My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 168, Should I be bald?

By | January 27, 2020

Ye Feng and ye Ziyu personally sent Lin Hai and Du chun to the door respectfully.

When Lin Hai got on the bus, he suddenly remembered something and stuck his head out.

“Uncle Ye, if you have nothing to do, go to the hospital for an examination. If you don’t treat it, it’s too late.”

“What!” Looking at Lin Hai’s car, Ye Feng suddenly froze there.

“Xiaoyu, take care of your mother at home. I’m going to the hospital.” Ye Feng suddenly thought of the place Lin Hai asked him to press, and drove to the hospital in a hurry.

“Master…” In the car, Du Chun wants to stop talking.

“If you have anything to say, don’t hesitate.”

“Well, baldheaded Qiang called me and said that you have officially accepted him as a disciple, and specially taught him Foshan shadowless feet. He showed off with me for a while. I wonder if it is true?”


Nima, this bald head is strong. Why do you like to talk to Du Chun about everything?

It seems that these two goods still have a lot to do with who is the elder martial brother.

“Foshan wuyingjiao passed it on to him, but I didn’t promise to accept him as an apprentice. He is still in the investigation period. What’s the matter?”

“That, that…” Like a little girl, Du Chun suddenly began to rub his hands there.

“Hello, you’re a big Dean. Can you stop fiddling and say something?”

“Then I said, master, when can you teach me medicine?” Du Chun finished, looking forward to Lin Hai.

“Er…” Lin Hai stopped at once.

That’s a real problem, Maddy.

Du Chun has been calling himself Shifu for so long. He has been charging others for nothing else. If he doesn’t teach them anything, it seems that he can’t talk about it.

But medical skill is different from other things. It can’t be taught in a word or two. It’s mainly practice.

Grass, what can I do?

Seeing that Lin Hai didn’t speak for a long time, Du Chun suddenly panicked.

“Master, am I not as good as bareheaded recently? If I don’t do a good job, you can criticize me. I will change it, or I will have my head shaved? “


Lin Hai almost blew.

Nima, this has something to do with being bald, not being bald?

“That’s not the case.” Lin Hai thought it was drunk.

“That’s it.” Lin Hai suddenly said, “when the qinggesai thing is over, you will arrange a sitting time for me in your hospital. Once a week, when I sit in the hospital, you will watch and learn. I will guide you according to the actual situation. What do you think?”

Du Chun’s eyebrows trembled with excitement.

“Master, are you going to have a consultation? Ha ha ha ha, great, great! “

Du Chun is so excited that he grabs Lin Hai’s arm and shakes it.

“Ouch, you’re a dead old man. Let go. I’m still driving!”

When Du Chun was sent back to the hospital, Lin Hai didn’t go home either. He went directly to the school.

At school, Lin Hai drove directly to the door of the training room.

At this time, I don’t need to ask. Liu Xinyue must be here to make the final sprint for the green song competition.

“Huh?” Once inside, Lin Hai found that something was wrong.

Liu Xinyue and Zhen Shuang, standing in the middle of the studio, seem to be right.

Four around, male and female students, also do not practice songs, one by one together to watch the fun.

“I say Xinyue, I really admire your perseverance. I come here to practice songs every day, but I have already told you that with my Zhen Shuang, if you can’t get the champion, why don’t you believe it?”

Zhen Shuang is enchanting and sexy, and disdains her face.

“Zhen Shuang, whether I can win the championship or not depends on my strength. Unlike you specialize in some crooked ways.” Liu Xinyue knows some dirty things about Zhen Shuang from Lin Hai, and is disgusted at her.

“Strength? Ha ha ha… ” Zhen Shuang seemed to hear some big joke and burst out laughing.

“Xinyue, you are so simple.” Zhen Shuang shook his head contemptuously.

“What’s wrong with simplicity? Pure good, you think yourself dirty, others are the same as you? ” Lin Hai suddenly came over.

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“Who do you say is dirty?” Zhen Shuang’s face changed.

“Eh, there’s a smell of coquette.” Lin Hai waved in disgust. “Did you come back from the Tianhui international hotel that day without brushing your teeth?”

“You…” Zhen Shuang’s face suddenly changed when she heard about Tianhui international hotel.

That day, Lin Hai kicked the door and entered. Because the corridor was dark, Zhen Shuang didn’t really see who it was, and he didn’t dare to come out afterwards.

But now when Lin Hai mentions the name of the hotel, she can’t think of it. That person that day is Lin Hai.

“What are you? Get out of here!” Lin Hai waved like a fly.

“Well, this practice room is not your home, it’s the public place of the school. Can you manage if I want to be here?”

“Yo, don’t roll, do you? OK. “

Lin Hai suddenly clapped his hands loudly.

“Let me tell you a story today. The story happened in Tianhui international hotel. It said that one night…”

“Shut up!” Zhen Shuang is scared to stop Lin Hai.

“Why? The mouth grows on my face. Why do you let me stop? I will stop. Do you think my mouth is as public as yours? “

“Coax!” As soon as Lin Hai spoke, the students around laughed.

All of them are in the same school. They have heard about Zhen Shuang’s life style more or less. Lin Hai said that, how can they not understand what it means?

“You…” Zhen Shuangqi’s little face is white.

“What are you? Get out of here. If you don’t, I’ll tell you more. “

“Hum! Liu Xinyue, you wait for me. The champion of the green song competition must be mine! ” Zhen Shuang doesn’t dare to let Lin Hai talk any more, and Liu Xinyue throws down a cruel word, wriggles his buttocks and walks away in a gray way.

“You were so bad just now that you said that people’s mouths were public.” See Lin Hai help oneself drive away very cool, Liu Xinyue in the heart a sweet.

“Why? Did Xin Yue understand us? Come on, tell brother, this mouth is public. What do you mean? ” Lin Hai pretended to be surprised.

“I hate you!” Liu Xinyue’s face was red, and she gently punched Lin Hai.

At this time, some music students came together.

“Lin Hai, I’m your fan. Will you take part in this green song competition?”

“Yes, king Lin Hai. If you join us, we’ll be out of business. We’ll have to flag you.”

“King Lin Hai, you can join us. I think you will win the first prize.”

Lin Hai is still very popular among the students of music department, especially some girls. Looking at Lin Hai, their eyes are starting to show little stars. If Liu Xinyue was not around, they might have to run to ask for a phone or wechat.

“Haha, I’m flattered by all the students. I’m good at entertaining myself. Where is the stage? I won’t go to the green song contest. But we will participate in the Xinyue Festival. You can support me a lot then.” Lin Hai directly drew the ticket for Liu Xinyue.

“Ah? It’s a pity that you don’t attend. “

“But sister Xinyue can sing well. There should be no problem to win the championship.”

“That’s right, and sister Xinyue has worked so hard. Every day I see sister Xinyue in the practice room.”

“Sister Xinyue, we will support you then.”

Liu Xinyue is happy to see so many students support her.

“Thank you, thank you. I will work hard whether I win the championship or not.”

After the students of the onlookers left, Liu Xinyue suddenly looked at Lin Hai affectionately.

“Why? Xinyue, why do you look at your brother so affectionately? Do you want to… ” Lin Hai showed a bad smile.

“I hate you. What do you think?”

“Lin Hai, do you know what I am competing in?” Liu Xinyue suddenly asked.

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