My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 117, Don’t give it to her

By | December 2, 2019

“Yo, this is Xiaohai coming back. I don’t know if I’m the second aunt.” Sun Guizhi came down from the car.

Lin Hai’s face was cold. “I said last time, our family has nothing to do with you.”

Sun Guizhi didn’t mind, “how can you, my family, remember your revenge? My elder generation still cares about your child. Do you think it’s elder brother? “

“Hum.” Lin Wen snorted and ignored her.

“Sweet osmanthus is coming.” Song Qin pulled her face and said hello to sun Guizhi reluctantly.

“Yes, my great nephew is promising. Now he doesn’t come back to see his second aunt. Let me see his head office.” Sun Guizhi said in a strange way.

“Yo, did you bring your girlfriend back? What family background? Why don’t you say hello when you meet someone? ” Su Guizhi points to Liu Xinyue again.

Liu Xinyue’s face turned red.

Lin Hai frowns, turns around and pulls Liu Xinyue into the inner room.

“Sister in law, don’t pay attention to her. She hates it. After my brother left last time, mayor Huang asked people to seal her ladder factory. She didn’t go to the town, ran to our house every day, and annoyed her parents. Later, she forced her uncle to come to find her father. Dad said to Mayor Huang and asked her to reopen Zhang. ” Seeing that Liu Xinyue’s face was not right, Lin Yun hurried forward to persuade him.

“Forget it. I’m out of sight and out of mind. Anyway, we’re going to move.” Lin Hai sighed, and he couldn’t drive her out. After all, if he didn’t look at her, he had to look at uncle Er’s face.

“well, I said sister-in-law, what are you doing with these pieces of iron? And this table and chair. How many years ago did you become a treasure?” Sun Guizhi kept turning over what he had just finished.

“Huh? Where is his uncle? ” Sun Guizhi sees Lin Gui.

“Second sister-in-law.” Gui is stupid and a little afraid of sun Guizhi.

“Don’t ask for these things, sister-in-law. It’s not disgraceful to move to the city. His uncle is also there. I’ll ask him to help me load my car later. I can pull them back. Maybe I can use them someday.” Sun Guizhi said as he tossed things.

“Here…” Lin Gui is in a state of heartache. His eldest sister-in-law has agreed to give it to him.

“You see, it’s so hard for your sister-in-law to let you do some work? I don’t like it. How? Hurry up and help dress the car! ” Sun Guizhi urged.

Lin Gui’s face was bitter, and he didn’t dare to say anything, so he was ready to help move things.

Suddenly, Lin Hai came out with five bundles of money in his hand.

“Uncle, today’s time is tight. We’ll start in a moment, and we won’t go to see the old aunt. Take the 50000 yuan and buy something in the house. Don’t use the old one.”

Didn’t wait for Lin Gui to respond, Lin Hai directly put the money into Lin Gui’s hand.

“Here…” Lin Hai suddenly gave him so much money, and Lin Gui suddenly became stupid.

When sun Guizhi saw it, she immediately smiled.

“You are stupid, his uncle. Your nephew will give you money to be filial to you. You can’t take it quickly.”

With that, sun Guizhi turned his head to Lin Hai again.

“Your second uncle went out today and was not at home, so you should go first when you are busy today. Don’t look at him. He has no good virtue.”

Lin Hai ignored her and looked around for something with his head down.

When sun Guizhi saw this, she was a little out of breath.

“That, Xiaohai, although you don’t need to visit your second uncle, I can help you take money back and tell your second uncle that his great nephew is filial to him. Do you think he is too happy?”

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“Money?” Lin hai, “who said to give you money.”

Sun Guizhi’s face was a little unnatural when she was breathing.

“That old uncle and aunt, you were not…”

Lin Hai ignored her, but picked up a fire stick directly from the ground.

Before all the people could react, Lin Hai smashed the pots and bowls with a stick.

“Xiaohai, what are you doing?” Song Qin is scared and runs over.

Lin Hai threw the stick.

“It’s OK. I’ll smash it and not give it to her!”

Sun Guizhi’s face changed suddenly. She could not stay any longer even though she had a thick skin.

“It’s really good. As expected, I’ll tell you. Those who go to school don’t recognize each other. Elder brother and sister-in-law, don’t blame me. Let’s see for yourself what kind of education the children have become. It’s not disgraceful to see who can boast with them all the time.”

Sun Guizhi slammed the door and started the car.

“Well, what happened to my son? I think he did it right! I will boast that I am better than your son! ” Lin Wen swears at the bottom of the car.

“Well, it’s good. It’s all smashed. It’s also saved. Lin Hai is really true. Even if you don’t want to give it to her, you don’t need to smash it.” Song Qin is holding those broken dishes in his hand, which is painful.

“Mom, I also saw her bullying uncle. I was angry and couldn’t help it.” Lin Hai also felt that he was impulsive and apologized.

“Well, it’s a good thing that you don’t break up.” Song Qin soon wanted to open it.

“Xiaohai, it’s too much money, or you can keep it and use it when you marry Xiaoyue.” Lin Gui is a sincere person. He can’t accept Lin Hai’s giving him so much money.

“All right, uncle, take it.” Lin Hai pushed the money back.

“No, it’s too much.”

“Xiaohai asked you to take it and grind it. How much money is that? Xiaohai has money now! ” Lin Wen is training again.

“You old man, you won’t talk well.” Song Qin comes to hammer Lin Wen.

“Well, his uncle, you can take it. Your nephew gave it to you. You’re welcome.” Song Qin also advised.

“Ah, ah, OK, I’ll take it first. One day, Xiaohai will spend money on marriage and other things, and then tells the uncle, the uncle gives you something.” Lin Gui said with emotion.

“Xiaohai still needs your money? Keep your little money for your two sons to build houses. ” Lin Wen said across his neck.

“What is your old thing with your brother? Seeing Xiao Hai earn a little money to confuse you, this kind of bad mouth is so bad, if his uncle knew you, changed someone, and told you This sentence will break with you, how many people have you offended because of this mouth? Change it, you! ” Song Qin scolded.

Lin Hai shakes his head. His father is just like this. He always does good things but doesn’t fall well. He has been doing it for half a lifetime. If he wants to change it, how can he change it?

“Come on, mom, let’s go.” Lin Hai looked at the time and said to song Qin.

“OK, let’s go.” Song Qin turns around the house again.

“You always complain that everyone else has built a big house. When my family was still married to your dad, your grandfather gave it a small and short one. Why did you leave it suddenly and still be reluctant?”

“I don’t think you have a good life. I don’t want you to stay. I’ll go to the city with my son.” Lin Wen said across his neck.

“You say you old man. You’re not finished. There are so many children in the army here. Don’t let me roll you!”

“Hum!” Lin Wen is a man of good face. I’m afraid song Qin will scold him in front of these soldiers and hum without saying a word.

“His uncle, we’ll go. You work hard and help us to see home. Maybe one day when we can’t get used to living in the city, we’ll come back.” Song Qin said sadly.

“Don’t worry, sister-in-law.” Lin Gui replied.

“Well, let’s go.”

“Wait a minute!” When the car started, Lin Wen suddenly shouted at Lin Hai before he left the yard.

“What’s the matter, dad?” Lin Hai is stunned.

“Almost dropped an important thing!” Lin Wen jumped out of the car and ran into the house.

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