My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 128, It’s a disease. It needs treatment!

By | December 13, 2019

“I’ll be right there.”

Lin Hai hung up the phone.

This man is dead. How can we crack the peach blossom robbery? Hou xianpin won’t never wake up.

Quickly open wechat and send a message to Tieguai Li.

Little muddleheaded fairy: the peach blossom robber is dead. What should I do? Is there any way to crack the peach blossom robbery?

Tieguaili: dead? (behind is a row of shocked expressions)

Your sister! Lin Hai now looks at this shocked expression, all want to vomit!

Little muddleheaded fairy: can it be broken?

Tieguaili: it’s hard. If you die, the peach blossom robbery will follow the soul. Unless you find her soul and pour the water of yaochi on her soul, it’s basically impossible. If you can find the soul first, you can’t touch it even if you find it. All, hard, hard!

It’s hard for you, sister! Ha ha, others can’t, brother can!

Isn’t it the soul? But there is a ghost princess in my brother’s house. It’s not a matter of minutes to find a soul?

Lin Hai is going back to find Chu lin’er for help.

Just about to leave, wechat rings again.

“Huh?” Lin Hai opened it up and saw that it was actually sent from horseface.

What’s he doing with himself, Maddy? Lin Hai doesn’t like horse noodles very much.

Ma Mian (Chu):Now there is a task for you, a new ghost appears in Jiangnan City, you go and hook her back, let alone I did not take care of you, the coordinates are (s, b).

After sending out the message, the horse smiled grimly.

Don’t you have a relationship? Don’t you look at me? Very good. I don’t give you any simple tasks, so that you can’t earn any evil points. Dangerous tasks are all assigned to you, torture you to death!

This new ghost, there is a peach blossom killing robbery on the top of her head. You’re a second-class scrotum from a relationship. You can’t hold it. Let’s wait for bad luck.

Lin Hai looks at the information of the horse’s face, a burst of depression.

Nima, didn’t you agree not to send me a task?

“Why? This place? ” Lin Hai suddenly found that the coordinates given to him by Ma Mian were basically consistent with the place where Peng Tao said peach died.

“I wipe, wouldn’t I be so ingenious?”

“Mark, let’s go and have a look. My brother hasn’t hooked soul yet. Let’s see how it feels.”

Lin Hai went out of the dormitory, sat in the car and opened the heaven and earth bag of wechat.

“This enchanting messenger is always dressed in white and black. It should be said that black and white often said.” Lin Hai thought about it and extracted the white one.

The enchanting messengers he had seen were all black impermanence. Lin Hai felt that they were not new. He wore them all in white.

Once extracted, the white clothes appear in the heart of the hand, which are invisible. Lin Hai also needs to open his eyes to see them.

Is it worn?


At the next moment, Lin Hai changed.

A white robe, almost dragged on the ground, head of a sharp big drum hat, the right hand holding the chain.

Lin Hai looked at the car in the mirror.

Grass, this man is handsome. He can wear anything with style. Lin Hai made a scissors hand towards the mirror. He was very satisfied with his shape.

Set out!

Lin Hai goes to push the door.

What the fuck!

Lin Hai’s arm came straight through the door. One of them didn’t stand up and fell down and chewed shit.


Lin Hai got up from the ground in a mess and straightened his clothes. Don’t mention his depression.

Grass, it is not good to start!

 “Huh? Wait?” Lin Hai said for a moment. “Look, can you actually penetrate the car?”

Lin Hai responded that the reason why he fell down was that he didn’t touch the car door at all and didn’t have any support on his hand before falling off the car.

With curiosity in mind, Lin Hai approached the car step by step.

When his body really passed through the car, there was no collision, how high was Lin Hai’s happy touch!

“Wahaha, I didn’t expect that I could walk through the obstacles when I put on this dress. It seems that it’s not useless for me to have two kinds of scrotum.”

“Well, that’s good. Let’s go!” Lin Hai’s children have come up with their minds and don’t walk on the road. They go straight through a wall in front of them.

“It’s so much fun, ha ha.” Lin Hai is not happy.

