My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 120, How can you be satisfied?

By | December 5, 2019

Linhai and Baldhead Qiang two cars, straight to the resplendence.

The resplendent and luxurious decoration, elegant and quiet environment and warm and thoughtful service have left a deep impression on Linhai.

Last time I invited my classmates to have a meal, Lin Hai hasn’t been there again. Today, my parents are here. My first thought is to take my parents there to have a meal.

In less than 20 minutes, the car arrived at the golden gate.

“Huh?” As soon as he got off the bus, Lin Hai was directly confused.

This NIMA, why is it sealed? All the seals on the door are on.

“What’s the matter, man?” Lin Hai stopped a passer-by and asked.

“You don’t know? Hu’s group is the old nest of evil organizations, which has been destroyed by the government. This resplendence is the industry of Hu’s group, and it has also been sealed. “

Wocao, the resplendence is actually owned by Hu group.

Lin Hai didn’t expect that such a good hotel was built by those people who were not reliable at first sight.

Now that it’s sealed, it’s impossible to eat. Lin Hai has to find a better hotel.

After eating, Linhai lets Baldhead Qiang send Liu Xinyue home, and takes his parents and Linyun back to the villa.

Once back to the villa, ah Hua wagged her tail and circled song Qin’s intimacy, coaxing song Qin to be very happy.

Lin Wen snorted and sat in the living room watching TV.

After a day’s ride, my parents and my sister were tired. They took a bath, watched TV for a while, and went back to sleep.

Lin Hai also went back to his bedroom and saw Chu lin’er lying on his bed, concentrating on playing backgammon.

“Hello, you’ve been sleeping with me all day, and you can’t get rid of it. Do you see that my brother is handsome and loved by everyone, and has an intention for him?”

Lin Hai fell on the bed and said, resting on his arm.

“Don’t stink, you’re the only one who can’t get into my princess’s eyes.” Chu lin’er didn’t leave her cell phone, she said casually.

“Well, I can’t help it.” Lin Hai took off a look at him and left a small underpants.

“Hello, can you put on your clothes?” Chu lin’er sat up.

“I’m in my own room. Why should I dress?”


“What are you? If you don’t like it, do you? Come on, come on, take off and hurt each other. ” Lin Hai reaches out his hands to Chu lin’er.

“Hooligan!” Chulin’er turned her head angrily.

Lying there, Lin Hai suddenly remembers what Liu Liang told him about the upcoming auction of Hu’s group industry.

Ma De, since the resplendence is sealed, it must also be auctioned. It’s better for brother to buy him and become the boss himself.

In this way, don’t you eat what you want every day? Eat what you want every day. Wow, it’s beautiful to think about it.

Thinking of doing it, Lin Hai takes out his mobile phone and calls Peng Tao.

“Hello, Mr. Lin.” Peng Tao was very polite.

“Director Peng, I have a question for you. Is Hu group’s industry going to be auctioned in the near future?” Lin Hai is not long winded, straight to the subject asked.

“Yes, maybe next week.”

“Oh? The splendor hotel is not in the scope of auction? “

“Resplendent? In, this is the leading industry of Hu’s group. Many people are concerned about it. “

“Oh? I want to win this resplendence. I don’t know how much it will cost? ” Lin Hai sat up at once.

“You want the splendor?” Peng Tao’s tone was a little surprised. “The mayor of Tang in the city is in charge of the auction. I’m not sure about the price.”

As soon as Lin Hai frowned, he knew Peng Tao. If Peng Tao could not help him, it would be hard to do.

“If Mr. Lin wants to, I can help you make an appointment with Mayor Guan. If you don’t pass the appointment, it’s not easy to talk.” And he said, after a pause.

“Oh?” “Lin Hai eyebrows a pick,” then trouble director Peng, help me to make an appointment, no matter whether he is good or not, as long as he can see one side, there will be a chance. “

“In that line, the mayor is busy if he doesn’t pass the examination. I’m not sure when he will have the time. I’ll call you when there’s news.”

