My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 129, White impermanence catches ghosts

By | December 14, 2019

As soon as Lin Hai looked back, he saw a female ghost with seven orifices bleeding, fangs bared, and a long tongue sticking out. Standing behind her, she felt more terrible.

Lin Hai made a strange cry. He turned around and ran. His little heart almost jumped out of his throat.

“Oh, wait, No.” After two steps, Lin Hai suddenly stopped.

Grass, my brother is white impermanent. He came here to catch the soul. It should be because the ghost saw that he was scared, and ran a hair on his own.

When he turned around, Lin Hai’s face was smiling.

“Hello, today is my brother’s first time, but my brother is very fierce. Are you afraid?” Lin Hai looks like he needs to be beaten. He can’t pull it.

The female ghost stared at the person in front of her and was scared away when she saw her. Now he came back to pretend to be the ghost messenger. She was stunned for a long time, and then she burst into laughter.

“What’s the first time? you are funny ” The female ghost has a strange face.

Suddenly, dare to say brother is funny!

Lin Hai couldn’t bear it on the spot.

“! Little female ghost, seeing this emissary, doesn’t take the initiative to run over and kneel and lick it. Dare you say that this emissary is teasing, and his head is rusty? ” Lin Hai shakes the lock chain in his hand and tries to pretend to be vicious.

“Oh, silly.” The ghost whispered that she was going to float away.

You want to go? Too much for him to ignore his brother.

“Stop for me!” Lin Hai drinks loudly, carrying the chain of locked souls to prepare to come forward.

“Ah!” The ghost turned back and kissed Lin Hai.

“My day! What do you mean? Want to seduce brother? Just like you, ouch, lying in the trough… ” Lin Hai is saying, see a peach blossom to fly to oneself suddenly.

Lin Hai jumped to the side.

“Peach blossom kill!” Lin Hai was shocked.

“! Oh! “……” In the female ghost’s mouth, peach blossom after peach blossom flew towards the forest sea at a very fast speed.

“I hide, I hide, I hide…” Lin Hai turns white impermanence, but the speed is much faster than before, but Rao is still in a hurry.

“Oh, at last, I got out of the way.” Lin Hai breathed a sigh of relief, only to find a cloud wind approaching.

“Trough!” Lin Hai is surprised, fiercely put the lock chain in his hand towards the female ghost’s head.

I didn’t know that when the female ghost drifted gently, she hid away.

Then, with long and pointed nails and bloody ghost claws, he came to Lin hai’s neck.

Trough, it’s over!

Lin Hai murmured.


Suddenly, a bright light came out from the chest of the forest sea, blocking the ghost claw at a place three or four centimeters away from the forest sea.

Peach wood sword!

When Lin Hai’s eyes brightened, he was relieved at last.

Looking at the light of peach wood sword, the pressed ones all trembled, and Lin Hai suddenly understood.

Lie in your uncle’s horse face. You deliberately pit your brother. For the first time, he arranged a fierce ghost for his brother. If he didn’t have a treasure protector, he might have gone.

“You are also a ghost. How can you wear the exorcism treasure?” The female ghost on the opposite side is also a little confused.

“Brother is handsome, can’t do it.” Lin Hai was hard pressed to move and he takes out his mobile phone and opens wechat.

“Well, do you want to ask for help?” The female ghost shows a disdainful expression, and the strength on her hand was stronger.

“I beg your sister!” Lin Hai suddenly has a big ladle in his hand. Lin Hai uses all his strength and pours it at the female ghost.

“My brother splashed you with bath water!”

“Ah!” Big Dipper appears too suddenly, female ghost wants to hide again, already too late.

“Wow!” A big ladle of water from the Yaochi pool was splashed on the face of the female ghost.


The peach blossom halo on the top of the ghost’s head dissipated instantly, and the ghost fell to the ground and became a beautiful girl.

Lin Hai, afraid of change, clattered and put the chain around the girl’s neck.

The girl showed a painful expression.

