My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 115, Hiding from Lin

By | November 30, 2019

“Who is he talking nonsense there, uh …. Xiao Lin? ” Zhang Fan looked back and saw that Lin Hai was speaking. He was immediately blinded.

“Xiao Lin, you…” Lin Hai waved and stopped Zhang Fan from going on.

Li Erleng’s eyes brightened as he listened.

“Director Zhang, uncle Er, and the military leader, you all heard him. He himself said that my compensation was reasonable. I didn’t bully old Lin.”

Li Erleng hurried forward and said.

“Xiaohai?” Lin Wen is also stunned. I don’t know what happened to his son.

Lin Hai stooped down and picked up the crumpled 20 yuan piece of money.

“I’ll take the 20 yuan compensation.”

“Just take it, just take it.” Li Erleng hurriedly smiles and nods.

This kid from the old Lin family is stupid at school, isn’t he? Li Chusheng was stunned there. It took him a long time to react.

“Ah, it’s over. It’s all from the villagers. Why are you so stiff? Erleng, come back and apologize to Uncle Lin!” Li Chusheng finally took a breath of relief and rushed to complete the field road.

“Apologize? That’s not necessary. ” Lin Hai shook his head.

“How can I do that! Apologies are necessary… “

“It’s next to your house, isn’t it?” Lin Hai didn’t listen to Li Chusheng’s nagging. He turned to Li Erleng and asked.

“Yes, it’s mine.” Li Erleng did not know why, nodded.

“How many mu?”

“Five, fifty acres.” Li Erleng shrunk his neck.

“Baldheaded!” Lin Hai looks back.

“Master.” Baldheaded Qiang hurried over.

“No, don’t hit me. I know it’s wrong.” Li Erleng was scared by the bald head. Seeing the bald head coming back, he almost cried.

“Go to the car and get ten thousand yuan.” Lin Hai said.

After a while, baldheaded Qiang took a stack of money and gave it to Lin Hai.

“Twenty for one acre, and ten thousand for fifty acres. Am I right?”

After Lin Hai finished speaking, without waiting for Li Erleng to speak, he slapped the money on Li Erleng’s face.

“Guo instructor, flatten the 50 mu land for me!” Lin Haimeng’s angry drink.

“Yes!” Guo Fei stands up, sits in the driver’s seat of the truck and starts the car.

“No, my crops!” Until the car drove into the ground, Li Erleng did not react.

With a miserable howl, Li Erleng rushed to the car and rushed over.


A soldier went up to the butt of a gun and hit Li Erleng in the corner of his eye.

Li Erleng groaned in pain. He crouched on the ground with his face covered. The blood around his eyes left behind.

Li Chusheng, who wanted to rush past, stopped abruptly and took a look at the expressionless soldiers. At last, he didn’t have the courage to take this step.

The big truck was almost turned into a bulldozer by Guo Fei. In the past, the crops were all crushed on the ground. If you don’t die, you can’t expect a good harvest.

The onlookers, swallowing their saliva in their throats, were all shocked by the scene, and no one dared to speak.

Lin Hai didn’t leave either. He lit a cigarette and watched Guo Fei quietly, rolling these crops with good growth.

“It’s over, it’s all over.” Li Erleng sat on the ground and shed tears of regret.

It took more than an hour for 50 mu of land to be completely flattened.

During this period, no one left, all with different feelings, enjoying the rare spectacle of the millennium.

“Report to the chief, fifty acres of land have been flattened!” Guo Fei jumped out of the truck and told Lin poster.

Lin Hai nodded.

“Mom and Dad, let’s go home.” Lin Hai said to his parents as if nothing had happened.

“Go home.” With a wave of his hand, Lin Wen was proud of his face. Looking at all the people in the village, he felt that he had never been so beautiful in his life.

“Get out of the way!” Baldheaded Qiang quickly pulls a young man of Li’s family apart, trots for two steps, pulls the door of Cayenne open, and waits for him.

“Master, master grandma, your second elder please.”

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Lin Wen sat directly in the co driver’s seat. This is his son’s car. He thought that only by taking the co driver can we have a good view. When we enter the village, the villagers can see who is sitting in the car.

Liu Xinyue, with a smile on her face, helped song Qin and sat in the back row.

“Pedal!” Guo Fei’s side, also under the order, the soldiers quickly and orderly boarded the truck.

It was not until the three cars drove away in a mighty way and the oppressive atmosphere dissipated that the villagers began to take a long breath and talk to each other.

“Hum!” Li Chu angrily stamped his foot. “What are you doing here? Isn’t it humiliating? Get the hell out of here! “

The young people of Li’s family, with drooping heads and drooping heads, walked back.

“Village head Li.” Zhang fan stops Li Chusheng. “I’ve been friends for many years. I’d like to advise you to restrain your family. You can’t afford to offend the Lin family.”

Li Chusheng was shocked. He knew Zhang Fan very well. He was a better man than a monkey.

Even Zhang Fan said so, which shows that the background of the Lin family is definitely bigger than he imagined.

However, Li Chusheng left his plan of revenge behind.

Once clenched his teeth, Li Chusheng shouted to the young people of Li’s family.

“I remember everything about him. When I meet someone whose surname is Lin, I will hide!”

On the bus, Lin Wen was very proud. When he thought about that, he felt that he could not relieve his anger. He was so proud that he could not get off for a while.

But song Qin, then pulls Liu Xinyue’s small hand, two people whisper, do not know what is saying.

At home, Lin Wen takes out a piece of Chinese smoke that Lin Hai brought back last time.

“Come on, boys, come in for a drink and a cigarette.” Lin Wen warmly greeted the soldiers from the truck.

“No, thank you, uncle.” The soldiers all smiled shyly and waved their hands. There was no more sinister feeling just now.

Lin Wen stared, “you’re welcome! Since it’s Xiaohai’s friend, this is his own home. Don’t be polite to me. Take it! “

“Here…” The soldiers watched Guo Fei in embarrassment.

“Uncle, thank you. We have discipline. We can’t…”

“No discipline!” Lin Wen said, “I understand what you said. It’s just three major disciplines and eight items of attention. My father is also a soldier! But that discipline is between the army and the people. It’s not now. It’s in your own house. It’s from your uncle. Take it to me! “

“Here…” Guo Fei smiled and shook his head.

“All right, take it.”

As soon as Guo Fei spoke, the soldiers, one by one, happily accepted the cigarettes and kept saying thanks.

“That’s right!” Lin Wen then smiled, “what a simple child they are.”

After putting Guo Fei and them in a room to rest, Lin Wen looked at Liu Xinyue and Bareheaded Qiang and asked Lin Hai, “Haizi, are these two?”

“You old man, only now remembering to ask.” Song Qin took Liu Xinyue’s hand and gave Lin Wen a hard look.

“Well, when do you care?” Lin Wen’s neck crossed.

“Shiye, shi grandma, your son is my Shifu, and I am your apprentice. Just call me Bareheaded Qiang.” Said the bald man with a strong grin.

Lin Yun chuckled when he was around.

“Bareheaded, why do you call my brother Shifu? Does he learn to cut trees?”

“I don’t learn how to cut trees. It’s almost like cutting people.” Bareheaded strong touched big bareheaded, silly smile said.

“Say what!” Lin Hai gave him a look at his bald head.

At this time, Liu Xinyue stood up and went to Lin Wen a little shy.

“Hello, uncle. My name is Liu Xinyue. Yes, I’m Lin Hai’s girlfriend.”

“What?” Lin Wen’s head is buzzing. He’s stupid.

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