My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 113, Are You Familiar With Me?

By | November 28, 2019

As the dust cleared, a large army green truck appeared in front of the crowd.

These villagers are all confused. Look at the posture just now. How fast it has to be driven.

Nima, let’s fly.

Bang! Bang! Bang…

People kept jumping out of the car.


A group of soldiers in fascinated colorful clothes and combat boots, holding the 95th style micro charge, lined up and blocked Lin Hai behind them.

Click! Click! Click…

There was a clear sound of pulling the bolt, which hit every villager’s heart.

Loaded with bullets, more than a dozen black holes were aimed at the arrogant young people of the Li family.

How can these people across the street see this posture? Faced with these soldiers with live ammunition, their legs and stomachs were soft with fear.

“Sanleng, is this the country going to start against us?” A thin monkey shrunk his neck and asked Li Sanleng in a low voice.

Li Sanleng raised his hand and slapped him.

“Next to your mother, just like you, do you need troops to do it?”

Li Sanleng’s heart doesn’t hurt. He doesn’t know the meaning of these soldiers.

At this time, Guo Fei jumped out of the car with his head held high.

Li Sanleng has a look. It’s estimated that this is an official.

Hurry up, take out a cigarette and pass it.

“Leader, come and smoke a cigarette. What’s the matter?”

Guo Fei didn’t even pay attention to him. He ran to Lin Hai with a serious face and stood upright.

“Chief comrade, whether the gangster is killed on the spot, please direct!”

“What what what? Shoot? ” Li Sanleng almost peed in his pants.

“Leaders, leaders, we are all villagers of this village, not gangsters, i…”

When he saw who the officer called the chief, he was at a loss.

Lin Hai!


Li Sanleng’s legs suddenly softened and he sat on the ground.

Mad, it’s over!

Lin Hai also let Guo Fei get rid of it, chief? Shoot? What is it?

But when he saw Guo Fei blinking at him, his heart suddenly understood.

This is Guo Fei, in front of the public, raising his status and deterring these people.

“Anyone who dares to move will be killed!” Lin Hai said coldly.

“Yes!” Guo Fei replied respectfully.


As soon as Lin hai’s words came out, everyone was confused.

“Wocao, isn’t Lao Lin’s child at school? Why do these soldiers listen to him? “

“Didn’t you hear the leader call the leader of the old Lin family? What is the rank of the chief? Even if the mayor of the county comes, he is not qualified to be called the head, is he? “

“Li Erleng, Li Sanleng is kicking the iron plate. Madder, it’s better to shoot all these bastards out of the blue.”

The villagers, with their eyes shining, looked at the things in front of them excitedly and strangely.

The young people in the opposite group of Li’s family have been scared and numb for a long time. They stand on their legs trembling and dare not move. They are afraid of accidentally feeding the guns.

More timid, pants are wet.

“Ah, Lao Lin, what’s the matter?” Suddenly, a man with a back and a head in his fifties came running in panic.


A soldier turned around and aimed his gun at him.

“Stop and shoot again!”

“No, don’t shoot. I’m Li Chusheng, the head of this village. Move the gun first. Don’t go off fire.” Li Chusheng hurriedly avoided the muzzle of the gun and said in a hurry.

“Let him come.” As soon as Lin Hai spoke, the soldier took the gun away.

“Oh, Xiaohai is back.” Li Chusheng said to Lin Hai with a smile.

“Don’t call me that intimate. Am I familiar with you?” Lin Hai didn’t give him any face.

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Ma De, my brother used to say hello to you, but you didn’t pay attention to your nostrils. Now what’s the point of running here?

Li Chusheng was suddenly embarrassed. He had always been a bully in the village. Who dared to make him face?

However, the situation is better than people. Now, with so many guns facing each other, Li Chusheng can only hide his anger in his heart and run to Lin Wen again.

“That old lin, look at all the villagers. What’s this for?”

“Hum!” Lin Wen’s neck crossed. “What do you want me to do? Ask your nephew Li Erleng to go! “

“Li Erleng?” Li Chusheng didn’t know what happened. He went back to find Li Erleng.

“Uncle, I’m here.” A leaky pig’s head replied with a cry.

“Trough!” Li Chusheng was shocked. This NIMA, it’s a terrible fight. There’s no one like him.

“Er Leng, what’s the matter?”

“Uncle, I accidentally took a share of their land, and as a result, they came to beat me like this.”

Lin Hai’s eyes, NIMA, all at this time, dare to run the train full of mouth!

“Bring him to me!” As soon as Lin Hai spoke, two soldiers went up and pulled Li Erleng out.

The two young people who supported Li Erleng were so scared that they let go of him and didn’t dare to stop him.

“Ah, what is this, this…”

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack…

Lin Hai ignores Li Chusheng, raises his hand, looks cold, and smacks Li Erleng with a big mouth.

When Li Chusheng saw it, he was in a hurry.

“Lao Lin, let your son stop!”

“Well, if you have anything to say, just tell my son.” Lin Wen turned his head directly.

Li Chusheng’s in a hurry, Ma De, if we can’t deal with it well today, we won’t have much prestige in the village.

“Stop it!” After thinking about it, Li Chusheng also went out of his way and ran to directly block in front of Li Erleng.

“Lin Hai, stop it for me and tell you that it’s a legal society now. Don’t think it’s tough to come back with a group of soldiers. If you dare to make a fool of yourself, I’ll call the police!”

Lin Hai’s mouth turned.

“Alarm? Yes, you do, now! “

“You, don’t think I dare!” Li Chusheng said, angrily took out the mobile phone, really dial out.

“Village head Li, do you want to drink with me again?” Zhang Fan said with a smile.

“Director Zhang, I want to call the police!”

“Alarm?” In a word, Li Chusheng directly gave Zhang Fan the whole Mongolia.

Nima, don’t villagers usually warn your Li family?

Why is the sun coming out from the West today? Did your Li family report to the police? Or do you, the village head, report it in person?

After thinking for a while, Zhang Fan understood. Which villager is mad going to talk to? Let me go and scare him.

“All right, right away!” For this kind of thing, Zhang Fan is very willing to go, and can reflect his prestige, after the event, he can get benefits from the Li family, the fool will not go.

He pinched two in the policewoman’s clothes, and Zhang Fan took several policemen with him and set out.

Li Chusheng hangs up at the Lin’s house.

“Hum, director Zhang will be here soon!”

Lin Haiyi, since the police station is coming, just wait, he would like to see what the police station can do to him.

Li Sanleng is shaking his legs now, climbing back to the team, his eyes are frightened and frightened.

“Brother Sanleng, Ma De, let’s call someone else, or we’ll lose today.” The thin monkey came back and whispered.

“Who is it called?” Li Sanleng was too scared to think.

“Fei Yangyang, next to Yang village, is bold! Their group, however, dare to cut people with knives. ” Said the thin monkey with fierce eyes.

“OK, call them soon and give them ten thousand yuan later!”

“OK!” Thin monkey promised and called.

Soon, more than ten motorcycles came roaring to this side.

When a thin monkey sees it, its eyes are bright.

“Brother Sanleng, Fei Yangyang, here they are!”

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