My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 127, Tyrant Brother

By | December 12, 2019

Lin Hai once looked, I depend on, this Yaochi fairy, pour is an acute son.

Little muddleheaded fairy: fairy, can we talk about it another day? My friend has been robbed by peach blossom and is waiting for help.

Yaochi fairy: Well, come to me when you have time. I’ll wait for your news.

Coming out of the office, Du Chun came up.


“Mayor Tang is gone?” Asked Lin Hai.

“No, it’s in the next lounge.” Du Chun pointed to the next room.

Lin Hai can’t help sighing. Mayor Tang is also an emotional person. When the Secretary enters the hospital, he is a mayor, and he has been waiting beside him. There are very few leaders who can do this.

But Tang Sen is here. Some things are easy to do.

Lin Hai pushed the door into the rest room.

Tang Sen is sitting on the sofa, closing his eyes and resting. Seeing Lin Hai come in, he stands up quickly.

“How are you, Mr. Lin?”

“Mayor Tang, there are two things that need your help.” Lin Hai’s face was a little dignified.

Tang Sen takes a deep breath, “you said.”

“First, send someone to find Tao Tao  and bring it here.”

“Well, I’ll do it right away!” Tang Sen agreed very well.

“Second, Tao Tao should be manipulated by someone behind the scenes. She is also a victim. I need you to find out the controller behind the scenes.”

“No problem!”

“Remember, there are only three days!” Lin Hai’s very solemn explanation.

“Go to the Public Security Bureau.” Tang Sen didn’t talk nonsense. He took the sand without a view and left.

After Tang Sen left, Lin Hai stayed here. For the time being, he could do nothing. He greeted Du Chun and left.

I called my parents and they were forced to go shopping with their bare heads.

There was no one at home, and Lin Hai was too lazy to go back. He drove directly to school.

Think of yourself. I seem to be busy recently. I haven’t come to school for a long time.

“Grass, you two are skipping class!” As soon as Lin Hai entered the dormitory, he saw Wang Peng and Liu Liang, lying on the computer in front of LOL.

“It’s good to say that we are still in school at least every day. No one can see us like you.” Wang pengtou also did not return.

“Oh, by the way, Liangzi, did your family participate in the auction?” Lin Hai suddenly remembered that Liu Liang had said that his family would take part in the auction.

“Well, don’t mention it. My father has arranged several times for the vice president of the court to take charge of this matter. Hai zi, you may not know. There are so many things in this government auction. My father said he would try again.”

“Oh.” Lin Hai really doesn’t understand the auction, but he also knows that China is a society of personal feelings. It’s better to find someone for something than not.

Ding Dong!

Wechat rings.

When Lin Hai opened it, it was a message prompt.

Antarctica Wonderland expands the capacity of a friend for you, consuming 100000 merit points.

Damn it, tyrant!

Lin Haiyan is straight.

Ding Dong!

It seems that Lin Hai is afraid to use the capacity of this friend again. Just after the prompt message came, the friend request of the Antarctic fairy also arrived.

Lin Hai suddenly remembered that yesterday, he seemed to have made a dent in the old man.


Antarctic fairy: Taoist friend, what you did yesterday was really a bit unreasonable.

A message from the Antarctic fairy has been sent.

Little muddleheaded fairy: what happened yesterday? What is it?

Lin Hai opened his eyes and pretended to be confused.

Antarctic fairy: Taoist friend, you are not interesting. Yesterday I just expanded the capacity of a friend for you, and you will use it.

Little muddleheaded fairy: Oh, you said it. The capacity of friends has been expanded. Isn’t it used to add friends? I’ve added it. There’s no waste.

Somewhere in the sky, the Antarctic fairy almost fell to the ground.

Nima, you don’t waste it, but I’m expanding your capacity. Is it for you to add others?

Antarctica fairy: Taoist friend, you’re not good at pretending to be confused like this?

