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Super Doctor Chapter 13 – Zhang Lao’s test ()

Not surprisingly, there are many people with color on their faces in the step classroom. Seeing Xunzi and Xu Ze come in, they all smile and nod their heads, which was a bit conceited. Xunzi patted Xu Ze’s shoulder proudly and said, “see, we brothers are interesting enough. Ah Ze, are you interested in playing… Read More »

Super Doctor Chapter 12 – Xu Ze’s pain ()

Xu Ze smiled and sat in front of the boss’s computer and turned on the computer. He is the only one who doesn’t have a computer in the bedroom. It’s not that he can’t afford it, but he doesn’t need it. Because he seldom has time in the bedroom at ordinary times and doesn’t use… Read More »

Super Doctor Chapter 11 – Escape from the wilderness ()

Hearing that outside, it became more and more bizarre. Xu Ze’s sweat kept running. If he had such ability, he would stay in school and be an apprentice in someone’s clinic? Gradually, Xu Ze couldn’t stay, because there was a lot of rumors outside. Many old patients in the town listened to the rumors outside,… Read More »

Super Doctor Chapter 9 – Strange Dreams ()

Seeing Xu Ze looking at the gate of the school, she was stunned, but there were obvious mistakes in the side of aunt youba and grandma youba. Aunt youba looked at grandma Youdan with a smile and said: “grandma Youdan, see, that little girl just now is much more intelligent than your family. People all… Read More »

Super Doctor Chapter 6 – Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

“The basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation function was activated, assisted by bioelectric shock.” Listening to the voice in his mind, Xu Ze was stunned and looked around in amazement, but found nothing. “Is it my own hallucination?” Xu Ze frowned, and thought with some consternation, but he was saving people now. He had to think so much… Read More »

Super Doctor Chapter 5 – System Power

“Please come!” Hearing the familiar voice, Xu Ze was shocked and shook his head with a wry smile. However, he had to stop the bicycle and look around at the man: “Uncle Wu, why should you call me?” “Ah Ze, you come here to help see if the child is saved or not. If not,… Read More »

Super Doctor Chapter 4 – Patients on the Road

According to the Convention, Xu Ze doesn’t go to the clinic for work in the weekend of this half year. He usually rushes home to help in these two days, which is why his salary has always been 800 yuan. At 3:00 p.m., Xu Ze stepped on the half-old bicycle sweating slowly and sweating slowly.… Read More »