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My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 202, Wait online, hurry

At Liu Xinyue’s house, Liu Xinyue’s mother and daughter all sat around Liu Shan’s bed, looking forward and worried. “Lin Hai, it’s about eight o’clock. My father hasn’t responded at all. I’m so nervous and scared.” Liu Xinyue holds Lin Hai’s hand tightly, the palm of which is full of sweat. “It’s OK, Xinyue. Wait… Read More »

My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 201, Signs of breakthrough

Lin Hai looked at Chu lin’er’s angry look, but he couldn’t smile, but his face showed a look of injustice. “Princess lin’er, you are wronged. I sent you the most popular expression bag of Silly Princess, which is popular among thousands of young girls.” Lin Hai made an exaggerated expression. “Bah, it’s clear that she’s… Read More »

My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 197, Soul Mark

Lin Hai takes Lin Wen home. Just as he sits down, the phone rings again. Pick up the mobile phone, it’s Ye Ziyu. “Brother ye, what’s up?” “Xiaohai, my mother’s illness has been cured. She said she has never been so comfortable. Thank you.” Ye Ziyu’s words are full of feelings. “Brother ye, you are… Read More »