My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 119, We can’t make it

By | December 4, 2019

“Brother, what is this monster!” Lin Yun holds Lin Hai’s arm and looks at the house in fear.

Lin Hai hasn’t responded yet, and ah Hua jumps out.

Your sister!

Lin Hai kicked it aside.

“Get out of the way and be so ugly. It’s scary when he runs out.”

“Don’t be afraid of yunyun. This is brother’s pet. It’s gentle and cruel. You can beat it when you are free.”


Ah Hua cried, “no, Dad!”

Lin Hai ignored it and took his parents into the house.

Song Qin has been staring at ah Hua. The more she looks, the more strange it is.

“Xiaohai, what kind of animal is it? Why have I never seen it?”

“You haven’t seen many things in the city. Where do you see the old lady in the countryside? Make a fuss! ” Lin Wen said with wide eyes.

“With you! I asked my son, but I didn’t ask you. ” Song Qin takes a look at Lin Wen.

Lin Hai shakes his head and laughs. His parents really quarrel where they go.

“Mom, this is a teddy dog. It’s called ah Hua. I don’t know what kind of variation it has, so it looks strange.”

Teddy? That’s not the case with teddy on TV. It’s a big change

How clever a Hua is! When Lin Hai called her, she turned out to be grandma.

Immediately ran to song Qin, around Song Qin is shaking his head, is wagging his tail, constantly rubbing song Qin’s legs, a strong coquetry.

“Yo, this dog is so cute.” It’s also a woman’s nature to love dogs. Song Qin quickly squats down and touches ah Hua’s head. Don’t mention her liking.

Lin Hai’s eyes turn white for a while. This dead dog can’t flatter.

“Hello, where’s the ghost girl?” Lin Hai didn’t know if she had finished speaking with Chu lin’er last time.

“It’s in your house.” Ah Hua said, teasing song Qin.


Your sister, it’s still up to you. I can’t get rid of it.

Set up your parents first, and then settle with her.

Led his parents to the bedroom on the second floor.

“Mom and Dad, you live in this house.”

“Oh, it’s a nice house, better than those rich people on TV.” Song Qin looks around, touches here and there. He is not happy.

“Well, I haven’t seen anything at all.” Lin Wen said with his neck crossed.

“I haven’t seen it. What’s the matter? You old head, I’m in a good mood today. Don’t ask me for anything. “

“Alas,” Lin Hai shook his head, and it began again.

“Woof! Woof!” A Hua suddenly called to Lin Wen twice, which scared him.

Lin Hai wants to kick it. As a result, ah Hua immediately runs around Song Qin.

This makes song Qin happy.

“Ouch, this ah Hua is so smart. It can distinguish good and bad people so quickly. I like to die.” Song Qin squats down and holds the head of ah Hua for a while.

“Well, well…” Ah Hua’s mouth makes a very enjoyable sound.

Nima, this dog has become a demon!

Lin Hai’s mouth is wide open.

The parents came here just now, and it saw who has the final say in this family, and at the first time he jumped out to show his position.

Don’t guess. Look at Song Qin’s happy expression. It’s a success. It’s definitely in Song Qin’s heart.

“Brother, where do I live?” Lin Yun looked at his parents’ house so upscale and beautiful, and immediately looked forward to her room.

“Next door, I’ll take you there.” Liu Xinyue takes Lin Yun’s hand and leaves.

“Wow! How beautiful! I feel like a princess! ” As soon as Lin Yun entered the room, she was very happy to see the light pink decoration.

Lying on the soft bed with her hands on her back, Lin Yun felt like a dream.

Looking at the happy appearance of parents and sisters, Lin Hai felt a warm heart, which could make his family happy. Lin Hai thought it was worth more than anything.

At this time, bareheaded Qiang came up.

“Master, everything is set up, or you should take Master to dinner first.”

Baldheaded Qiang is very kind to look at Lin Wen now. It’s very natural for him to call.

Master, it’s good to be a strong man. Let master teach himself well.

The bald head thinks hard, the heart is beautiful flustered.

“Let’s go, mom and dad. Let’s eat first.” Lin Hai is also a little hungry.

Lin Wen is sitting on the bed looking for feelings, Lin Hai said, hurriedly get up.

As a result, he almost hit song Qin.

“You can’t slow down. How old are you? You are so impetuous.” Said Song Qin, frowning.

“How could I know this bed is so soft?” Lin Wen’s neck crossed.

“Woof!” Seeing this, ah Hua sprang out and barked at Lin Wen.

Song Qin immediately smiled and blossomed.

“Ah Hua, bite this disgusting old thing for me!”

Song Qin did not finish, but bareheaded strong rushed to the past, a kick to one side of Ah Hua.

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“Maddy, you are a dead dog. Call me again. I’ll stew you!”

“Qiangzi, why are you kicking ah Hua? Oh, my ah Hua, come here quickly. Grandma will see if it hurts?” Song Qin grumbled and said, “hurry up and hold ah Hua. It’s very painful.”.

Now, Lin Wen’s mouth is full of joy.

“Qiangzi, if this dead dog barks again, you will beat him!”

“OK!” Said the bald man with a strong grin.

“Don’t listen to the old man.” Song Qin said in a hurry.

“Er…” Bareheaded strong touch big bareheaded, a little do not know what to do.

“Woof, woof, woof!” At this time, ah Hua defiantly shouted at the bald head.

“Strong son, hit it!” Lin Wen said on one side.

“Dead dog, let you bark!” The bald head is strong again.

Ah Hua runs behind song Qin.

“Tell me to beat you!” Said the bald man viciously.

“Woof, woof, woof!” Ah Hua hides behind song Qin and barks again.

“There’s something about you, Maddy. Don’t hide behind grandma Shifu.” Barehead Qiang point at a Hua scold a way.

“Woof, woof, woof!” Ah Hua didn’t come out. She hid behind song Qin and cried.

“Hey, I’m so grumpy. Come out!”

“Woof, woof, woof!”

“You come out!”

“Woof, woof, woof!”

“If you are a male, please come out!”

“Woof, woof, woof!”

“Why…” Lin hai’s head is covered. NIMA, there are two goods here. This family can’t stay.

Lin Wen laughed badly.

“Ha ha, strongman, don’t listen to the old lady. If the dead dog dare to come out, you will beat it for me!”

“And what do you want to learn from Xiaohai? Let him teach you. If he doesn’t teach you well, tell me and I’ll beat him for you! “

It’s even more exciting to listen with your bare head.

“Dead dog, you come out for me, dare to call my master, I will beat you to death!”

“Woof, woof, woof!”

“Come out, Maddy!”

“Woof, woof, woof!”

This is a mess, suddenly a figure from Lin Hai’s bedroom floating over.

When Lin Hai saw it, it was Chu lin’er.

“This is your parents. I don’t need to say hello to them.” Chu lin’er said with a smile.

Hello to your sister, you are a ghost. How can you say hello to someone? What about the wind?

Then he doesn’t scare his parents.

Before Lin Hai could speak, Chu lin’er’s eyes brightened, and suddenly he floated to ah Hua and rode on Ah Hua.

“Ah Hua, go on, bite that bald head!” Chu lin’er’s little face, excited, commands ah Hua like a knight.

“Dead dog, you kind of come out for me!”

“Woof, woof, woof!”

“Ah Hua, hurry up!”

Lin Hai was stunned. He wanted to cry without tears.

Your sister’s, are in a mess, and then come to add chaos.

Lin Hai’s heart howls, this day can’t live!

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