“Thank you very much.” Hang up the phone, Lin Hai eyebrows locked up again.

Although I am rich now, I still have a long way to go if I want to win a hotel of this scale.

Where can I get the money, Maddy?

Ding Dong!

Just thinking about it, wechat suddenly rings.

Lin Hai opened it and saw that it was from Tieguai Li.

Tieguai Li: Shangxian, the repayment period of this month is up (there is a row of drooling expressions at the back)

(*You can read the translated at

Grass, forget it all.

Little confused fairy: just a moment.

Lin Hai wasn’t the one who kept his account. Besides, he respects Tieguai Li very much. When he left the room, he went to the car to take down a cigarette and sent it to Tieguai Li.

Tieguai Li: Thank you very much. By the way, Shangxian, last time the Antarctic fairy came to visit me, he was very interested in this cigarette and asked me for your wechat.

Oh Antarctic fairy? Isn’t that an old birthday star?

Little muddleheaded fairy: OK, I see.

Lin Hai closes his cell phone, lies in bed, and continues to think about money.

“Why? I don’t remember this stubble All of a sudden, Lin Hai’s mind flashed.

Turn on your cell phone and send a message to Tieguai Li.

Little muddleheaded fairy: do you still have your dog skin plaster formula?

Tieguai Li: formula? Is it included in my medicine King inheritance? That’s the bone spirit paste.

Uh … Lin Hai is sweating sweaty, Mad, the bone spirit plaster is ah, I thought it was called dog skin plaster.

Lin Hai thought a move, bone spirit paste formula appears in mind.

“Doesn’t it seem strange?” Lin Hai has a look. They are all common traditional Chinese medicine.

Little muddleheaded fairy : are these traditional Chinese medicines used together? So simple?

Lin Hai felt it necessary to reconfirm.

Tieguai Li: Although the formula is simple, it is difficult to master the proportion of the fire and the dosage. If there is a little mistake, it will become a poison.

I wipe, so horrible?

Little muddleheaded fairy: Well, I’ll try to do one.

The next day, Lin Hai asked Liu Xinyue to hang out with his parents and Lin Yun for a day. Both of them were very happy.

Along the way, Liu Xinyue is holding song Qin’s arm, talking and laughing. From time to time, Lin Wen is also introduced to the topic, so that he can’t be ignored. This makes Lin Wen and his wife like Liu Xinyue so much that they have to eat at home at night.

After dinner, Lin Hai drives Liu Xinyue home.

Liu Xinyue sat in the copilot’s seat, humming a tune unconsciously.

“Are you in a good mood, girl?” Lin Hai joked.

“Well, that is!” Liu Xinyue’s mouth turned up, showing a proud expression.

“Well, you won’t feel that you have passed the pass of father-in-law and mother-in-law, so you can rest assured.”

Liu Xinyue is stunned, then grabs Lin Hai’s arm nervously.

“Lin Hai, isn’t Yun Yun dissatisfied with me? I don’t look good?”

Lin Hai is amusing for a while. “You have too much imagination.”

“Isn’t it yunyun? Then…”

“Alas,” Lin Hai shook his head, “you forget the most important person.”

“The most critical?” Liu Xinyue was stunned, but then, seeing Lin Hai’s bad smile on the corner of his mouth, he immediately understood.

“I hate it.” Liu Xinyue chuckles and punches Lin Hai.

“I mean it.” Lin Hai pretended to be serious.

“Then, how can you be satisfied?” Liu Xinyue lowered her head and whispered.

Lin Hai looks at Liu Xinyue’s coquettish appearance, and her heart suddenly swings.

“Hey, hey, hey…” Lin Hai didn’t speak.

“Ah, don’t make any noise. Drive well.” Liu Xinyue pushes down the forest.

“It’s OK, i…”

“Be careful!” Liu Xinyue exclaimed.

Lin Hai squeaked and stopped the car, making a cold sweat!

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