My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 124, Splashing your face with bath water

By | December 9, 2019

In the early morning of the next day, Lin Hai called Hou xianpin and was rejected.

“Contact you after the meeting.” Later, Hou xianpin’s message came back.

After going downstairs, song Qin has finished breakfast. Lin Hai eats some, and drives straight to Liu Xinyue’s house.

Today, it’s Liu Shan’s day to take medicine again. Liu Xinyue has been preparing for the Qingge competition since today. She lives and eats in school, and Lin Hai hasn’t bothered her.

It took a long time for the door to open after the doorbell rang.

Liu Xinqing, in her pajamas and sleepy eyes, stood at the door.

“You’re late. My sister has gone to school.” Liu Xinqing rubbed her eyes and didn’t wake up.

“And auntie?” Lin Hai secretly glanced at her eyes and swallowed her saliva.

“I’ve gone shopping.”

“I’ll go in and give my uncle some medicine, and then I’ll leave.”

“Oh.” Liu Xinqing yawned and gave way to the door.

When Lin Hai came to Liu Shan’s room, he saw that Liu Shan was breathing well, just like sleeping. No one could see that he was a vegetable.

Lin Hai took out the pill and gave it to Liu Shan.

Then, under the divine eye, it was clear that the soul and body of Liushan could hardly be separated after further integration.

“How’s my dad?” Liu Xinqing asked after him.

“He’ll wake up with another dose.”

“Great.” Liu Xinqing waves her hands happily.

“Well, I’ll go first.” Lin Hai felt that he could not stay any longer.

Passing by Liu Xinqing, Lin Hai suddenly stops and points to her.

“Sister in law, you’re gone.”

Liu Xinqing was shocked and hurriedly bowed her head.

“Ah! Dirty rogue! Hooligans… “

Lin Hai has already run.

At the mayor’s office meeting, Townsend is reporting the details of Hu’s industrial auction submitted by the court.

Hou xianpin is sitting in the small chair in the back, taking notes carefully.

Suddenly, the head of a buzzing, then, a face like peach blossom, sexy and charming figure appeared in the mind.

“Again, Maddy!” Hou xianpin was shocked, trying to drive peach out of his mind, but it had no effect at all.

His hands, uncontrolled, took out his cell phone and pressed the recording key.

As soon as the meeting was over, Hou xianpin walked into Townsend’s office in pain.

“Mayor Tang, I have something to report to you.” Hou xianpin’s whole body was shaking.

“What is it?” Townsend was a little unhappy, as if he was still angry about yesterday.

“Mayor Tang, I didn’t mean to tell you about the auction yesterday. I was robbed by peach blossom.”

“Peach blossom robbery?” Townsend gave gas to smile directly, “it is to be fascinated by that woman yesterday originally? You’re happy to say that! “

Tang Sen angrily slapped the table, a disappointed look appeared on his face.

He still attaches great importance to Hou xianpin. The young man is hardworking, hardworking and has strong working ability. Tang Sen also plans to set up a good unit for him in another year or two.

Unexpectedly, after all, the hero was sad and fell into the hands of a woman.

“Mayor Tang, it’s not like you think. My mind seems to be under control. I myself…”

“Enough!” The more Townsend listened, the more angry he became. “Little Hou, it’s not terrible to make a mistake, but if you don’t dare bear it…”

Before he finished, Hou xianpin’s face suddenly changed. In his mind, he received an order to send the recording of his mobile phone to Taotao.

“Mayor Tang, I’ll go out for a while.” Hou xianpin finished and ran out.

“It’s becoming more and more impolite!” Townsend was shivering all over with anger.

If Hou xianpin had not been with him for many years and had deep feelings, he would have changed him immediately.

Back in the office, Hou xianpin hurriedly called Lin Hai.

“Xiao Lin, how is it? That peach controls me to do what I shouldn’t do again. ” Hou xianpin was eager.

Lin Hai is surprised. “I have a way to crack it. Where are you?”

“City government, come here quickly. I’ll say hello to the guard. You come straight to my office. Come on! “

Hou xianpin calls, the mind suddenly a trance, ghost will record the sound, sent out.

Ten minutes later, Lin Hai arrived. He asked the guard the location of Hou xianpin’s office. Lin Hai ran upstairs directly.

From Hou xianpin’s tone, Lin Hai also knows that now the situation is urgent and we must seize every minute and second.

“In which department are you, Mao is impetuous!” When passing a gate, Lin Hai almost ran into Tang Sen who came out of the office because of his hurry.

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“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Lin Hai quickly apologized and ran into Hou xianpin’s office.

“Huh?” Tang Sen thought Lin Hai was looking for a leader, but he didn’t expect to enter his secretary’s office.

Tang Sen frowned and followed.

As soon as I entered the room, I saw a strange scene.

Only see Hou xianpin, sitting at the desk, a face dementia, as if silly in general.

And Lin Hai didn’t know where to take out a big ladle.

Don’t wait for Tang Sen to react, Lin Hai splashes a ladle of water on Hou xianpin’s face.

“My brother splashed you with bath water!”

“Hey, what are you doing!” Tang Sen was surprised, but no one dared to make trouble in the city government.

Lin Hai didn’t answer. Instead, he opened his eyes and looked up at Hou xianpin.

“Yes!” Lin Hai was relieved to see the light pink color disperse slowly.

“This leader, I am a friend of Hou Ge. He was robbed by peach blossom. I am saving him.” Lin Hai quickly explained.

However, before he finished speaking, Hou xianpin fell to the ground with a thump behind him.

What’s the situation?

Lin Hai is holding a big dipper in his hand, and he is directly confused.

“Come to the hospital…”

Soon, Hou xianpin was sent to the city’s first people’s Hospital, while Lin Hai was under the control of security guards.

Lin Hai is sitting in Hou xianpin’s office. Looking at the two guards at the door, he feels depressed.

Nima, what’s this called?

Brother is saving people, OK?

Seeing Mayor Tang’s secretary, he was sent unconscious, and Mayor Tang came here in person. How dare the doctors of the first people’s hospital not pay attention?

At the same time, Hou xianpin was doing various inspections, while someone called Du Chun.

When Du Chun arrived, the inspection results had come out.

“What’s the matter?” Du Chun asked as he changed clothes.

“President Du, the situation is very strange. Secretary Hou’s inspection, everything is normal, just… “

“Just what?” Du Chun asked as he walked towards the ward.

“It’s just that the vital signs of the patient are gradually weakening. Go on at this speed for up to three days…”

“What?” Du Chun is also stunned. He checks everything is normal, but his vital signs are gradually weakening. It’s really a strange thing.

“Show me.” Du Chun quickened his pace.

“Dean Du, please help Xiao hou to have a look.” See Du Chun coming, said Townsend.

“Um.” Du Chun didn’t stop because the other party was the mayor. He answered and went directly to the inspection room.

After more than half an hour, Du Chun came out.

“President Du, how is secretary Hou?” Townsend’s driver, Xiao Sha, rushed to ask.

President Du didn’t speak, but showed a strange expression.

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