My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 126, Play together

As soon as Lin Hai looked up, he saw a fat middle-aged man come in. “Chief Zhu.” Two guards, they said hello. “Um.” Zhu Dachang snorted. “Boy, are you kicked in the head by a donkey and dare to run to the city government to make trouble?” Zhu Dachang held his nostrils high and said.… Read More »

The Almighty Martial Arts System 104

“Go up the mountain and pick wild vegetables?” Qiao Yiyi was surprised to hear Jiang Fei’s plan. Jiang Fei changed his shoes and nodded, “yes. There are not only wild vegetables and mushrooms that are hard to sell in the market. And for a while, there should be a great delicacy — chicken fir! “… Read More »

The Almighty Martial Arts System 103

“Why is it so fragrant?” Qiao Yiyi’s eyes were wide open, staring at a plate of reheated dishes, her face full of surprise. Even before her debut, she was trained in the company S and M in Bangziguo, which is famous for its strictness. No matter when the artists are beautiful, they have to keep their… Read More »

My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 125, Three days

For the first time in most of his life, Du Chun met this kind of patient. There is no sign of illness, but vital signs are rapidly disappearing, and there is no way to start treatment. “Dean Du, if you have any information, you can tell me directly.” Tang Sen also stood up and said… Read More »

The Almighty Martial Arts System 102

Jiang Fei thought that when Qiao Yiyi and her agent heard their request, they would probably immediately refuse and bargain with him. But I didn’t expect that when he asked for it, the two people’s faces showed strange looks, not only without any pressure, but like a sigh of relief! It seems that Jiang Fei’s… Read More »