“Huh? I seem to be walking a lot faster. ” Another amazing discovery of Lin Hai is that he can walk faster than a car on the street.

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In less than five minutes, Lin Hai arrived at his destination.

As soon as he came in, Lin Hai felt a dark wind.

“Huh?” Looking forward, Peng Tao, with several policemen, is surrounding a female corpse, saying something.

Lin Hai leaned over, eh? Xu Tian?

Lin Hai is strange. Isn’t Xu Tian a traffic policeman? It’s coming.

This girl is really indispensable.

“Chief, we can’t let forensics test first. Don’t wait for Lin Hai. He is a bad guy.” Xu Tian said with a wrinkled nose.

“Yo!” Lin Hai would not like to, “you little girl, actually say bad things about your brother behind your back, when you don’t know?”

Lin Hai floated directly to the past, until almost all of Xu Tian’s faces were pasted together, and then stopped.

“Can you see me? Can you see me? ” Lin Hai shook his head at Xu Tian.

Xu Tian didn’t feel the existence of Lin Hai at all. He continued to make suggestions with Peng Tao.

“Director, the cause of death of this woman is very strange. It’s not like suicide, but there’s no sign of homicide.”

“Let’s wait until Mr. Lin comes. Mr. Lin is a strange man. I’m sure there will be a way.” Peng Tao said with a frown.

“Look, look at the level of the director, I like to hear that!” Lin Hai is in the beauty of her own.

Ding Dong!

Just laughing, wechat suddenly rings.

Fuck! Lin Hai was startled and hurriedly checked the reaction of the crowd.

Uh huh? Lin Hai found that the faces of these policemen were the same as before, and they didn’t hear a sound at all.

“Ha ha, it’s amazing.” Lin Hai is relieved.

Take out the mobile phone, it’s from horseface.

Mamian (Chu): what are you doing? (there’s a bunch of angry expressions behind)

Dry your sister! What for?

Lin Hai is annoyed at the sight of horse noodles.

Little muddleheaded fairy: what’s the matter? Say anything!

When Ma Mian saw the tone of Lin Hai’s voice, he was almost mad.

Mamian (Chu): what did I tell you to do? (there’s a bunch of angry expressions behind)

Little muddleheaded fairy : are you forgetful? Alzheimer’s? What did you let me do, you don’t know? I’ll tell you, it’s a disease. It needs treatment!

Ma Mian is almost out of breath in the underground.

Nima, what’s forgetful? What Alzheimer’s? This new war has something to do with it. It’s so rampant and arrogant.

Ma Mian (Chu): the soul I let you grasp!!!

“Soul? Whoops! ” Lin Hai is surprised.

Nima, as soon as she found out the function of the white impermanent clothes, she took care of the freshness and forgot his business.

Hurry to look at the dead woman on the ground.

Why? No soul? What happened?

Lin Hai opened the magic of heaven’s eye again and looked at it carefully.

Is there any soul?

That’s weird.

Lin Hai is puzzled.

Thinking about it, Lin Hai sent a message to Ma Mian.

Little muddleheaded fairy: are you mistaken? This man is dead, but he doesn’t see the soul?

Ma Mian felt that he was about to spit blood.

Mamian (Chu): when did I tell you to go?

Lin Hai rolled his eyes.

Little muddleheaded fairy: I solemnly tell you that if you have nothing to check, whether you have amnesia and Alzheimer’s disease, it’s really a disease that needs to be treated!

“I’m pissed off. I’m pissed off.” In the underworld, the horse’s face covered his chest, and he was almost out of breath.

Ma Mian (Chu): now I solemnly tell you that the soul, who has become a fierce ghost, has run away! If you can’t get it back, if anything happens, wait for the next 18 layers of hell!

“I wipe! Run? ” Lin Hai is surprised, NIMA. It seems that he is playing so well on the way. He is late.

What else does this horseface say? If you don’t come back and something goes wrong, you’re going to go to hell on your own?

My darling, this is not for fun. Hurry to find it.

Lin Hai is in a hurry. He looks around.

“Are you looking for me?” All of a sudden, a gloomy woman’s voice sounded behind him.

Lin Hai looks back.

“My mother, ghost !!!”

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