Little muddleheaded fairy: pretend to be muddleheaded? I’m called Little muddleheaded fairy. It’s my nature to be confused. Do I have to pretend? You say that you talk about being confused with a silly fairy. Are you confused or I am confused? If you are not, you will be confused.

Lin Hai told him that it was a tongue twister.

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Antarctic Wonderland: (a line of sweaty faces behind)

Antarctica fairy: Well, Dao you, I recognized that yesterday.

Little muddleheaded fairy: don’t be muddleheaded. We are not muddleheaded. If we encounter muddleheaded people, we will be muddleheaded. If we encounter muddleheaded people, we will not be muddleheaded.

Antarctica fairy: shut up, can you say something!

The Antarctic fairy is going crazy. His big head is going to be dizzy.

Little muddleheaded fairy: Er Tyrant brother, you say.

Tyrant brother? The Antarctic fairy lost his mind.

Antarctic fairy: I smoked a Chinese brand cigarette in Tieguai, Li Na. I heard that it came from you?

Lin Hai’s eyes brighten. Yo, business is coming.

Little muddleheaded fairy: Yes, I got it from a secret place.

Antarctica fairy: any more?

Little confused fairy: Yes.

Antarctic fairy: 10000 merits and virtues?

Little silly fairy: what do you say? (a surprised expression at the back)

Antarctica fairy: I heard Tieguai Li say, you order one according to 10000 merits and pay him in installments.

Little muddleheaded fairy: you don’t understand. I asked Tieguai Li. If not, I can sell one piece of 10000 merits and virtues? Besides, there are only a limited number of cigarettes. One cigarette is less.

Lin Hai can see that this Antarctic fairy is an absolute local tyrant. It’s natural that the local tyrant won’t kill him.

Antarctic fairy: how much is it?

Little muddleheaded fairy: 100000 merits and virtues.

Antarctica fairy: 10 times as long as I sit on the ground. Taoist friend, this is blackmail, when I am the wrongdoer?

Little muddleheaded fairy: rare things are precious. No price is allowed.

The Antarctic fairy has been silent for a long time.

Now, Lin Hai panicked.

I don’t want to be too ruthless. I scared brother tyrant away. It’s not worth it.

Ding Dong!

Wechat rings. Lin Hai quickly picks up his mobile phone to see if the Antarctic fairy has come to bargain.

“Huh?” Lin Hai looks at his head. It’s little Nezha.

Nezha: Daoyou, your comic book “One Piece” is so beautiful. When will you send me the second volume?

Little muddleheaded fairy: the second volume hasn’t been drawn yet. Wait.

Lin Hai is thinking about the story of the Antarctic fairy. How can he be in the mood to deal with children?

Nezha: when can we draw it? My classmates and I don’t think about the tea we are waiting for.

I wipe, Lin Hai a look, how does NIMA with oneself originally chase to see when a virtue?

Little silly fairy: it’s fast. Wait a minute. I’ll send it to you when I draw it.

Nezha: Oh, what do you think Luffy will encounter next? Will you meet the Dragon King of the East China Sea? Will you kill him?


Nima, this little Nezha has too much imagination.

Little muddleheaded fairy: I don’t know. OK, let’s discuss the plot with your classmates. I’m busy.

Nezha: Oh, when the second volume is published, it will be sent to me at the first time. Please (a row of tearful expressions at the back)

Lying groove, Lin Hai immediately has a sense of guilt, as if he deceived the innocent and pure feelings of children.

After waiting for a long time, the information of the Antarctic fairy has not come. Lin Hai cannot help regretting that it is too high.

At this time, suddenly the mobile phone rang, and Lin Hai hurriedly picked it up.

“Mr. Lin, peach has been found!” It turned out that Peng Tao called. It seems that the mayor appeared in person, and he, the chief, had to do it himself.

“Where is it?” Linhai spirit a shock!

“In a rental house, but the man is dead!”

“What!” Lin Hai!

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