My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 118, News from Grandpa

By | December 3, 2019

Lin Wen ran into the room, and after a while, he took out an old military satchel.

“Let’s go.” On the car, Lin Wen’s mood suddenly fell.

“Oh, think of dad again?” Song Qin sighed at the back and asked.

“This is the only thing the old man left. If the old man is still here, it would be very gratifying to follow Haizi to the city to have a good time. ” Lin Wen stroked the satchel and felt sad.

Lin Hai is silent.

The father said that he was Lin Hai’s grandfather, Lin Cheng.

Lin Cheng’s deepest impression on Lin Hai is that the old man is very kind. He likes to hold Lin Hai in his lap and tell him the story of his war.

However, when Lin Hai was seven years old, Lin Cheng suddenly ran away from home.

Parents and aunts, except sun Guizhi, all went out to look for more than ten days, but no one was found.

Since then, there has been no news from Lin Chenggong, not knowing whether he is dead or alive.

At that time, Lin Hai was still young. He only remembered that after his parents and aunts came back, he ran to the second uncle’s house and had a big fight with sun Guizhi. He almost started.

As for why grandpa left home, Lin Hai had no impression.

“Dad, why did grandpa run away from home?” Lin Yun asked the question.

“Hum, it’s not because of sun Guizhi!” As soon as he mentioned it, Lin Wen got angry again.

“She again?” When sun Guizhi was mentioned, Lin Yun felt disgusted.

“Who else could she be?” Lin Wenqi smashed the handrail.

“Dad, what’s going on?” Lin Hai also wants to know why.

“Alas.” Lin Wen sighed.

“In that year, when your second uncle got married, the family couldn’t afford furniture? After discussing with your mother, I moved all our new furniture to make their marriage less cold.”

“And guess what? The next day she moved away, she asked her mother and family to move away for her brother. Then she asked your grandfather for a new set and four big pieces. Otherwise, she would not marry your second uncle. “

“Your grandfather has no money. He sold the house and raised money to buy them a new set of furniture and four pieces. Your second uncle got married.”

“The marriage was over, but your grandfather and your uncle don’t have a house to live in. I’ll discuss it with your uncle. Let’s live in turns for half a year.”

“The first half of the year is in our house, nothing happened. The second half of the year comes to your second uncle’s house, and  I have a big fight with your uncle and your aunt. The neighbors can’t see it. They all come out and tell her. She reluctantly agrees to let your grandfather live in it. But your uncle doesn’t care what she says. She can’t help it. Your uncle lives in your aunt’s house.”

“if we had known it, we would have let your grandfather live with us even if we had suffered a little.” Lin Wen’s voice choked.

“This Sun Guizhi is so abominable. What’s next?” Asked Lin Yun.

“Next, alas! Your grandfather lived for less than a month, and then suddenly ran away from home. Later, we also heard from your second uncle’s neighbor that sun Guizhi didn’t have a good face for your grandfather. He is a 60 year old man. Every day, she would fight or scold him. He would only eat one meal a day and let him live with the donkey at night… ” Lin Wenshi couldn’t speak any more. The tough man burst into tears.

“Poor my old father, our brother-in-law and your aunt are not your grandfather’s own. They are all adopted by your grandfather. As a result, the good man didn’t pay well. Your uncle is a loser, and sun Guizhi killed your grandfather!”

“What!” Lin Hai’s heart was shocked. He didn’t know until now that none of his father’s brothers was born by his grandfather.

The grandfather’s kindness to his father and brothers is heavy.

Lin Hai’s understanding of his father’s and his two uncles’ personalities shows that they are not unfilial people. His grandfather should have enjoyed the Spring Festival by his children’s side, but it’s all because of this sun Guizhi

The more he thought about it, the more angry he was. Suddenly, he stopped the car.

“What’s the matter with you, Xiao Hai?” Seeing something wrong, song Qin asked quickly.

“I want to go back and discard sun Guizhi.” Lin Hai’s eyes were red with blood. He thought of his grandfather’s love for him when he was a child. He was completely furious.

“Come on, all these years have passed. Besides, what do you do to your second uncle when you have abandoned her?” Song Qin shakes her head.

“Why is the second uncle so cowardly?” Lin Hai smashed the steering wheel.

Hearing about Grandpa Lin Hai, the atmosphere in the car suddenly became depressed.

Until the next high-speed access to Jiangnan City, no one said a word.

“Squeak!” Lin Hai stopped at the high-speed intersection and walked down.

The big truck stopped behind.

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Guo Fei jumped out of the car and shook hands with Lin Hai.

“Haizi, let’s break up here. I used to help you move, but I didn’t move anything. Instead, I moved ten cases of wine to ourselves, which made me a little embarrassed.”

“Haha, Brother Guo is very kind to say that. Although you didn’t move home this time, you helped me a lot and scared the curfew for me. I still want to thank you.” Lin Hai said with a smile.

“Come on, don’t say anything. You need to use your brother Guo’s place in the future, just talk.”

“Well, OK. When Brother Guo returns, say hello to commander Zhan for me!”

After breaking up with Guo Fei, Lin Hai and guangtouqiang drove directly back to the villa.

Once in the villa, Lin Wen grinned.

“Xiaohai, our family lives here. It’s just like a small villa. It’s really impressive.”

“Oh, it’s such a nice place. It’s also a small yard. I’m bored and can grow a vegetable garden.” Song Qin also sighed.

“What kind of vegetable garden. Do you think it’s still in the village? Don’t lose your face!” Lin Wen scolded.

“I’ll take care of it!” The two quarreled again.

“Wow, brother, is there an open-air swimming pool? Can I go swimming?” Lin Yun asked excitedly.

“Yes, anytime.” Lin Hai replied with a smile.

Seeing his family’s reaction, Lin Hai was also very happy.

The car stopped in front of Lin Hai’s villa. Bareheaded Qiang hurriedly got out of the car and ran to help Lin Wen open the door.

Lin Wen seems to enjoy this treatment, looking at the bald strong nod.

“That strongman, you are always called Shifu by Xiaohai. What are you learning from Xiaohai?”

“Learn to fight!”


Your sister!

Can he talk!

Lin Hai almost went down and kicked him.

“Learn to fight?” Lin Wen frowned, and then looked at the appearance of bareheaded Qiang. His heart was thumping.

“Xiaohai, you come down!” Lin Wen’s face pulled down.

Lin Hai glared at his bald head.

“Dad, I learned some Kung Fu from a teacher in our school. He wants to learn kung fu from me.”

Lin Hai hurriedly winked at bareheaded Qiang.

“Oh, yes, yes, I’m a martial arts fan. I want to learn from master wuyingjiao in Foshan! I was just kidding you. “

Baldheaded strong say, still put on the modelling of Huang Feihong, just match him this image, how to see how funny.

Lin Wen was amused.

“Then you should teach people well. A strong man is good.”

Lin Wen’s words almost moved him to tears.

Ma De, someone finally said that I was ready.

“That’s nature.” Lin Hai promised, in the heart also think, should find a time, teach bareheaded strong point thing.

After all, I have been calling my master for such a long time, and Lin Hai can see that bareheaded strength is sincere to me.

“I don’t care what you learn, as long as you don’t take detours.”

“Don’t worry, Dad. You don’t know your son.” Lin Hai said as he opened the door of the villa.

“Ah!!!” Just as the door opened, Lin Yun Meng screamed.

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