly pushed open.

“Does Lin Hai live in this house?” An arrogant voice sounded.

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