My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 125, Three days

By | December 10, 2019

For the first time in most of his life, Du Chun met this kind of patient.

There is no sign of illness, but vital signs are rapidly disappearing, and there is no way to start treatment.

“Dean Du, if you have any information, you can tell me directly.” Tang Sen also stood up and said with dignity.

Du Chun shook his head. “Mayor Tang, Secretary Hou is not ill.”

“Not sick? Then he… “

“I don’t know either.” Said Du Chun, frowning.

“Don’t know? I don’t know what it’s called? You say can cure or not, you… ” The driver Xiaosha is in a hurry.

“Shut up!” Tang Sen stared and stopped him.

If other doctors say so, maybe he will be angry, but who is Du Chun? He is a famous expert in the country. How can he make trouble here?

“Dean Du, what’s the situation now?” Asked Tang Sen tentatively.

“Can’t live for three days.”

“What!” Tang Sen got it straight.

“Well, what’s going on?” Tang Sen is not calm.

Du Chun has an idea.

“Mayor Tang, if I said that Secretary Hou might not be ill, but evil, would you believe it?”

“Evil?” Tang Sen’s pupil shrank sharply.

If Du Chun says these words to others, others may think that he is talking nonsense, but Tang Sen is not.

Tang Sen has been in charge of the city’s political and legal work in recent years. He has seen all kinds of bizarre cases and strange things, many of which cannot be explained by science. He can’t believe the theory of ghosts and gods.

Suddenly, he suddenly remembered that Hou xianpin and the young man he had met before seemed to have told him that Hou xianpin had been robbed by peach blossom.

Is that true?

Take a deep breath. Tang Sen looks at Du Chun.

“Dean Du, you say, is there any way?” The implication has accepted Du Chun’s theory of evil and evil.

Du Chun was silent for a while, and then said, “I have no way, but there is a man who may be able to save him. It depends on whether he is willing to do it.”

“Who?” Tang Sen’s eyes flashed.

“My master!”

“Your master?” In a word, Du Chun Stupefies Tang Sen.

Du Chun is a well-known expert all over the country. What is his master?

“Where is your master now?” Tang Sen couldn’t help but bring a wave of respect.

“It should be in Jiangnan. I’ll give him a call.”

“In Jiangnan?” Tang Sen is even more stunned. I haven’t heard of any doctor in Jiangnan. He is famous above Du Chun. Besides, he is Du Chun’s master.

Du Chun has picked up the phone and dialed Lin Hai.

Lin Hai was sitting in Hou xianpin’s office depressed. When the phone rang, he picked it up.

The two guards were ordered to watch Lin Hai, but they didn’t restrict him from answering the phone.

“Master, are you in Jiangnan? I want to ask you to come out.” Du Chun said politely on the phone.

“What is it?”

“There was a strange patient who suddenly fainted without any symptoms of illness, but the vital signs were passing quickly. I wonder I doubt he was in evil.” Du Chun said truthfully.

Lin Hai is surprised, how to say with Hou xianpin symptom so similar?

“What’s the patient’s name?” Lin Hai asked in a hurry.

“Hou xianpin.” Du Chun then added, “Mayor Tang’s secretary.”

Grass, that’s true.

Your uncle, just controlled me here, and now you want me to save people. What do you want?

Lin Hai’s temper has returned.

“No help!” Lin Hai snapped up the phone.

“Er…” Du Chun listens to the blind voice coming from the phone, and he is stupid at once.

“How about Dean Du?”

Tang Sen asked nervously as soon as he saw Du Chun’s expression was wrong.

“My master said, ‘no help.’ ” Du Chun is embarrassed.

“What!” Tang Sen was on fire.

“Who is your master? Call me. I’ll call him myself. A doctor can’t save his life. Is there any medical ethics? ” Tang Sen said angrily as he asked Du Chun for Lin Hai’s phone number.

Now Lin Hai is sitting in the room with his legs up.

You can’t help but look at my brother. This time, I have to ask for him?

“I haven’t been a big brother for many years…” The phone rings again.

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Lin Hai is a strange number.

“Who is it?” Lin Hai picked it up.

“You are Dean Du’s master?” There was a trace of anger in the voice.

“Yes, who are you?” Lin Hai made his tone cold on purpose.

Tang Sen took a deep breath. “I’m Tang Sen, deputy mayor of Jiangnan City. Now there is a patient in the first people’s hospital. I hope you can come here to cure him in the spirit of the kindness of the doctor.”

“The doctor is kind?” Lin Hai sneered, “I’m not a doctor. What kind of doctor do you want?”

Lin Hai snapped up the phone.

Don’t you dare to hang up, NIMA?

Even the Secretary and mayor wouldn’t do that, would they?

And he said he wasn’t a doctor? What is Du Chun’s master, not a doctor?

“Dean Du, who is your master? And how does he say he’s not a doctor? ” Asked Tang Sen, pressing the fire.

“Mayor Tang, my master is really not a doctor. He is a student of Jiangnan University.”


“What do you say!” Tang Sen was completely confused.

Is Du Chun’s master a college student?

Tang Sen rubbed his head hard. What’s the matter?

“Mayor Tang, my Shifu has a strange temper. You’d better be polite to him. Last time director Peng asked him to see his father, it took a lot of effort. I asked him many times to move.” Said Du Chun.

Tang Sen was stunned. “Peng Tao asked him to see the disease, too?”

“Yes, and more than once. His father has recovered from his illness. Besides, he should be evil.”

Tang Sen frowned.

“OK, I’ll call him again.” Tang Sen called again.

After the call, Tang Sen’s tone was more polite.

“Hello, I was too worried about the patient’s condition just now, so I was a little anxious. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Oh, that’s right.” Lin Hai is still begging Tang Sen. just like that, it’s just to make Tang Sen pay more attention to himself.

Now that Tang Sen’s tone has softened, he will naturally take it as soon as he sees it.

Tang Sen listened to Lin Hai’s tone. It seemed that he had a play. He was very happy.

“Well, I don’t know if it’s convenient for you. Come and show the patient. I can send a car to pick you up.”

“Alas.” Lin Hai sighed.

“Mayor Tang, it’s not that I don’t want to go, it’s that I can’t go.” Lin Hai sighed on the phone.

“Can’t go, why?” Tang Sen’s heart was tense again.

“To be honest, Mayor Tang. Just now, I went to your city government to save me a buddy, but it turned out that He was not saved, but I was watched. I don’t even have personal freedom now.” Lin Hai said pitifully.

“You in the city government? Still being watched? ” Tang Sen a Leng, then the fierce reaction come over.

“You, you are the young man in secretary Hou’s office?”

“Why? Mayor Tang, how do you know that I’m in the Secretary’s office? ” Lin Hai said deliberately.

“Hey, I’m the one who ordered people to look at you!” Tang Sen slaps his thigh, Maddy. This is what Wulong did.

“… So you are Mayor Tang. ” Lin Hai pretends to say, heart says, elder brother he guessed it was you.

“I couldn’t help it. I was in a hurry. You were waiting in the office. I’ll ask the driver to pick you up.” Tang Sen hung up the phone and asked Xiao Sha to drive quickly to pick up Lin Hai.

Lin Hai sits leisurely on Hou xianpin’s chair, shaking his legs.

Now the initiative is in our own hands. We need to talk with Mayor Tang about the conditions.

“This is the man who came to the city government to make a fool of himself?” Lin Hai is beautiful. A harsh voice is ringing outside the door.

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