My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 122, Shameless, I Like It

By | December 7, 2019

Originally, a few months ago, Hou xianpin met a beautiful girl named Taotao at a classmate’s wedding.

Taotao seems to have a kind of magic. When Hou xianpin saw her for the first time, He was deeply attracted by her. However, Taotao also seemed to be interested in Hou xianpin. The two kept the phone in private.

After a period of communication, the feeling of Taotao to Hou xianpin was gentle and beautiful, and also considerate, just like the girl in his ideal.

Hou xianpin’s heart has already determined that in this life, he will not take Taotao.

But in the last week, Hou xianpin found something wrong.

Even when I was away from Taotao at work, my mind was full of Taotao’s shadow. Sometimes a phone call from Taotao could make Hou xianpin giggle for several minutes.

Hou xianpin was not the kind of person who had no self-control. He began to feel that this was a little abnormal. His mind seemed to be controlled by others.

Therefore, Hou xianpin tried to deliberately do not think about Taotao, and then a terrible scene appeared.

Taotao even appears in Hou xianpin’s mind every once in a while. It can’t be dispelled even if it’s dispelled. Moreover, during the time when peach appears in his mind, he seems to be under the control of others, doing some abnormal things.

Today, Wang Yan, Secretary of the chairman of Zhaoshi group, went to Hou xianpin to inquire about the industrial bidding of Hu group.

Hou xianpin has been a Secretary for many years. Of course, he knows what to say and what not to say, so he is ready to send her away.

But at this time, Taotao suddenly appeared in Hou xianpin’s mind, constantly hinting at him and telling Wang Yan everything he knew.

Hou xianpin’s consciousness tells him that he can’t say anything. However, his mouth is out of control and he says everything he knows.

As it happens, Mayor Tang passed by his door and witnessed all this.

Under the indignation, he scolded Hou xianpin and drove him out.

Hou xianpin wandered in the street all day.

Looking back on what happened in this period of time, the more he thought about it, the more frightened he thought about it!

It’s amazing that Taotao affair has gone beyond his cognitive scope completely. Like a witch in a fairy tale, she has controlled her mind. He is extremely afraid to think carefully!

I’m afraid that Mayor Tang will not reuse himself because of this.

Think of yourself from a rural youth, through struggle, pay a hundred times harder than ordinary people’s efforts, to come to today’s position. If he is destroyed by today’s words against his will, he will regret to die.

Under the panic, Hou xianpin thought more and more desperate, just like losing his soul, feeling that his life was completely over.

In this case, Hou xianpin was almost hit by Lin Hai’s car, and then something happened.

After hearing this, Lin Hai looked dignified.

Judging from Hou xianpin’s description, this Taotao is certainly not an ordinary person, but Lin Hai’s knowledge in this field is really lacking. Except for the inexplicable knowledge that Hou xianpin’s head is a peach blossom robbery, he doesn’t know anything else.

“Xiao Lin, this is the case. Do you think there is any way to solve it?” Hou xianpin asked nervously.

“Brother Hou, your situation is more complicated. Let me think about it and tell you the answer tomorrow.” Lin Hai can only drag first, wait to go back and ask those teasing immortals.

“Tomorrow.” Hou xianpin’s eyes were obviously dim, but soon recovered.

“OK, Xiao Lin, please. This is my business card. If you have any news, please call me.”

“Um.” Lin Hai drove Hou xianpin home.

When they got home, their parents had been sleeping for a long time. Lin Hai went directly to his house.

As soon as I entered the room, I saw Chu lin’er holding a mobile phone and playing backgammon with concentration. He didn’t even lift his head when he came in.

Lin Hai couldn’t help sighing.

Another great young man obsessed with games.

If her father knew, her daughter was taken to be an Internet addict by herself. Wrong, she was a single child. I don’t know if she would take herself directly to the local government, throw herself into the oil pan, and fry her for ten times and eight times.