“Are you Tao Tao?” Lin Hai saw that the girl was the same as peach peach lying on the ground, and immediately recognized it.

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“I am.”

Uh huh? No, since she is Tao Tao, why was she splashed with water from the yaochi lake? The peach blossom was destroyed, but did not pass out?

“Hello, how can Hou xianpin faint? How can you not faint?” Lin Hai asked the question in his heart.

“I’m all dead, what fainting.” Peach looks at Lin Hai like an idiot.

“Er…” Lin Hai rubbed his nose. The question was a little idiotic.

“Brother Hou, is he OK?” Peach suddenly asked.

“Well, you’re going to kill me.” Lin Hai gave her a white look.

Peach immediately became nervous.

“Please don’t take brother Hou away. He’s a good man. I’m also under control. I hurt brother Hou without knowing. I’m sorry for him.” Peach suddenly lowered her head and began to cry.

“Huh?” Lin Hai did not expect that the peach, the feelings for Hou xianpin are true.

“Who controls you?” Lin Hai asked in a hurry. It’s also the key to find the person who controls Hou xianpin.

“I don’t know who he is, but I know where he is.” Peach looked up and said.

Lin Hai eyebrows a pick, “take me over!”

“Why should I take you there?” Peach a sad smile, they are dead, still care about those?

Lin Hai was stunned, then said angrily, “I didn’t mean to harm Hou xianpin. Now I want to save him, but you don’t cooperate at all. In that case, let him die.”

“What!” Tao tao surprised,” Hou elder brother still can saved”

“As long as you quickly find the person behind you, he will be saved.” Lin Hai said solemnly.

“What are you waiting for? I’ll take you now!” Tao Tao stood up and became more eager than Linhai.

One by one, they floated out of the rental house.

“Director, you see, I’ll say that Lin Hai is not reliable. How long has it been? He hasn’t come yet.”

Peng Tao frowned at the time.

“Wait, Mr. Lin is an expert.”

“No, I’ll give him a call.” Xu Tian pouted and pushed Lin Hai over.

“The number you dialed is not in the service area. Please call again later!”

“Hum, I’m so angry. Chief, listen! ” Xu Tian hands her mobile phone to Peng Tao’s ear.

“Here…” Peng Tao’s brow furrowed deeper.

Lin Hai and peach are floating forward, and wechat suddenly rings.

When Lin Hai saw it, it was from the horse’s face, and suddenly the anger came back.

Ma De, dare to hell brother, and face to send message to brother!

I opened it for a look.

Mamian (Chu): you’re not dead? Still got the ghost? Good luck!

I wish you the best! Lin Hai is more angry.

This horse face really knows that he’s catching the fierce ghost. Mark, look at the tone. He’s disappointed that he’s not dead.

Brother, what’s his grudge against you?

Little muddleheaded fairy: many fools want to die, but they are all disappointed. After disappointment, they are generally more stupid.

Ma Mian knew that Lin Hai would scold himself again, but he could not get angry, otherwise he would admit that he was hurting him.

In this way, the horse’s face almost choked with internal injuries.

Ma Mian (Chu): in that case, according to the time limit, there are two minutes left.

Little silly fairy: what’s the difference?

Ma Mian (Chu): nonsense, of course, it’s time to return the soul to the underworld. Hurry up!

To your sister! Lin Hai threw his cell phone in his pocket directly.

I have to rely on peach to find the operator behind the scenes. How can I hand her over to the local government.

Ma Mian (Chu): the time is coming. Why hasn’t it been handed in yet!

Ma Mian (Chu): hurry up, there is no time!

Ma Mian (Chu): Ma De, where are you? I’ll say something before you die!

Mamian (Chu): you are crazy! Catch the ghost. It’s time. I’ll go to hell if I don’t give up.

Ma Mian (Chu): Ma De, what do you want to do to kill me! You bastard! Son of a bitch!

Wechat is full of angry messages, but Lin Hai didn’t even read them.

“Here we are.” Peach suddenly stopped in front of a villa.

Lin Hai eyebrows a pick, “go in!”

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