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My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 183, Do you have one?

“Husband, you take people to the worker’s Cultural Palace quickly. I’m going to be killed!” Fat woman pulls out the phone and dials it out. “Hum, my husband will be here soon. If you have the ability, don’t run!” After the call, the fat woman said to Lin Hai. “Well, I’ll wait!” Lin Hai simply… Read More »

My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 181, This is simply torture

“Are you the boss here?” Lin Hai immediately guessed the identity of Zhang Weisheng. “Yes, my name is Zhang Weisheng.” Zhang Weisheng nodded respectfully. “Well, you should know this card, but don’t throw it to me like that fool whose head has been kicked by a donkey.” Lin Hai jokingly raised his chin towards Han… Read More »

My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 178, I’ll hit you

Lin Hai went back to school and went directly to the training room to find Liu Xinyue. “Lin Hai, the day after tomorrow is the green song competition. I’m so nervous.” Two people arrived at the entrance of the woods, Liu Xinyue grabbed Lin Hai’s hand said with her little feet bounced. “Why nervous, our… Read More »