My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 116, Moving

By | December 1, 2019

Liu Xinyue looks at Lin Wen’s expression and gets nervous.

Lin Hai’s father, doesn’t he like himself?

“You’re stupid, old man.” Song Qin pulls Lin Wen’s arm.

“Ah, oh, Xiaohai’s girlfriend, yes, yes!” Lin Wen responded and said several times.

“Well, old lady, you can buy more vegetables. Today, I’ll cook for Xiao Yue in person!” All of a sudden, Lin Wen’s happy mouth couldn’t close.

Son has a girlfriend! Son has a girlfriend!

Lin Wen stood there, feeling that there was no place to put his hands and feet. He was excited to go out and come in.

“I said you can’t stop for a while. What are you doing in and out of here? It’s not too boring.” Song Qin laughs and scolds, she also knows, this is to give the old man happy bad.

“Dad, mom, don’t eat at home. There are also a lot of soldiers. How much do we have to do? Let’s go straight to the town to eat.” Lin Hai said in a hurry.

“Then what? The first time Xiaoyue comes, how can he let him eat out. ” Lin Wen stared.

“Come on, you dead old man, there will be opportunities for you to perform in the future.” Song Qin also thinks it’s inconvenient to eat at home.

“Uncle, listen to Lin Hai.” As soon as Liu Xinyue spoke, Lin Wen just agreed.

Three cars went directly to the Pearl Hotel in the town. Now that Lin Hai has money, he can’t do without the soldiers who are good at wine and food.

The soldiers all knew that they would have to work for a while, but the wine was not touched. Lin Hai finally loaded 10 boxes of Maotai on the car. Guo Fei didn’t want to live or die until Lin Hai was about to turn over, so he couldn’t agree.

Back home, song Qin took out the things he had already packed.

At a glance, Lin Hai showed a helpless smile.

“Mom, don’t ask for these pots and bowls. I have them all. And that table. I used it when I was a kid. Don’t move it. “

“That’s OK. It’s OK. It’s going to last for years. I’ll just throw it away. Won’t it be wasted?” Song Qin is commanding the soldiers to carry things, saying.

Lin Hai covered his forehead with helplessness.

“But where are these things going?” Lin Hai shows his hands.

Song Qin was stunned. “Can’t you let it go? Doesn’t it mean the villas are big? “

“Big is big, but the room is full.” Lin Hai smiled helplessly.

“Ah? How can we do that? It can’t be thrown away. It can be used. What a pity. ” Song Qin stopped the soldiers.

Lin Hai also knows that his parents have been diligent and thrifty all their lives, and they must be reluctant to leave all these things at once.

But it’s not realistic to take it all back.

For a while, Lin Hai was really baffled.

“Big brother, you are going to move now.” Just then, a middle-aged man, a little sloppy, came in.

“Yes, go with Xiaohai to live in a villa in the city.” Lin Wen said loudly for fear that others would not hear him.

“Oh, little Lin is really promising.”

“Uncle, you’re here. I haven’t paid attention to you yet.” Lin Hai hurried out and handed Lin Gui a cigarette.

When Lin Hai was a little boy, Lin Gui often played with him. His uncles and nephews had a good relationship. After Lin Gui got married, he was busy running his own family, and Lin Hai went to school outside again, which gradually became strange.

But when he saw Uncle Lin Hai was very kind.

“Well, your cigarette is so good. I’m not used to it. I’d better smoke my three yuan pack.” Lin Gui took a cigarette out of a crumpled cigarette case in his pocket and lit it.

“Third, I said you’re OK and you’re in charge of your sons. You don’t know how to play games. If you don’t go to school well, how can you do it later and go farming?” Lin Wen said in a teachable tone.

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“Hey, I can’t control it. What’s the matter with love? I’ll be able to support myself in the future. I hope they can be as productive as Xiaohai.” Lin Gui sighed.

“I said it’s what you two get used to. This kid, you should take care of it. No matter how promising it is, look at Xiaohai when he was a kid…” Lin Wen teaches Lin Gui a lesson.

Lin Hai smiled and lowered his head. His father was such a person. He always liked to teach others a lesson, which made his brothers afraid to see him.

“OK, Xiaohai is promising. Let Xiaohai take care of them later.” Lin Gui knows his elder brother’s character and doesn’t mind.

“Care is sure to care, but they have to contend with each other. As they are now, they can’t care if they want to.” Lin Wen blew his beard and stared.

“OK, I’ll go back and talk to both of them.” Lin Gui is probably also annoyed by Lin Wen. He hurried to the inside.

“Yo, this is it?” Lin Gui noticed that there was a beautiful girl in the room.

“Hello, uncle. I’m Lin Hai’s girlfriend, Liu Xinyue.” Liu Xinyue quickly stands up and owes LIN Gui.

“Oh, Xiaohai’s girlfriend, this girl is so beautiful!” Lin Gui said, put his hand into his trouser pocket, fumbled and pulled out 200 yuan.

“Come, Xinyue, uncle. I’m in a hurry. I don’t know you’re here. I’m not prepared for anything. I’ll give you 200 yuan as a gift to meet you and buy a dress for myself.” With that, Lin Gui put the money in Liu Xinyue’s hand.

“No, uncle.” Liu Xinyue waves her hands.

“I’ll take it to you.”

“I really don’t want to, uncle.”

“Why, not enough?” LIN Gui pulls his face down, and Liu Xinyue suddenly doesn’t know what to do.

“Take it, Xinyue. It’s my uncle’s heart.” Said Lin Hai.

“Thank you, uncle.” Liu Xinyue just picked up the money.

“OK, you two are talking. I’ll help you pack up.” After Lin Gui finished, he ran to collect things with Lin Wen and song Qin.

Song Qin is worried about how to deal with the mess. Seeing LIN Gui come in, he immediately has an idea.

“His uncle, we can’t take these things with us, or we can take your home.”

“Ah? You all don’t want it? Is that all right? ” Lin Gui said, turning over those things.

“Who says no, but Xiaohai has bought new ones. What else does the old one need?” Song Qin didn’t know why. When she said these words, she felt a little proud.

“Well, if you don’t want it, give it to me.” Lin Gui is also happy.

“Mom, I think it’s better to give the old uncle the key. The house is unoccupied for a long time and easy to get dirty. When the old uncle has time, he can help clean it.” Lin Hai came and said.

“Yes, give the key to the third and let him look after the house.” Lin Wen also said.

“Well, I’ll show you at home.” Lin Gui is happy with what he promised.

Just handed the key to Lin Gui, there was a car horn outside the door.

A BYD S6 roared into the yard, almost colliding with Lin Hai’s cayenne.

At the sight of the car, Lin Hai frowned.

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