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The Almighty Martial Arts System 161

“Shall I drive? I don’t think you feel at ease when you drive. ” Jiang Fei looked at Qiao Yiyi’s unskilled driving and said with a wry smile. Fortunately, it’s eleven o’clock in the night, and there is little traffic on the street. If there are too many cars in the daytime, Jiang Fei thinks… Read More »

The Almighty Martial Arts System 160

“Pa –!” A teacup was smashed to pieces and tiles were all over the floor. “What’s the matter, Mr. Li?” A hot model, and also in this year’s hot film in which he played a small supporting role of the third-class star, carefully asked. Li Jirong’s face was full of rage. He didn’t even look… Read More »

The Almighty Martial Arts System 159

How wonderful Jiang Fei’s performance is, there is no need to elaborate. The response of more than 40,000 fans under the stage is the best answer. After the performance of Symphony No. 9, many of Qiao Yiyi’s brain powder and Quan Yingran’s brain powder were conquered one by one, and they dare not mention any… Read More »

The Almighty Martial Arts System 158

Music has no borders. That’s true. Just like a person who doesn’t understand English, listening to English songs, as long as the rhythm of the songs is good and the emotions are strong, they can also be moved. Piano performance has no borders. Because there are no words in it, only the feelings that are… Read More »

The Almighty Martial Arts System 156

Jiang Fei’s words made the little girl translator a little bit difficult. She is thinking about how to translate the classic sentence of “it’s none of your business” in Smecta language. After thinking for a while, she finally chose a more civilized translation and politely said to Quan Yingran, “he doesn’t want to tell you.”. “#¥%*!”… Read More »

The Almighty Martial Arts System 155

There were many guests at Qiao Yiyi’s concert. First of all, Liang Jingru, a love song Diva from Chinese music circle of Maya nationality, came to the stage. She and Qiao Yiyi sang a popular classic love song “courage” together, and then they interacted with the following fans on the stage for a while, singing a… Read More »

The Almighty Martial Arts System 154

“Do you think Qiao Yiyi’s boyfriend is real this time?” Said a pretty girl with a well-developed figure wearing a pink tight t-shirt. “I guess not. These media are the most unscrupulous. They like to make up the gossip of stars. How many gossip boyfriends has Yiyi passed on in the past year? Every time… Read More »

The Almighty Martial Arts System 153

“Break news! Qiao Yiyi’s boyfriend has surfaced after a new day in the Chinese music scene!” “Qiao Yiyi appeared in Jincheng Sports Center yesterday to rehearse for today’s concert. There was a mysterious man with him. This man is tall and handsome. He and Qiao Yi look at each other affectionately all the way. He… Read More »

The Almighty Martial Arts System 152

The problems of media reporters are becoming more and more direct, more and more naked. Jiang Fei blushed to hear these questions. He didn’t know how to answer them. I’m afraid if I say something I shouldn’t say, it’s not good to cause trouble for Qiao Yiyi. Why did he become Qiao Yiyi’s boyfriend? Looking at… Read More »