My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 112, Holds up a day

By | November 27, 2019

On the land of Lin Hai’s house, a group of people have gathered.

Li Erleng is in his early thirties, barehanded, with his hands around his chest, and a disdainful look at Lin Wen.

“I said, old Lintou, don’t be unknowable. Don’t you just take a share of your land? What’s the big deal?”

“That’s him. He’s too stingy. What’s the point to contend with?”

“The dead old man just doesn’t feel comfortable.”

“Maddy, I’ll smash all the glass in his house, old man!”

Li Erleng behind a few of the gaudy village ruffian said.

“Lao Lin, forget it.”

“That’s it. Forget it. We can’t afford this group of people.”

“It’s safe to suffer losses, Lao lin. Do you think these people can compensate you?”

Several villagers came up to persuade Lin Wen.

Lin Wen’s neck is horizontal, his face is stubborn, and the wrinkles on his angry face are trembling slightly. He is not afraid of Li Erleng, who is higher than him.

“Li Erleng, I’ll tell you that if you don’t make compensation today, I’m not finished with you!”

“Not Finished? “Hey!” Li Erleng looked scornful. “Old man, don’t be shameless.”

“I tell you, Li Erleng, others are afraid of you, I am not afraid of you! My son knows mayor Huang. If you don’t pay me today, I’ll let my son sue him! “

Li Erleng’s face changed. Some time ago, it seemed that there was a rumor that the old man’s son, who went to university, seemed to know mayor Huang.

Before the change, Li Erleng was not afraid of it, but yesterday I heard from my uncle who was the village head that Huang seemed to be going to be the secretary.

When I became a secretary, I would be the first leader in the town. It’s not wise to offend the first leader.

Mad, it’s cheap old thing.

Li Erleng scolded and took out a crumpled 20 yuan piece of money from his trouser pocket.

“Grass, the villagers, let alone Li Erleng, who doesn’t care. Take the 20 yuan and pay for your land.” Li Erleng directly threw 20 yuan on Lin Wen’s dark face.

“20 yuan?” Lin Wen laughed directly. “You sent the beggar.”

“Hey, old man, don’t be discontented, just 20 yuan, love him or not.” Li Erleng glares at Lin Wen and turns to leave.

How can Lin Wen let him go.

“Stop for me. If you don’t give me a reasonable compensation today, you can’t leave.” Lin Wenyi grabs Li Erleng’s arm and says.

“Let go of him!” Li Erleng shook his arm and shook Lin Wen.

“You’ve got a face, Maddy, haven’t you?” Li Erleng pushes Lin Wen to the chest, pushing him back several steps.

“Two Leng, we don’t want to pay for it, old man, come home with me.” Song Qin hurried to come here.

“Get out of my way!” Lin Wen’s stubborn temper came back and pushed song Qin away.

“Li Erleng, if you don’t pay today, I’ll never finish with you!” Lin Wen rushes over again.

“I’ll fuck you!” Li Erleng pushed Lin Wen again.

“What can you do with it?” Li Erleng continues to push Lin Wen.

“Believe it or not, I will kill you, an old man!” Lin Wen hasn’t got a foothold yet. Li Erleng pushes him over again.

Lin Wen fell on his back and hit his crops.

“Dad!!!” Lin Hai’s heart rending roar.

As he drove, he saw a big man, pushing his old father step by step.

Father’s face, dark skin, skeleton’s body, gray hair, in front of him, more and more close, more and more close!

However, Lin Hai’s heart is getting deeper and deeper!

The son is close, but looking at his old father, he is pushed by a strong man step by step, and directly pushed to the ground.

Lin Hai’s eyes turn red in an instant.

“Squeak!” A screeching crash.

Lin Hai opened the door and jumped down.

“Dad!” Lin Hai rushes over and holds Lin Wen on the ground.

“Dad, my son is late!” Lin Hai’s tears came down.

“Squeak!” Another hard brake!

Baldheaded xiong from the BMW car, ran to Li Erleng and went.

Just now, he saw it in the car. He didn’t understand it.

“I’ll fuck you!” Li Erleng didn’t know what was going on. He was hit in the face with a fist and then kicked his back to the sky.

“Bald head, fight me to death!” Lin Hai roars!

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The bald head strong which also uses the forest sea command, early pounces on, a kick!

“I wipe, you and him who? Let go of brother Erleng! “

“Don’t hit him, do you hear me!”

Several gangsters behind Li Erleng point to the bald head and shout.

At first, there are several gangsters who want to rush over and rescue Li Erleng.

But as soon as I open the image of the bald strong, the bald tattoo with a big gold chain is mixed on the road.

It’s OK for them to bully an honest peasant in the village. How dare they get on with the stubble? They’ll immediately advise.

Therefore, apart from bravado on the edge of the shouting on two sentences, no one dare to go forward.

Under this, Li Erleng fell into mould. Soon, he was beaten by bald head, and his mouth and nose were bleeding. He was convulsed all over.

There is a little gangster who is smart. He secretly calls some young people of the Li family.

At this time, Liu Xinyue also hurried out of the car.

“Uncle, are you ok?” Liu Xinyue quickly helps Lin Wen and asks with concern.

Lin Wen was stunned. He didn’t know where to run out and call himself an uncle.

Song Qin can see clearly. This girl came down from Lin Hai’s car. Her heart suddenly brightened.

But before I could wait to ask, a group of naked young people came running across with sticks in their hands.

Li Erleng lay on the ground and suddenly came to the spirit.

“Third, come and help me!”

“Help you paralyze!” Bareheaded and kicked him in the mouth and kicked his front teeth off.

Song Qin was frightened at the sight of so many people.

“Xiaohai, let your friend run quickly, and you, take this girl and get in the car and run quickly.”

Lin Hai looked at the crowd and shook his head.

“Mom, don’t be afraid. Your son is back. Before, you and Dad were the big trees of his son. Today, his son is going to hold up a day for the second elder!”

Said, Lin Hai eyes in a flash of cold light, step forward.

“Strong son, come behind me!” Lin Hai called the bald man to his side.

Although there are two abilities under the skinhead strong hand, after all, there are too many people and weapons on the other side. It’s OK for two or three of them. If there are more people, the skinhead strong hand will definitely suffer.

Baldheaded is to stand out for his master. Naturally, Lin Hai will not let him take risks.

Bareheaded strong also has self-knowledge, and kicked Li Erleng hard, hiding behind Lin Hai.

He is not worried about Lin Hai at all. Master is a martial arts expert.

“How dare you beat my second brother! He killed you today! ” This group of people rushed over and helped Li Erleng up first. A young man headed by him shouted at Lin Hai.

Not waiting for Lin Hai to speak, not far away, suddenly there was a huge roar of cars. At the same time, a cloud of dust, like flying sand, swept towards this side.

They all looked around, wondering what was in the dust.

“Squeak!” A screeching brake.

And when the dust was gone, and they saw the face of it, they were all foolish.

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