The Almighty Martial Arts System 170

“4000 gold coins?” Jiang Fei was stunned to hear the figure. “Shouldn’t a million yuan be two thousand gold coins when it is converted according to the ratio? How did it double? Did I make a mistake before? No! “ As a former science and engineering student, Jiang Fei soon made a mental calculation again.… Read More »

My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 187, Butterfly birthmark

Looking at the picture sent by Chang’e, Lin Hai is totally stupid. In the photo, Chang’e’s graceful body is back to the forest sea, and the light blue yarn slips slightly, revealing a white and tender shoulder back. Looking back and smiling, she has bright eyes and bright teeth, charming and charming. However, these are… Read More »

The Almighty Martial Arts System 168

She was clean and simple. Ye Yuanyuan walked into the hospital in black boots, and Qiao Yiyi, with big sunglasses, followed her. Behind the two of them, several uniformed policemen followed suit and went straight to Jiang Fei’s ward. At this time, outside Jiang Fei’s ward, two young female nurses with liquid medicine in their… Read More »