My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 167, A needle in a dream

By | January 25, 2020

“Dad, brother, don’t be fooled by him. He knows how to see a doctor. He is a poor student. We are both from the same school.” Ye Ziming suddenly ran in.

“Xiao Ming, are you and this gentleman classmates?” Ye Feng is also a burst of surprise, which is really clever, his two sons, actually know Lin Hai.

“Well, what qualifications does he have to be a classmate with me?” Ye Ziming’s mouth turned, and his face turned to Lin Hai.

“How dare you? You cheated to my house? Is it good to bully our family? “

“Ye Shao, I’m sorry. I didn’t know this was your house before.” Lin Hai said with a smile.

Ye Ziming is stunned. Lin Hai was in Tianhui international hotel yesterday, but he was forced by the ox. how can he be counseled today?

Is it because he has the spirit of hegemony and conquers him all at once?

Thinking of this, Ye Ziming felt proud.

But a word from the bottom of Lin Hai made Ye Ziming almost spit blood.

“You know this is your home. Even if you are carrying me in a limousine, I will not come.”

“What are you crazy about? limousine, believe it or not, I’ll let someone beat you out. ” Ye Ziming glared and roared.

“Ziming, what are you doing? Be nice to Lin Hai.” Ye Ziyu frowned at the side and shouted in a cold voice.

“Brother, he is really a liar. Don’t listen to him…”

“Shut up!” Ye Ziyu knew that Lin Hai was not an ordinary person. It was enough to prove that he was the mysterious water of the last time.

“Well, Ziming, stop making trouble and let Mr. Lin show it to your mother first.” Ye Feng also said at one side.

“Dad, brother, why don’t you believe me?” Seeing his father and brother help Lin Hai talk, Ye Ziming is almost mad.

“OK, OK, Lin Hai, I don’t know how you cheated my father and my brother. You must come to our house for money, right? OK, we Ye family are short of everything, but we are not short of money. You can make a price, and then take the money and go away quickly!”

Lin Hai frowned, and wanted to turn around and walk away. But seeing Du Chun and Ye Ziyu, forcibly put down.

“Elder brother Ye, if you want to save your mother’s life, let this fool shut up!”

“Do you believe who he says is stupid…”

“Stop fighting!” Ye Feng suddenly a big drink, Ye Ziming scared a shiver, looking at his father’s angry face, suddenly wilted it.

“Mr. Lin.” Ye Feng went to Lin Hai and said, “you said just now, my wife can’t live for a month. Then, is there any help?”

Ye Feng finished, a face of tension staring at Lin Hai, afraid Lin Hai said no save two words.

“She can be saved.” Lin Hai’s words make Ye Feng happy.


“But what?” The heart that leaf Feng just falls, mentioned voice eye again all of a sudden.

“It’s going to take a lot of pain, and I’m afraid she won’t be able to take it.”

“This …” Ye Feng turned his head and looked at the sickbed. His scrawny old wife, who was suffering from the disease, sighed in his heart.

“Old ye, since this little gentleman says that he can be cured, let him be cured. For me, pain has become a commonplace. Will I care?” Ye Feng’s wife suddenly said.

“Ah Fang, I can’t bear it…”

“All right, Lao ye, stop talking.” Fang turned her head to Lin Hai again. “Young man, let the old woman take care of it. Don’t worry about it.”

“That’s all right.” Lin Hai nodded and suddenly took out a bag of gold needles from his pocket.

“Hey, what are you doing with the needle?” Ye Ziming cried out suddenly.

“Nonsense, of course, the needle is for the patient.”

“What! Needling? How can you treat my mother with a set of tricks like traditional Chinese medicine? “

“What do you say?” Lin Hai doesn’t like to hear about it anymore. The inheritance of the king of medicine he got from Tieguai Li is all traditional Chinese medicine. The more he knows about traditional Chinese medicine, the more he feels that traditional Chinese medicine is broad and profound. Compared with the current western medicine, it’s much stronger.

“Am I wrong? Traditional Chinese medicine is a deceitful thing. It’s just

“Grumpy!” Lin Hai picked up a gold needle and stuck it directly at a hidden acupoint on Ye Ziming’s head.

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Ye Ziming’s voice stopped abruptly, then his eyes closed slowly, but his face showed an extremely horrible expression, as if he had found something terrible.

Ye Feng and Ye Ziyu are shocked.

“Mr. Lin, Ziming…”

“Nothing.” Lin Hai shook his head. “Just let him sleep and have a dream.”

“Sleep, sleep.” The two men were directly confused and forced, “can you sleep even standing here?”

Lin Hai goes to Fang and reaches for a silver needle.

“Auntie, if this needle goes down, you will face the unbearable pain of ordinary people for 12 hours. Are you sure you want to cure it?” Lin Hai’s expression is very solemn.

A Fang smiled and showed an optimistic expression.

“Young man, don’t worry. The old lady has endured so many years of pain, and is afraid that these 12 hours won’t work?”

“Okay, then, I’ll pierce.”

Lin Hai said, eyes fierce a coagulate, then hand such as electricity, a burst into the heart of Fang.

“Hum!” Fang gave a cold snort of pain, then picked up her eyebrows, clenched her teeth tightly, tore the sheets with her hands, and the beads of sweat, big as beans, fell off her head, ticking and ticking, obviously suffering a great deal.

“Ah Fang!”


Ye Feng and Ye Ziyu felt heartache and their faces were very anxious.

Lin Hai suddenly opened the magic of heaven’s eyes, which instantly saw through Fang’s internal organs.

Only see Fang’s body, the gold needle is gathering the blood of the whole body, rapidly toward the heart of failure, constantly giving birth to the vitality of the heart.

Destroying the old and creating the new is an extremely painful process, which can not be solved by Lin Hai’s medical skills.

All depends on whether Fang can survive.

“Remember, don’t move the gold needle on her. When she was 12 hours old, I would come and help her take it out.” Lin Hai explained, reaching out and pulling out the gold needle from ye Ziming’s body.

“Ah!!! Get out of the way, you dead pigs. Ouch, you can’t do it! “

Ye Ziming’s crotch is suddenly wet, and then he wakes up.

“Ouch, it’s a dream. He dreamed that he was gang raped by a group of sows. It’s terrible. It’s terrible. Eh…”

Before Ye Ziming finished, he found Ye Feng and ye Ziyu looking at himself strangely.

Ye Ziming looked down and said, “ouch, I’m going to change my pants, Dad.”

With that, Ye Ziming ran into the bedroom with a red face and slammed the door shut.

I witnessed Ye Ziming’s encounter with my own eyes. When Ye Feng and ye Ziyu looked at Lin Hai again, they were not the same as before.

It’s terrible, it’s really terrible!

A gold needle makes people fall into a dream at once. Judging from Ye Ziming’s loss just now, he can’t be divided into reality and illusion.

What is this means?

However, Ye Feng and Ye Ziyu suddenly gave birth to a deep awe to Lin Hai sea.

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