My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 121, Peach Blossom robbery

By | December 6, 2019

“Lying down, hit someone!” Lin Hai jumped out of the car to see how the people were.

As soon as I got off the bus, I saw a well-dressed young man sitting on the ground, his face lost.

“Man, are you ok?” Lin Hai asked carefully.

“Ah?” The young man looked up, his face a little dull.

“Shall I take you to the hospital?” Lin Hai asked with concern.

“Oh, no, you didn’t hit me. I fell down in a panic.” The young man shook his head.

When Lin Hai’s heart warmed, it seemed that there were still many good people. Although his expression was a little dull, his heart was not bad. He didn’t take the opportunity to screw himself up.

Can’t help but, Lin Hai had a good feeling to him, hurriedly helped him up.

“What’s the matter?” Suddenly, a police motorcycle came from behind.

When the motorcycle stopped, a tall, beautiful looking policewoman came over.

“You?” As soon as Xu Tian came over, he recognized Lin Hai. “Why, hit someone? Do you mind? “

“I didn’t, but the man fell.” Said Lin Hai.

Xu Tian has some doubts and turns her head to the man who is supported by Lin Hai.

“Huh? You are Mayor Tang’s secretary? ” Xu Tian looks surprised.

Mayor Tang’s secretary? Lin Hai is stunned.

“You are?” The young man doesn’t remember when he saw the beautiful policeman in front of him.

“It’s really you. Last week, you accompanied Mayor Tang to visit our traffic police detachment. I met you.”

“Oh.” The young man nodded listlessly.

“Are you ok? What do you think you’re not in good shape? ” Xu Tian asked in doubt.

“It’s OK. Don’t worry about me. Besides, he didn’t hit me. Don’t embarrass him.” The young man pointed to Lin Hai again, then lowered his head and left with a low face.

“That, Xiao tiantian…”

“Who do you call Xiao tiantian!” Xu Tian stares.

“Okay, police Auntie…”

“No police aunts!”

Lin Hai rolled his eyes. NIMA, why is it so hard to talk to you?

“Comrade police, you said that the man just now is Mayor Tang’s secretary?”

“Yes.” Xu nodded for dessert.

“How many mayors of Tang Mayors are there in Jiangnan?”

“Just one, vice mayor of Townsend, in charge of politics and law.”


Lin Hai almost blew.

“What? Tang Seng? ” Lin Hai’s eyes were wide open.

Xu Tian rolled his eyes and said angrily.

“Tang Sen, the forest! What ears! “

Nima, that’s a name. Lin Hai is funny.

“Don’t ask. His secretary is either sun or monkey?” Lin Hai said with a banter.

“Yes, it’s Hou xianpin. How do you know?” Xu Tian looks surprised.


“Hahahaha…” Lin Hai couldn’t help but laugh.

Nima, it’s such a coincidence.

“What are you laughing at?” Xu Tian looks strange.

“It’s OK, it’s OK. I just think Mayor Tang can choose a secretary too well. If he uses the surname Hou as his secretary, he is absolutely wise and good at his job!” Lin Hai grinned and gave a thumbs up.

Why? Cao, didn’t he just ask for Mayor Tang? Mayor Tang’s secretary is right in front of him. This is an opportunity!

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Lin Hai suddenly responded.

Although he is not in the official arena, he also knows that the secretary is the closest person around the leader. If he can get this secretary, it will not be a problem.

Thinking of this, Lin Hai hurriedly pursued the past.

“Hou Ge! Brother hou… ” Lin Hai shouted as he ran.

Shouting, Lin Hai felt something was wrong.

Nima, Mayor Tang’s name is Tang Sen. He’s shouting from monkey brother and monkey brother. Why does he feel like a Bajie?

“Are you calling me?” Hou xianpin looks back.

“Yes, brother Hou, no matter what, it’s me driving that scares you. I’d better find a place to have a drink and let my brother crush you. I’m sorry. What do you think?”

“No need.” Hou xianpin shook his head and continued to walk forward.

Grass, what should I do? Lin Hai is worried.

Looking at the expression of secretary Hou, he looks lost. It seems that something has happened. Maybe even if he finds him, he is not in the mood to help him.

Lin Hai is disappointed.

“Huh?” All of a sudden, Lin Hai found that his divine eye was turned on automatically.

“What’s the matter?” Lin Hai was stunned and swept around without any abnormality.

“Strange.” Lin Hai was puzzled.

“Why?” Suddenly, Linhai found that not far ahead, Hou xianpin’s head, there was a faint pink halo.

“I wipe, peach blossom rob[1]!” In Lin Hai’s mind, he recognized the pink glow directly.

In Lin Hai’s heart, he had an idea at once.

“Brother Hou, wait a minute.” Lin Hai took two steps to keep up.

“Something else?” Hou xianpin frowned, a little impatient.

“Brother Hou, when I was in the countryside, I learned a little facial skill with an old gentleman. If what I saw is good, you seem to be committing a peach blossom robbery now.” Lin Hai pretends to be unpredictable.

Hou xianpin hears it and is shocked. The decadence on his face disappears instantly.

“What do you say?” Hou xianpin said nervously.

“I said, brother Hou, you have committed a peach blossom robbery. These days, you should be disturbed by women. If you don’t deal with it well, it will not only affect your career, but even lead to failure.”

Hou xianpin’s eyes flashed and stared at Lin Hai.

Lin Hai didn’t speak, smiled and looked at Hou xianpin fearlessly.

For a long time.

“Hoo…” Hou xianpin breathed a long breath.

“Do you really know how to face?”

“I don’t understand. I believe that brother Hou has a clear idea now.” From Hou xianpin’s expression, Lin Hai already knew that he had come to the point.

“Then, is there a way to break it?” Hou xianpin’s tone was a little anxious.

“Get in the car and say!” Lin Hai sees that the time has come. First, he takes Hou xianpin to his car.

“Good!” Hou xianpin nodded and followed Lin Hai to the car.

“Comrade police, let’s go first.” Lin Hai waved to Xu Tian and started the car.

“Brother Hou, this is my girlfriend, Liu Xinyue, Xinyue. Her name is brother Hou.”

“Hello, brother Hou.” Liu Xinyue says hello to Hou xianpin.

“Hello.” Hou xianpin nodded politely.

“Xinyue, I’ll take you home first, and then I have something to do with brother Hou.” Lin Hai’s words are also for Hou xianpin.

After all, no one wants to let more people know about the peach blossom robbery.

What’s more, it’s Hou xianpin, the official.

Liu Xinyue is sent upstairs, and Lin Hai returns to the car.

As soon as I got on the bus, Hou xianpin came together.

“My friend, there is a way to break this peach blossom robbery?”

“Brother Hou, my name is Lin Hai. You can call me Xiao Lin or Xiao Hai.” Lin Haixian introduced himself.

“As for how to crack this peach blossom robbery, you must first tell me what happened to you?” Lin Hai said solemnly.

“Here…” Hou xianpin hesitates.

“Brother Hou, don’t be afraid of treating diseases.”

As soon as Hou xianpin bit his teeth, he seemed to have made a great determination.

“Good! Xiao Lin, Hou Ge believes you, just tell you why! “

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