Lin Hai lies in bed, takes out his mobile phone, thinks about it, and sends a message to Monkey King first.

Little muddleheaded fairy: Da Sheng, how to crack the peach blossom robbery, do you know?

The message of Monkey King was sent soon.

Monkey King: brother, have you been robbed by peach blossom? Haha, crack something, just enjoy it.

Forehead… Lin Hai has a black line.

Little muddleheaded fairy: great sage, it’s my friend who was robbed. Now it’s extremely painful and in urgent need of rescue.

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Monkey King: that’s easy to say. Find the peach blossom robber and kill him with a stick.

Oh, I’m going. Lin Hai is crazy. Every time I ask this monkey something, it’s so violent. Do you think his brother is you?

It’s impossible to ask anything from monkey king. Lin Hai thinks about it. Ask Tieguai Li. Tieguai Li looks reliable.

Little silly fairy: do you know how to crack the peach blossom robbery?

Tieguai Li: Peach Blossom robbery! (a row of shocked expressions at the back)

My day, it’s so NIMA! Lin Hai scolded.

When is this Tieguai Li talking to himself? Is he shocked?

Little silly fairy: what do you mean?

Lin Hai is a little impatient.

Tieguaili: Alas, the peach blossom in the peach garden is robbed, and the flower in the garden is robbed in the heart.

Nima, Lin Hai is so angry. How could you sing a poem before he finished speaking.

Little silly fairy: speak well!

Tieguai li: My third brother, Lu Dongbin, has been robbed of peach blossom for several times, all of which are from the heart. His feelings are continuous. Peach blossom has no solution.

Lin Hai is under cover.

Grass, which means that the peach blossom robbery can’t be solved?

What can I do?

Little muddleheaded fairy: really have no way?

Tieguaili: if you are ruthless, you can only rob, or you can crack it by external force.

Grass, forest sea turn white eyes.

All he said before is his nonsense. That’s what he waited for.

What external force?

Tieguai Li: peach blossom, also known as Xianchi, but Xianchi is the name of ordinary people. in fact, it is our Yaochi in heaven. You just need to find the fairy of yaochi, take a ladle of water from yaochi, and pour it on the head of the robber. Peach blossom robber can help himself. However, the feelings of the robber and the robber will be cut off forever.

Lin Hai understood that he was looking for the fairy of yaochi.

Linhai opens Tianting trading group.

Little silly fairy: @ yaochi fairy, are you there?

Wait a moment.

Yaochi fairy: @ little muddleheaded fairy, where are you? What can I do for you?

Little silly fairy: can you ask the fairy for a ladle of water from the Jade Pool?

Lin Hai’s words aroused thousands of waves.

Monkey King: @ little muddleheaded immortal, brother, I can’t imagine that you still have this hobby (a series of bad smiles behind you)

Mo Liqing: @ little muddleheaded immortal, whoaha, fellow disciples, I can’t imagine that you dare to go public in the group. It’s shameless. I like it!

Chang’e: @ little silly fairy, I hate it. Did you see someone just came out? (behind is a shy expression)

Seven Fairies: @ little muddleheaded fairy, handsome boy, real people don’t show their faces. It’s deep enough. (there’s a smile behind)

Pig Bajie: @ little muddleheaded fairy, ha ha, my old pig went to yaochi secretly yesterday. It’s so fragrant.

Nima, what’s up?

Lin Hai looks at the @ self of these funny gods one by one, and says something inexplicable. He suddenly gets confused.

Mark, there seems to be something wrong here.

Lin Hai hurriedly sent another message to Tieguai Li.

Little confused fairy: what’s the situation in the group? What is the water of yaochi?

Tieguaili quickly replied.

It’s just that Lin Hai almost fell to the ground as soon as he saw the reply.

NIMA, father!

Looking at the group @ oneself still continue, Lin Hai a miserable howl.

“Return the great image of Laozi!!!”

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