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Super Doctor Chapter 13 – Zhang Lao’s test ()

Not surprisingly, there are many people with color on their faces in the step classroom. Seeing Xunzi and Xu Ze come in, they all smile and nod their heads, which was a bit conceited. Xunzi patted Xu Ze’s shoulder proudly and said, “see, we brothers are interesting enough. Ah Ze, are you interested in playing… Read More »

My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 187, Butterfly birthmark

Looking at the picture sent by Chang’e, Lin Hai is totally stupid. In the photo, Chang’e’s graceful body is back to the forest sea, and the light blue yarn slips slightly, revealing a white and tender shoulder back. Looking back and smiling, she has bright eyes and bright teeth, charming and charming. However, these are… Read More »

My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 177, The worst swear words

When Lin Hai went out of the door, he remembered that he had come by Ye Ziming’s car. “Grass, I can only walk back.” While wandering, Lin Hai takes out his mobile phone and opens the Tianting trading group. Recently, it seems that there are always busy things. Lin Hai hasn’t seen these funny immortal… Read More »

My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 162, Tell you a secret

“Hadron, how long can you keep practicing like yesterday?” Lin Hai is a little dignified. “I should be able to hold on for another day. It’s not that I can’t do my perseverance, but that my body can’t hold up.” Bareheaded Qiang touch big bareheaded. “After today, stick to the last day!” Seeing the solemn… Read More »